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7 Mar. 1995
Accidentally at First Sight
Romantic sparks fly between Bobbi and a stranger---whose car Gil crashed into.
14 Mar. 1995
Are We There Yet?
It's time for the stock-car racers' reunion, but Harry puts the brakes on Gil's enthusiasm when he decides to tag along. Meanwhile, Bobbi tries to sell the girls on the idea of a mother-daughter slumber party.
21 Mar. 1995
Breaking Away
When Bobbi thinks that Claudine is spending more time writing in her diary than confiding in her, she's tempted to take a peek. Meanwhile, Gil teaches Harry how to ride a bike.
28 Mar. 1995
The Trouble with Harry
A prank on Harry (Haley Joel Osment) backfires when he gets in trouble with Gil---and runs away.
4 Apr. 1995
Workin' Man's Blues
When the kids are unruly, Gils metes out their punishment: Harry must work in the garage, and the girls are evicted from their room. Meanwhile, Bobbi laughs at his plan.
11 Apr. 1995
A Little Me Time
Bobbi takes a break from the demands of the kids by bowling with Rita and her friends---on the night Gil plans to watch "the fight of the century."
18 Apr. 1995
I Am Spartacus
A family trip to a carnival is on ice until the person who left a container of ice cream on the kitchen counter confesses.
25 Apr. 1995
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Bobbi and the kids' surprise arrival spoils a dinner Gil had planned. Meanwhile, the kids' plans to make amends get Gil in double trouble.
2 May 1995
Just a Vacation
Bobbi takes Gil and the kids to a family vacation spot where the only camp regulation seems to be Murphy's Law.
9 May 1995
Buzz Off, Buzzard Boy
Harry wants a party in the theme of his superhero, but Bobbi opts for Enviro-man, a superbore that only Mother Earth could love.
4 Jul. 1995
No Swing Set
When Bobbi decides to sew Jenny's recital costumes, the school mistakenly takes the family for a charity case and showers them with handouts.

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