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As ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Joins National Film Registry, Kimberly Peirce Addresses Its Complicated History

As ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Joins National Film Registry, Kimberly Peirce Addresses Its Complicated History
On Wednesday, the Library of Congress announced that “Boys Don’t Cry” was among the list of 25 films joining the National Film Registry, along with “Purple Rain,” She’s Gotta Have It,” and “Clerks.” Few films have had as lasting an impact as Kimberly Peirce’s deeply personal feature debut, which was released 20 years ago in 1999. Produced by Killer Films’ Christine Vachon, “Boys Don’t Cry” was the wildly successful final chapter of the New Queer Cinema, the kind of scrappy, risk-taking, independent cinema that defined much of the decade.

The film told the true story of 21-year-old trans man Brandon Teena, who was raped and murdered in 1993 in Humboldt, Nebraska. In telling Brandon’s story from his perspective, “Boys Don’t Cry” effectively jump-started the larger conversation around trans rights — one that had been virtually nonexistent until that point.

Boys Don’t Cry” grossed over $20 million at the worldwide box-office, garnered rave reviews from top film critics,
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Sleeping Beauty, Clerks, Purple Rain and More Join National Film Registery

  • MovieWeb
The Library of Congress has revealed the 25 movies that will be preserved as part of the National Film Registry for 2019. Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden revealed this year's selections, including seven titles directed by women, which is an unparalleled number. Some of the other key additions this year include Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It and Kevin Smith's directorial debut Clerks.

This year's Library of Congress selections directed by women include Kimberly Peirce's Oscar-winning Boys Don't Cry, Greta Schiller's documentary Before Stonewall, Claudia Weill's Girlfriends, Gunvor Nelson's My Name Is Oona, Elaine May's A New Leaf, Patricia Cardoso's Real Women Have Curves and Madeline Anderson's I Am Somebody. 1971's A New Leaf is important, as May became the first woman to write, direct and star in a major feature released by an American studio. I Am Somebody also has a great deal of cultural significance,
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‘Purple Rain,’ ‘Clerks,’ ‘Amadeus’ Among Films Added to National Film Registry

Every year, the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress adds 25 movies to its selection, honoring them for "their cultural, historic and aesthetic importance to the nation’s film heritage." In the 2019 class, announced today, the films ranged widely, from idiosyncratic New England auteur-driven indies, family classics, and stylized music-driven films. Carla Hayden, an official Librarian of Congress, stated the relevance of a National Film Registry honor succinctly. The National Film Registry has become an important record of American history, …
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‘Purple Rain,’ ‘Last Waltz,’ ‘Clerks’ Added to National Film Registry

‘Purple Rain,’ ‘Last Waltz,’ ‘Clerks’ Added to National Film Registry
Purple Rain, The Last Waltz, Platoon, She’s Gotta Have It and Clerks were among the 25 films added to the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry, the organization announced Wednesday.

2019’s list of motion pictures — selected for their “cultural, historic and aesthetic importance to the nation’s film heritage” — include an “unprecedented” seven films by female directors, including Kimberly Peirce’s Boys Don’t Cry, Elaine May’s A New Leaf and Patricia Cardoso’s Real Women Have Curves.

In addition to Prince’s 1984 classic and Martin Scorsese’s documentary about the Band’s all-star farewell gig,
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‘A New Leaf,’ ‘Purple Rain,’ ‘She’s Gotta Have It,’ and More Added to National Film Registry

Since 1989, the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress has been accomplishing the important task of preserving films that “represent important cultural, artistic and historic achievements in filmmaking.” From films way back in 1897 all the way up to 2005, they’ve now reached 775 films that celebrate our heritage and encapsulate our film history.

Today they’ve unveiled their 2019 list, which includes Elaine May’s A New Leaf, Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It, Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz, the Prince feature Purple Rain, Oliver Stone’s Platoon, Claudia Weill’s Girlfriends, Miloš Forman’s Amadeus, George Cukor’s Gaslight, and more.

“The National Film Registry is an essential American enterprise that officially recognizes the rich depth and variety, the eloquence and the real greatness of American cinema and the filmmakers who have created it, film by film,” said Scorsese.

Check out the full list below and you can
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National Film Registry Adds ‘Purple Rain’, ‘Clerks’, ‘Gaslight’ & More; ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ One Of Record 7 Pics From Female Helmers

  • Deadline
National Film Registry Adds ‘Purple Rain’, ‘Clerks’, ‘Gaslight’ & More; ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ One Of Record 7 Pics From Female Helmers
The Library of Congress has unveiled its annual selection of 25 films added to the National Film Registry, with an unprecedented seven titles directed by women, the most in a single year since the inaugural registry in 1989. (Scroll down for the full list.)

Among those making the cut for 2019 are Kimberly Peirce’s 1999 Oscar winner Boys Don’t Cry; Greta Schiller’s 1984 documentary Before Stonewall; Claudia Weill’s 1978 Girlfriends; Gunvor Nelson’s 1969 avant-garde pic My Name Is Oona; Elaine May’s A New Leaf, which in 1971 made her the first woman to write, direct and star in a major American studio feature; the 2002 indie Real Women Have Curves, directed by Patricia Cardoso; and Madeline Anderson’s 1970 I Am Somebody, which is considered the first documentary on civil rights directed by a woman of color.

Also notably added to the Film Registry are such classics as George Cukor’s 1944 Gaslight, which won
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‘Purple Rain,’ ‘Clerks, ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ Added to National Film Registry

  • Variety
‘Purple Rain,’ ‘Clerks, ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ Added to National Film Registry
Purple Rain,” “Clerks,” “She’s Gotta Have It,” “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” “Amadeus,” “Sleeping Beauty,””Boys Don’t Cry” and “The Last Waltz” are among this year’s additions to the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

The list also includes 1944’s “Gaslight,” starring Ingrid Bergman in an Oscar-winning performance; the 1955 film noir “The Phenix City Story,” based on a real-life murder in Alabama; Disney’s 1959 canine tearjerker “Old Yeller”; Oliver Stone’s 1986 Best Picture winner “Platoon,” based on his own experiences in Vietnam; and Luis Valdez’s “Zoot Suit,” which tells the story of the 1943 Sleepy Lagoon Murder and the racially charged riots that followed.

A place on the list — always made up of 25 films — guarantees the film will be preserved under the terms of the National Film Preservation Act. The criteria for selection is that the movies are “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant.

“The National Film Registry has become
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'Purple Rain,' 'Amadeus,' 'Boys Don't Cry,' 'Clerks' Enter National Film Registry

'Purple Rain,' 'Amadeus,' 'Boys Don't Cry,' 'Clerks' Enter National Film Registry
Purple Rain, Amadeus, She's Gotta Have It and Clerks — this year's biggest public vote-getter — plus seven films directed by women, including Boys Don't Cry, are among the latest cinematic treasures chosen for the Library of Congress' National Film Registry, it was announced Wednesday.

The list of 25 films picked to be preserved for future generations also includes Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) and Gaslight (1944), like Boys Don't Cry starrer Hilary Swank featuring an Oscar-winning best actress performance (by Sissy Spacek and Ingrid Bergman, respectively), and another timeless classic with a great leading lady, ...
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Kevin Smith Might Have A Role In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

We’re now less than a couple of weeks away from the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which means that the cast and crew of the sci-fi blockbuster are hitting the promotional trail. While not a lot is being revealed about the finer details of the plot, which isn’t exactly surprising given the veil of secrecy J.J. Abrams usually maintains on his movies, the key creatives are nonetheless being asked about everything from the Finn and Poe bromance to The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda.

Abrams has claimed that The Rise of Skywalker will bring the narrative started with A New Hope in 1977 full circle, tying up the nine-movie arc into a definitive closing chapter, as well as hoping that the fans will be a lot more supportive of the final installment than the very public backlash that greeted The Last Jedi. There’s certainly a lot
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The Sundance Film Festival announces its 2020 lineup

  • JoBlo
Ever since the Sundance Film Festival began three and a half decades ago, it's been a bastion of quality cinema. Many filmmakers received their big break at Sundance including directors David O. Russell and Paul Thomas Anderson. Moreover, some of the great films of the last thirty years premiered at Sundance including Reservoir Dogs, Clerks, Get Out, and Little Miss Sunshine. With the annual festival…
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Dogma and the Gospel According to Kevin Smith

Mark Harrison Nov 29, 2019

'Faith is a funny thing…' With Jay & Silent Bob Reboot in cinemas now, we revisit Kevin Smith’s most ambitious View Askewniverse film

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

Kevin Smith has always felt like an outlier on the indie filmmaking wave that crested during the 1990s, following his own unique trajectory that lead him to Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. And here's a prime example of Smith's singular nature: right at the end of the decade in which he made his name with the Jersey trilogy, he came out with Dogma, a wildly imaginative genre-bender that tilted the relatively grounded View Askewniverse on its axis.

With a stellar cast of View Askew alums and major movie stars, the film follows a pair of fallen angels, Bartleby (Ben Affleck) and Loki (Matt Damon), as they become aware of a loophole in Catholic dogma that would
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Every Jay and Silent Bob Appearance, Ranked

Jay and Silent Bob, the Mallrats from Clerks are back for more trouble as their new movie Jay and Silent Bob Reboot hits theaters this month. It's hard to imagine that these characters have been around since 1994. When Kevin Smith created the View-Askewniverse, it was probably doubtful that these characters would ever come back in any shape or fashion in 2019.

Related: The 10 Best Characters Kevin Smith Created, Ranked

When Kevin Smith almost died from a heart attack last year, he pretty much set in motion for the characters to be resurrected. Smith has said in interviews that the film is a culmination of his life's work. So, here is every Jay and Silent Bob Appearance, ranked, but not including Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.
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Kevin Smith to Host Aftershows for The CW’s ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Crossover

  • The Wrap
Kevin Smith to Host Aftershows for The CW’s ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Crossover
Kevin Smith is set to host “Crisis Aftermath,” the official aftershow for The CW’s upcoming Arrowverse crossover, “Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

The “Clerks” director, who has previously directed episodes of the CW’s superhero shows, will host the first installment on Sunday, Dec. 8 at 9/8c, after the “Supergirl” episode of “Crisis,” and his second on Tuesday, Dec. 10 at 9/8c, after “The Flash” airs its hour of the crossover event.

According to the announcement, which was made via the “ArrowInstagram account Saturday, “Aftermath” will “go in-depth to explore every angle of this year’s 5-episode crossover!” Though the crossover itself is five episodes, representatives for The CW told TheWrap on Saturday that Smith is just set to host these two aftershows in December.

Also Read: 'Crisis on Infinite Earths': Superman Meets Superman in Set Photo From CW Crossover

The “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, one of DC Comics most famous storylines,
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The Road to Reboot: ‘Clerks 2′ Review

  • Nerdly
So, we have reached the final hurled on this Road to Reboot. We began with Clerks, made our way through Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Dogma, took a turn at Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back last time, and we’ll end it here, with Clerks 2. Of course, Kevin Smith did other movies, films like Zack & Miri Make a Porno, which I’m a fan of, and movies unlike his other work, such as the poorly received Jersey Girl, the oddball horror Tusk, and the, in my opinion, bloody terrible Yoga Hosers [Am I the only Nerdly team member who loved Yoga Hosers then? - Editor Phil]. As we approach the release of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, it seems fitting to end this journey where it began, with Dante and Randall, who likely weren’t meant to be here today.

Clerks 2, released in 2006, is a kind-of-sequel to the original Clerks, but instead of taking place at Quick Stop, this
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Clerks III Brings Back Marilyn Ghigliotti as Dante's Ex-Girlfriend Veronica

  • MovieWeb
Clerks III Brings Back Marilyn Ghigliotti as Dante's Ex-Girlfriend Veronica
Another star from the original movie is returning for Clerks 3, as Marilyn Ghigliotti has announced her casting in the upcoming sequel. In the original Clerks, Ghigliotti starred as Dante's girlfriend Veronica - the one who brings him lasagna at work, not the one who sleeps with a dead guy in the bathroom.

On Friday, Marilyn Ghigliotti posted a series of photos on Facebook of a reunion with her Clerks co-stars, and in the caption, the actress confirms she will be reprising the role of Veronica in the new movie. She also explains how Smith revealed her casting to her during the photo shoot, with the photographer catching her genuine excitement. From the Facebook post:

"You've all been asking and I've been sitting on this since I found out because I needed to track down and wait for this series of photos. While at Comic-Con La, Kevin Smith was at the
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Kevin Smith Reveals My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way Will Be Scoring Clerks 3

Kevin Smith has really seemed to be getting the ball rolling on the upcoming sequel, Clerks 3. What we know so far is that Smith will be back to write and direct, as well as reprise his role of Silent Bob. Jason Mewes will be back as Jay, Jeff Anderson as Randal, and Brian O’Halloran as Dante. Thanks to /film we have a new bit of info to share with you.

At this week’s roadshow event for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Smith revealed that he was able to get Gerard Way from the band My Chemical Romance to come on board to make the music. Way had taken a break from making music to work on his comic book, The Umbrella Academy (which is now one of my favorite Netfix series ever), so he must have a lot of love for Smith to make the transition to composer for a while.
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The Road to Reboot: ‘Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back’ Review

  • Nerdly
We continue down our Road to Reboot, and we reach one of the last hurdles, with Kevin Smith’s ultra-meta 2001 flick, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is one of those moments in time when the planets aligned and true cinematic brilliance was able to me made. I kid… this is one of those moments when Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes took to the streets, began to hump windows, walk around with a chimp and attempt to fly to Hollywood to step “Bluntman and Chronic” the superhero movie based on them, from being made. There’s so many in-jokes and meta moments here, characters from previous Smith movies and even actors playing themselves. Ben Affleck appears as both himself and as Holden McNeil, the character he played in Chasing Amy. It’s wild.

I always enjoyed Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back because of how absurd, stupid and fun it is,
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10 Best Kevin Smith Movies, According To IMDb

Love him or hate him, Kevin Smith has developed one of the biggest fan bases in cinematic history. The self-proclaimed comic-book nerd and View Askewniverse leader has remained popular since his indie debut feature Clerks in 1994. 25 years and roughly 15 movies later, Smith continues to build on his unique brand.

Smith's newest film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, opened last week to moderate reviews but poor box-office returns. Which, of course, got us to thinking about what Smith movies are the most beloved. Check it out, here are the 10 Best Kevin Smith Movies, According to IMDb.

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The Road to Reboot: ‘Dogma’ Review

  • Nerdly
Onward we march along the View Askewniverse of Kevin Smith’s films on this Road to Reboot. We’ve reviewed Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy so far, so the next stop is Dogma.

I remember renting Dogma on VHS back in 1999 and loving everything about it. The story of two fallen angels who were sent to Wisconsin after being tossed out of Heaven have found a loophole that gets them back to the pearly gates, a loophole that exists in a church in New Jersey. It would, sadly, destroy humanity and be the undoing of the fabric of our universe, though, so it’s up to a ragtag crew to stop them, including the last scion, the 13th Apostle and two prophets.

A religious comedy with an awesome cast, featuring the likes of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Salma Hayek, Alan Rickman, Chris Rock, Jason Lee and, of course, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith,
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Elisabeth Moss And Randall Park To Be Honored At Hawaii International Film Festival

  • Deadline
Elisabeth Moss And Randall Park To Be Honored At Hawaii International Film Festival
Elisabeth Moss and Randall Park will be getting a taste of the aloha spirit at the Hawaii International Film Festival. The two actors will be honored at the 39th edition of the fest. Moss is set to receive the Halekulani Career Achievement Award while Park will receive the Halekulani Maverick Award. The two will join previously announced honorees iconic director John Woo and Australian journalist Stan Grant. Hiff takes place November 7-17 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Halekulani Career Achievement Award is given to an artist who has reached the career pinnacles very few have achieved via industry awards and accolades and a body of work that is known globally. Moss is in good company, joining past recipients actress Moon So-ri, Bill Pullman, Maggie Cheung (In The Mood For Love). The Emmy-winning actress from The Handmaid’s Tale is also known
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