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Season 8

21 Feb. 2001
The Blame Game: Part 1
Nothing is what it seems when a woman rushes into the Mt. Thomas police station claiming a man has kidnapped her children.
28 Feb. 2001
The Blame Game: Part 2
A custody battle gets out of hand when the father of the two children appears in court with a bomb strapped to his body and threatens to blow himself and everyone else in the courtroom.
7 Mar. 2001
Deadly Fascination
A writer with an obsession with murder and mystery, makes an impression on the police and then more so, after a little girl goes missing near a river. Tess is suspicious and he is interviewed, whilst the police investigate him further.
14 Mar. 2001
Letter of the Law
Tess and Tom must choose a new policeman for nearby Widgeree. Tom thinks old-fashion policing is the way to go and suggests Senior Constable Ian "Gossie" Goss but Tess disagrees.
21 Mar. 2001
A Bit on the Side
When a brash pair of city detectives arrive in Mt Thomas, PJ is faced with the opportunity to move back to Homicide in the big smoke and have an affair.
28 Mar. 2001
Tough Nut
Sgt Tess Gallagher takes on more than her job demands when she tries to help the three children of a local woman whom she believes are being abused by the latest de facto.
4 Apr. 2001
The Fine Print
PJ's mother comes to stay and trouble follows after she forces him to go to a "get rich quick" seminar.
11 Apr. 2001
Family Reserve
A father and granddaughter have their precious wine poured away. As the grandfather's son is estranged and is also the competition, it would seem he would be the prime suspect, but is there something else going on?
18 Apr. 2001
Chop Chop
PJ's long-held plans for a raid on an illegal tobacco dealer is blown when a bushwalker goes missing forcing the emergency search to take precedence.
25 Apr. 2001
A rough-looking man loitering around the local high school turns out to be a convicted cop-killer who's just finished doing time. But he isn't the peeping-tom type. What is he up to?
2 May 2001
They Don't Make Them Like They Used To
Mount Thomas's only cinema is slated for demolition. And a local armed robber has just got out of prison. What do this old career "crim" and the "Bughouse" have to do with a past unsolved mystery?
9 May 2001
On the Run
Notorious armed robber Arnie Briggs is a local boy and, having just escaped from prison, the last place the Heelers expect him to be is back on his old turf.
16 May 2001
Fowl Play
When Tom attends a scene of vandalism at a Vietnam War memorial garden, he discovers the culprit is an escaped, prize-winning bantam pullet called Hannah.
23 May 2001
Fooling Around
An apparently simple case involving a high school student stealing the tires off his principal's car evolves into a more dangerous matter when the boy then steals the car of man wanted in relation to a recent murder.
30 May 2001
Death by Flight
Ben and P.J. witness a plane crash. Rumours then spread about the air craft and company and Tony Timms stirs the pot which causes a lot of problems. Ben is still battling with his recent drink problems and its openly mentioned as well.
6 Jun. 2001
A Friend Indeed
Constables Jo Parrish and Jack Lawson answer a call to attend a gang of youths drinking in a park. When the duo arrives, they find two girls involved in an altercation.
13 Jun. 2001
The Manly Art
Jack is determined something is on the nose when Tess accidentally hits a young man, knocking him unconscious.
20 Jun. 2001
Falling: Part 1
Brad Eckhardt killed a high school student with a bad batch of ecstasy. Having served his time, Brad is back in town to nurse his sick mother.
20 Jun. 2001
Falling: Part 2
Following the death of suspected drug manufacturer Bradley Eckhart, Jack's career comes under threat when an investigation uncovers inconsistencies in his version of events when compared to the forensic report.
27 Jun. 2001
Winners and Losers
Tess' preoccupation with Jack's murder charge has to take a back seat when a young boy goes missing. His parents recently won the lottery and kidnapping is suspected.
11 Jul. 2001
No Place Like Home
PJ investigates the mysterious death of a man from St. Davids and discovers a connection to an escaped refugee. When PJ seeks to question the young refugee, he finds himself impeded by a band of determined locals.
18 Jul. 2001
Tess narrowly escapes being knocked down by a speeding car the same day the new probationary constable, Evan "Jonesy" Jones, arrives in town. Jonesy is rebellious and charismatic and under Tess' skin from the moment he arrives.
25 Jul. 2001
Baby Love
Jonesy and Tess discover an abandoned newborn baby their investigations lead to a local schoolgirl who is in denial and swears there is no baby.
1 Aug. 2001
An Inspector Calls
What do an alleged Peeping Tom, a trip wire in the National Park, a break and enter, and a bashed truck driver have in common? Like it or not, Jo and Inspector Falcon-Price are about to find out.
8 Aug. 2001
Tom is caught between a rock and a hard place when two old friends and colleagues are suspected of stealing a large marijuana crop. One is a rule breaker, the other has always played by the book.
15 Aug. 2001
Ben is shocked when he discovers a group of young girls practicing witchcraft under the guidance of an older man.
22 Aug. 2001
Poisoned Fruit: Part 1
Jo discovers a well-respected local politician dead in his car on the outskirts of town. The autopsy not only reveals that he was moved after death but that had ecstasy in his system.
29 Aug. 2001
Poisoned Fruit: Part 2
Is Jonesy prepared to risk everything in his quest to avenge the death of his father? An investigation into DDT poisoning leads to Les Anderson, the building contractor Jonesy believes responsible for murdering his father.
5 Sep. 2001
Fifteen Minutes
Jonesy discovers a coverup as he fights to reveal Les Anderson as the murderer of his natural father. His adoptive father, Commander Reg Jones, withheld information from the inquest into the death. Why?
19 Sep. 2001
Copping the Flak
It seems a kid throws something off a bridge that hits a car causing an accident. This will lead to Jonesy, Tess and Ben to come across other kids that seem too hyper to be a coincidence.
26 Sep. 2001
Ben and Jonesy's differences complicate their search for a young child responsible for throwing rocks at passing cars. They disagree when their investigation leads them to an assaulted teenage boy who refuses to name his attacker.
3 Oct. 2001
The Lord Giveth
Someone is breaking in and leaving money for the people living there, even leaving replacements locks. This will bring a man who believes he is doing God's work and a minister that Tom has already run into, a couple of times already.
10 Oct. 2001
Credit Limit
Jonesy might have made a mistake and let a wanted criminal get away. With bank manager Kevin Sutton and his wife acting cagey and other strangers about, what do they know? And can they catch this violent criminal before something happens?
17 Oct. 2001
A Hard Call
Tess is taking Hayley to the movies when they come across a car accident. It ends tragically and this will effect Tess and her chances to foster Hayley as a complaint is made and Jo doesn't agree with actions Tess took on the night either.
17 Oct. 2001
Role Model
Tom suspects a retired thief guilty of burglary until he is questioned and the old man claims he was set up. The Heelers have a lead on another suspect and their hunt leads them to two teenage boys.
24 Oct. 2001
A Safe Bet
A robbery at the horses, leads Jo and the others to be concerned with young workers at a stable and the danger they may be in. Tom dusts off his public speaking role and asks Grace out in the process, but no one has told Chris this.
31 Oct. 2001
A Matter of Faith
A faith healer comes to town and it starts with violence and more to follow. This will bring Tom and Grace at odds and even Father Hegarty is involved. Merv Poole and Jo will have to decide for themselves.
7 Nov. 2001
Who Can You Trust?
A building site accident has the police investigate how the safety rail broke. This brings them back into contact with Les Anderson and Tess tries to keep Jonesy from finding out Les is under investigation, but Jo has other ideas.
14 Nov. 2001
Best Eaten Cold
Jonesy must be eliminated as a suspect when Les Anderson, the man Jonesy suspects murdered his father, is found seriously assaulted. Jonesy's ability to remain impartial is doubted.
21 Nov. 2001
The Real Santa
Ben is desperate to spend Christmas with his children provided he wins the lottery in order to pay their airfare. Tom wins the church raffle but the prize is stolen. The cast of Grace's nativity pageant are suspects.
28 Nov. 2001
Dreaming of a White Christmas
Tom's Christmas lunch with Grace is a disaster when her teenage son Daniel is deliberately rude and obnoxious. When he storms off, Tom goes to make the peace - only to discover him smoking a joint in the men's toilets.

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