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Season 8

24 Sep. 2002
Critical Condition
Bud has lost his right lower leg due to a mine in Afghanistan; during emergency surgery he faces bad trouble. Sturgis returns to Washington, and Harm and Mac disobey an order from the admiral. Bud encounters an astounding change of course.
2 Oct. 2002
The Promised Land
A US Marine deserts his unit and joins the Israeli Army, then faces a trial in the USA. Bud returns from overseas, gets a Purple Heart and a warm welcome (from everyone except his father), then starts his rehab. Loren gets transfer orders.
8 Oct. 2002
Family Business
A Marine stands accused of fatally shooting his wife. Mac prosecutes, and Harm defends. Bud and his father have trouble with Bud's condition, but each starts to cope. Nearly everyone gives Loren a happy farewell; Sergei returns to Russia.
15 Oct. 2002
Dangerous Game
A deputy sheriff dies while chasing a car carrying two SEALs in a Navy exercise. The driver stands trial for negligent homicide. Bud goes home, the new SecNav takes office, and Harm takes Meredith for a thrilling flight.
22 Oct. 2002
In Thin Air
A RIO dies of hypoxia, traced to contaminated oxygen. Mac prosecutes the PO apparently at fault, Harm makes a poor defense, and Sturgis takes over. Harm runs into more trouble, but he finds the truth. Bud resents Harriet's protectiveness.
29 Oct. 2002
Offensive Action
A woman CO gives bad marks on a fitrep of a man officer below her, and he accuses her of sexual harassment. Mac and Sturgis prosecute, Harm and Tracy defend, and Harm learns what the CO has hidden. Bud and the admiral have ups and downs.
5 Nov. 2002
Need to Know
A senator asks the new SecNav to obtain a declassification of the story of the loss of a nuclear submarine on a CIA operation in 1968 -- so that the families can finally learn about the loss of their loved ones. The senator is the daughter of the skipper of the boat. The SecNav turns to the JAG, who appoints a quiet and classified court of inquiry. Harm, Mac, and Sturgis serve as counsel to the court. Due to the extremely high classification of the mission, much wrangling takes place between the CIA and the Navy. However, a surprise piece of evidence leads Harm to the...
12 Nov. 2002
Ready or Not
A general stands trial for alleged disobedience and reckless endangerment during a war game. Sturgis prosecutes, Harm defends, and Mac sits on the bench. A piece of evidence turns up at the 11th hour. Bud and Harriet hold a reception.
19 Nov. 2002
When the Bough Breaks
Loren seeks trials for several crewmembers after a mishap at sea. Loren is pregnant, and she refuses to name the father. Harm conducts a second investigation, and Mac replaces Loren. Tracy lends a hand; Meredith and Bud help each other.
26 Nov. 2002
The Killer
In Naples, Italy, Harm and Tracy use criminal profiling to find the killer of four prostitutes murdered in Mediterranean liberty ports during visits by a certain US destroyer. Sturgis works with Bud, and Harriet tries to work with Loren.
17 Dec. 2002
All Ye Faithful
Bud and Harriet hold a party on Christmas Eve in their new house for the JAG gang. Everyone runs into difficulties en route, but everything finally works out. Bud invokes, "God bless us everyone"; all agree and exchange, "Merry Christmas".
7 Jan. 2003
A general demands to know why his daughter died during surgery, then he stands accused of improperly influencing the testimony of a witness. Harm prosecutes, Mac defends, and Mac finds the real cause of the death. Bud receives a welcome letter.
21 Jan. 2003
Standards of Conduct
A Navy lieutenant ostensibly blows a whistle on an allegedly defective high-tech combat system; Mac helps him to resign, but she discovers his dishonest plot, and she helps justice to prevail. Harm meets a little old lady by accident.
4 Feb. 2003
Each of Us Angels
A tribute to the Nurse Corps of the US Navy, especially in WW2, showing a fictional tale aboard a hospital ship offshore during the Battle of Iwo Jima. The regular JAG characters transition into other roles. An elderly man tells his story.
11 Feb. 2003
Friendly Fire
A Navy pilot drops a bomb on a British position, killing three soldiers and injuring others. In a court-martial he faces charges of involuntary homicide and dereliction of duty. Mac and Bud prosecute, Sturgis defends, and Harm presides.
18 Feb. 2003
Heart and Soul
To increase his understanding of a claim by the Navy against a contractor, the admiral takes a ride with Harm in the back seat of an F-14 Tomcat. The admiral accidentally ejects over a national forest during a snowstorm with snow already on the ground. Harm lands safely without the canopy. While a SaR helo searches for the admiral from the air, Harm does so in a Humvee on the ground. The admiral relies on his survival training and practical experience as a SEAL, and he finds a new use for an item from his emergency pack. Harm eventually finds him in an unexpected ...
25 Feb. 2003
Empty Quiver
Sturgis finds a missing nuclear torpedo; Harm finds missing cash and figures out a framing and other irregularities in a disbursing office aboard a carrier. The admiral continues to recover, and he names his new dog. Sarah runs the shop.
18 Mar. 2003
Fortunate Son
The admiral returns. A Marine pilot and his wife become suspected of taking part in human trafficking. Harm and PO Coates find the truth, and justice prevails. The SecNav sends Cdr. Ted Lindsey to investigate the office; Ted grinds his ax.
1 Apr. 2003
Second Acts
A Navy hero returns from Uzbekistan and faces charges of a fraudulent enlistment because he is a man previously thought to have died on 9/11. The SecNav receives a rebuttal from RAdm. Chegwidden, then fires Cdr. Lindsey and throws him out.
22 Apr. 2003
Ice Queen
A Boy Scout finds the decomposing body of Lt. Loren Singer in a tree. The NCIS investigates, and Harm becomes the prime suspect. The NCIS finds not only surprises about the death but also circumstantial evidence pointing straight to Harm.
29 Apr. 2003
Harm goes on trial in a court-martial for the murder of Loren. A Marine major from Quantico prosecutes, and a Navy woman lieutenant commander from San Diego defends. However, the NCIS continues its investigation anyway. The cap proves to be Harm's, but someone planted it. NCIS agents find a pattern, they pursue it, and they find another suspect, who, during questioning, begins to concede that he was the killer. That lets Harm off the hook. Meanwhile Agent Gibbs goes aboard a surface ship of the Navy in the Mediterranean Sea to question a terrorist in custody. He gets ...
6 May 2003
Lawyers, Guns and Money
Harm returns. Bud does poorly in representing Sturgis, who stands accused of giving inadequate counsel. The admiral tries hard to propose to Meredith. Mac poses as Webb's pregnant wife while undercover for the CIA in Paraguay. [Continued.]
13 May 2003
Pas de Deux
Webb and Mac continue undercover in a CIA operation in Paraguay. A familiar face shows up among the Latinos on the other side. The admiral and Meredith start announcing their engagement. Harm tries to get some information about Webb and Mac through Catherine Gale, a lawyer at the CIA. Unexpectedly Harm poses as Catherine's fiance for the benefit of her dying mother, and Bud conducts a sham wedding. The friend in Paraguay runs into big trouble. Catherine helps Harm in his quest for word about Mac. Webb and Harm take part in eliminating a drug dealer who has supplied ...
20 May 2003
A Tangled Webb: Part I
Webb and Mac are prisoners of a dealer in Paraguay, where the bad guys torture Webb. Harm goes there to rescue Mac. Gunny tails Harm, they meet, and they attack. Gunny drives Webb to a hospital, and Harm and Mac destroy stored missiles.

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