Tout le monde n'a pas eu la chance d'avoir des parents communistes (1993) Poster

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red army choirs, political engagement and everyday's life
jean-no5 February 2002
Irène is communist. Her candid faith in a bright future is cute, but not always resting for her family. She meets three red army choirs members in Paris, and kind of fall in love with them (in a pure way).

There is no reason to tell more about the story line, it anyways is not the most interesting. The great success of this movie is to show a naive and sincere soldier of the 50's communist utopia, and to make feel a little of her engagement. This is not a great movie, it's a "nice little movie", something you're happy to watch, that makes you think a little, that makes you understand things and that lets you go with a few poetic scenes in mind, like a concert where the three russians wear the shoes that Irène have stolen for them in her husband's shoe shop. 8/10 for me.
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