Airheads (1994) Poster


Reg E. Cathey: Marcus


  • Chazz : Okay, lemme ask you a question: whose side did you take in the big David Lee Roth-Van Halen split?

    Chris Moore : What?

    Marcus : What kind of question is that?

    Chazz : Whose side did you take: Halen or Roth?

    Chris Moore : ...Van Halen.

    Ian : HE'S A COP!

  • [crowd chants "Rodney King"] 

    Marcus : "Rodney King"? What's that supposed to mean?

    Pip : He's that guy.

  • Marcus : 22:23 White man with a gun. Same shit been happenin' to my people for 425-odd years.

    Pip : Hey, man, you like working here? We're down, man, Hendrix was god.

    Marcus : You wanna take a step back, man? You're standing on my dick!

    Pip : Yeah, I seen that Antrax and Public Enemy. That was outta control, together, man. Did you catch that one, G?

    Marcus : Don't call me G!

    Pip : What do you want me to call you? Hey, come on, man.

    Marcus : All right, that's it! l can't wait for you to put that gun down, cos when you do we're gonna throw down. That's right, we gonna get serious. Mano-a-swine.

    Rex : Just shut your pie-hole and keep working.

    Marcus : "Pie-hole." What's that, some kind of cracker slang?

  • Marcus : Milo, didn't I tell you to knock when you come to my office?

    Milo : Just keep quiet and get that reel-to-reel deck down to the booth.

    Marcus : Oh, gonna tell me to shut up now? Uh-huh, uh-huh. See, a brother can't open his mouth without the white man slap him down.

    Milo : Just do it, Marcus.

    [Milo steps aside to reveal Rex holding a gun] 

    Marcus : Damn.

  • [repeated line] 

    Marcus : [spoken very low]  Oh my god.

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