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Sex & Nudity

  • Sexual content is infrequent and non-graphic. It includes occasional scenes of women in bras and underwear, men and women under blankets, & some kissing. Detectives investigate an S&M club, although nothing is seen/heard. A detective discovers (to his horror) photos in an art gallery of him posing naked from his time as a hippie. Munch and Bayliss hear people having sex in a room upstairs while they guard a house. Brodie has a pornographic VHS tape and Munch and Kay find it. Sexual moaning of a woman can be heard on the tape. Some discussion of rape in the context of criminal investigation, and sexual innuendo is sometimes present.
  • Bayliss is mentioned as being bisexual and Kay Howard is rumoured to be a lesbian. Skinheads also murder a gay man outside and leave his body in the street.
  • Meldrick leaves a penis-shaped balloon on Munch's desk. Munch, annoyed, pops it with his gun.
  • Older detectives occasionally make passes at younger women. Munch marries a young barmaid and appears to dye his hair dark brown to cover up his salt-and-pepper hair in the first episode of season 7. Gharty tries to date a younger female detective and he also cheats with Billie Lou, unknown to Munch.
  • A young woman works at a sex store. Nothing graphic is shown.
  • Prostitutes can be seen in various episodes, at street corners and in the office.
  • Sexual phrases used include "fellatio", "sex", "rub my rectum the wrong way", "pain in the prostate", "sodomy", "semen", "dingle" and "naked".
  • A man tells another man that he was sexually abused and fondled by his uncle as a child, and that his parents didn't care. Despite this, in an act of forgiveness he looks after his uncle when the uncle is dying, hoping to find an answer to the abuse.

Violence & Gore

  • While the show doesn't often show explicit or graphic violence, blood is seen in various episodes from time to time. Given the nature of this police show, there are of course many detailed, explicit discussions concerning murders, suicides, sexual violence, domestic abuse, wounds, autopsies an so on.
  • In one episode, 3 characters are critically shot, leaving another one guilt-ridden for the next couple of episodes. One of them has to undergo dangerous surgery so his ex-wife comes to stay with him.
  • A character kills himself.
  • A character falls into a deep depression after his wife is murdered.
  • Mentions of child abuse.
  • Munch throws a pervert against a wall after the pervert was caught for raping and murdering a girl he liked from high school.
  • Bodies are seen in an autopsy room.
  • Frequent mentioning of suicide, poisoning, death, the afterlife and murder.
  • Descriptions of bodily injuries, including a mentioned broken arm in a relationship and Pembleton bonding with a dying man whose body was mangled by a train.
  • Pembleton has a violent stroke on-screen and twitches rapidly.
  • A teenage couple kills a baby and buries it in a shallow grave.
  • We see the unpleasant aftermath of domestic violence in a few episodes, with women having badly bruised, slightly bloody faces.
  • A female character falls into grief after another kills himself.
  • A woman is shot in the foot.
  • A man is shot in the chest.
  • A man breaks his ribs in a car accident.
  • A golden retriever, mauled to death by a pit bull, is stuffed into a trash can. Falcone is disturbed by the pit bull owner's attachment to the dog.


  • Some sexual references, including a couple uses of "laid"/"scored".
  • "Damn", "god", "crap", "pothead", "piss", "son of a b-tch", "pervert", "geek", "pedo" and other similar phrases are all used in various episodes. A few uses of "b-tch", one muttered in a fairly harsh instance. Possibly a few uses of 'sh-t'.
  • Various racist and homophobic phrases are occasionally used, usually by antagonistic characters, EG "boy (used in a racist sense)", "faggot ass", "coloured boy", "gaydar".
  • Some name-calling, such as "idiot", "nerd", "munchkin", "creep".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Various criminals and suspects are on everything from cocaine to meth.
  • Drugs like LSD and acid are mentioned.
  • Munch is said to have been a frequent pot-smoker during his college years as a hippie in the Sixties, although he was never charged for it. A criminal gives Munch a bag of rolled joints, which he disposes of, although his colleagues joke that he looks like a drug dealer.
  • Bayliss and Howard smoke cigarettes. In one episode they both try to quit, only to go into withdraw and start acting jumpy and strange.
  • A few characters smoke cigars.
  • An environmentalist lady smokes a cigarette.
  • Munch asks Bolander if he ever gets high.
  • While depressed about a girlfriend dumping him, Munch asks if he can take what's left of a murdered couples' heart medication. Munch often wants to borrow meds off of various people.
  • Three detectives try to buy a waterfront bar, get a notice signed by the liquor commission, and run it themselves.
  • Characters frequently drink alcohol.
  • A man becomes intoxicated and tries to drive despite his friends warning him not to.
  • Wine bottles are spiked with poison.
  • Munch is caught on a VHS tape dipping a children's rocket popsicle into a glass of beer, grotesquely licking the popsicle and then downing a full glass of beer.
  • Most of the detectives drink coffee to stay awake for days on end.
  • "Jonesing", "pothead" and "stoned" are all said.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are plenty of scenes throughout the show where the relatives of the victims are shown crying and having highly emotional, distressed reactions.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Several instances of suicide, some involving the protagonists. One of the main characters kills himself by drowning (discussed at length but not shown). Another main character, in a state of high emotional distress, points a gun at himself and one of his friends has to talk him out of suicide. A third main character is found dead and is initially believed to have committed suicide.

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