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Season 8

27 Sep. 2002
De Cock en het lijk in de kast
Wealthy Maria Spijkers, from Baantjer's wife's neighborhood gossip circle, is found murdered at home. The fat inheritance makes estranged daughter Annemarie Spijkers, who disapproved of her generosity to the Catholic church, the obvious suspect. Still De Cock considers other suspects, such as janitor Jalal Barzani, who has a violent past.
4 Oct. 2002
De Cock en de moord in Club Exotica
De Cock and his team investigate the death of a sex club owner and his wife. De Cock meets an old acquaintance, and Prins tries to keep a secret after she and Keizer go undercover in the club. Then, a third murder is committed.
11 Oct. 2002
De Cock en de moordende wreker
De Cock and his team try to catch a serial killer who is murdering criminals. Crime reporter Frank de Bos is very interested in the killings, and constantly bugs De Cock.
18 Oct. 2002
De Cock en de stuurloze moord
De Cock and his team investigate the murder of a trainer at a rowing club. The man, a former Olympic champion, was forced to quit competing a year ago after it was found out he was using stimulants. The man was currently coaching two girls, and a suspect is the Pakistani cousin of one of the girls. Also, the other girl turns out to have been raped by him. Lots of money is found at his house, suggesting he was extorting someone.
25 Oct. 2002
De Cock en de moord om het woord
De Cock and his team investigate the murder on a writer who was part of a duo. They discover that he and his partner didn't get along as well as one would expect. The final line of a novel written by one of them may hold a vital clue.
1 Nov. 2002
De Cock en de buitenaardse moord
Registrar's official Niels Daniel Degenaar's five days old corpse is found at home, nibbled at by his also locked-in cats. The sci-fi fanatic was mutilated and has an apparent tracking device as in an alien abduction story. He was slapped with a restraining order by his former therapist, alien abduction specialist Matthieu Landman, after an affair with his daughter. Niels's busybody neighbor has access with a key to feed his cats, her world-estranged daughter is still in abduction therapy. Niels had an unusually bad fight with his steady girlfriend Sanne, who ignored ...
8 Nov. 2002
De Cock en de moord op de haringkoning
Kees van der Vlis is fatally stabbed with a filleting knife in the major fish firm he ran with his blind brother Henk and his ambitious protégé, Robert Overkleeft. The MO fits the treat a day earlier by Özkul, the Turkish father of a menial employee who was allegedly sexually abused by Kees. The murder also means reinstatement for CFO Jaap Tetteroo, who was fired recently for gambling debts. Buitendam fears forced retirement, but is screened for a higher knighthood.
22 Nov. 2002
De Cock en de dode duivenmelker
Successful pigeon-fancier Cor Boekel has his skull smashed in the pigeon-house with a breeding shale. Cor's neighbor, asthmatic retired ex-prize-boxer Arie Kooy, hated him for the pestilent birds and smacking his grandsons for a soccer-intrusion. Cor had shady dealings with rival fancier bald Gerard, a grumpy recluse. Cor was known widely to cheat with foxy pigeon club-official Tineke Toolen on his his pregnant wife Anja, who shares an alibi with her father Manfred Tol, who never applauded the marriage. Meanwhile Buitendam gives top priority to the royal heir ...
29 Nov. 2002
De Cock en de moordfilm deel 1
Jewish movie producer Chris van der Kamp was fatally stabbed in his Amsterdam office editing room. The murder weapon was stabbed while he still lived by an employee, Keizer's sister Yvonne, who brings Appie the bloody knife at home. Unlike Vledder, who once flirted with her, Keizer must abstain from field research, but the medicines he brings her are used for an OD suicide. Chris was hated by his son Koen van der Kamp, who he neglected like his late mother during her fatal cancer and was failing to keep his promise of supporting Koen's directing debut. Koen has an ...
6 Dec. 2002
De Cock en de moordfilm deel 2
The team wrongly feared losing the case after Keizer's sister Yvonne's OD suicide in jail, which they don't consider a convincing confession. The knife is traced to Olof Baltus, but his alibi comes trough. Chris's son's motive is proved and his alibi overturned, but he now admits having seen fiancée Gonnie Selbach, whose reason for lying puzzles De Cock. Her unmarried father Max de Vries's hostility to Den Coninghe and interest in 1940s film history lead to unearthing several wartime family secrets at both sides and tragic mistakes, then and recently.

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