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If I were judging this film purely on its content and style, I would call it a ramshackle mess...
Howlin Wolf29 March 2001
... the plot isn't even that interesting, just some soft-core pornography dressed up in amateur psychology. The structure is lazy, the performances done on autopilot, and the suspense virtually nil. All of this I was expecting, however, and NONE of this was WHY I was watching. It promised us Alicia Silverstone in her first vaguely steamy role. Is it steamy? Not really, but Alicia is cute enough fully CLOTHED for the guys to only feel mildly annoyed that she doesn't whip 'em off. If you're expecting a great film - or even a good one - you'll be disappointed, if you're expecting a raunch-fest - disappointment again. If you just want an excuse to ogle Alicia for roughly two hours, it does its job.

Finally, what was J.T Walsh doing in this?? It represents a blight on what was a fine career. Maybe he was duped into expecting sex scenes with Alicia too...
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A turkey.
gridoon7 September 2001
"The Babysitter" is a bizarre, repetitive and often campy turkey. Most of the film consists of endless fantasy sequences that are never as steamy as they are supposed to be. A fine cast is totally wasted, especially George Segal, whose role couldn't be more pointless. This movie was misconceived all along and is worth watching only if you're curious.... (*1/2)
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Alicia's cute; movie sucks
smatysia3 March 2001
Alicia Silverstone is so pretty, so good, I hope she gets some decent material someday. This film wasn't very good. Miss Silverstone was good, but the film could have really used some more exposure (wink, nod). At least she did spend a fair part of the movie in a bubble bath, but she seemed to have a flesh-colored towel in there when she was moving very much. I will have to give some credit to J. T. Walsh and Lee Garlington as the Tuckers. It was fairly fun to watch them get more and more hammered at the party. I've heard that drunkenness is difficult for an actor, but these two made it quite believable. Overall, this film is of interest only to Silverstone fans, (real ones, because she does NO nude scenes here) Grade: D
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Most people seem to miss the point of this movie, it's about men vs hormones
dmgreer5 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The Babysitter reminds me of one time when my daughter was 15, we were walking out to the car in a parking lot, and a young man probably 20 y/o or so drove by, swiveling his head as he passed. I pointed out that he had been looking, and my daughter said "Ewww! He's old!" Teenage girls think their attractiveness is like a bullet, only affecting their intended target, when in fact it's more like a hand grenade, and goes off in all directions.

The movie is different from Robert Coover's short story (Google "Robert Coover the babysitter", there's a PDF titled 184 ° Robert Coover), which was mainly a vehicle for an idea about how a story could take different plot lines as characters choose different pathways. It's not really better or worse, because it's apples and oranges.

The Babysitter is about The Male Gaze. It's about how males of all ages react to a pretty, nubile young woman who's just trying to babysit some kids, and not completely aware of her affect on males, therefore mostly indifferent to it.

Fantasies for each male, from age 10 to age 60, play out during the film, making it difficult to keep track of what's going on in reality. The screen play seems voyeuristic, as if to try to pull you into fantasizing about Silverstone yourself (if you're a male), but time and again her character shuts it down, and reveals just a regular, no-nonsense, non-sexualized person going about her business.

In the end the fantasies of three of the characters become reality, and play out as they would in real life instead of a male fantasy land, so things get messy quickly as the three disrupt their own lives within moments. Two males, the youngest and the oldest, escape perplexed but unscathed.

The end of the movie is a disaster scene, apparently with a single cause, but in reality the confluence of bad decisions by three men. The last line is like a punch line that sums up the entire proceedings of the evening.
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Pretty Weak Story But You Will Still Find Some Pleasure
Darkest_Rose5 February 2003
The Babysitter is about this beautiful babysitter(Alicia Silverstone) that everybody adores and has every day fantasies about her. One night, while she is babysitting for the Tucker family, her boyfriend Jack(Jeremy London), her ex boyfriend Mark(Nicky Katt), and Mr.Tucker(J.T Walsh), all want to seduce the babysitter and make their fantasies come true. The plot was alright, i mean, the fantasies were pretty realistic in some way. We all have them at some point. But it gets kinda boring and predictable after a while and the babysitter turns into nothing special. I would give The Babysitter 6/10
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Forbidden fantasies
nam-52 April 2000
The Babysitter hasn't got much in the way of a plot. It explores the mind of (but not limited to) members of the male sex at different ages. This is concerning their sexual fantasies and advances towards a beautiful young girl, both when they are sober and more so when they are drunk. The men involved include the husband, his young son, the babysitter's boyfriend and his old 'God's Gift' friend.
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Miss Silverstone is never better than the pictures she appears in...
TheVid19 March 2002 it's hard to believe anyone is checking out THE BABYSITTER for her lisping, nymphet presence. What you have here is low-grade, late-night, Cinemax fare trying to capitalize on Silverstone's ability to come off as Lolita to a reasonably capable cast of old pros like George Segal and J.T. Walsh (along with one of those London twins for youthful good measure). This kind of a film needs some sexual momentum to keep it entertaining; and, sadly, this movie is lacking in eroticism...Silverstone more so.
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livlover24 July 1999
Yes, this movie is quite out of the ordinary, but worth a look anyway. As usual, Alicia Silverstone is in top form, this time playing an object of desire, and a feature of many fantasies to various men. Unfortunately, there is one off-putting scene where Alicia's character kisses the putrid J.T Walsh.
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Am I on drugs?
rosettarosetta3 June 2003
I caught this on a boring summer afternoon on, surprise!, Lifetime. The story itself COULD be promising- an innocent teen babysitter is unwittingly the object of obsession for virtually every man she encounters in one night- but the filmmakers try to turn it into a masterpiece of surrealism that it obviously is not. The acting is pretty shallow and most of the 'fantasies' are just downright creepy, not thought provoking. The movie will leave you feeling like you just dropped a massive amount of acid. Don't waste your time.
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an unnoticed gem
g404c23 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw The Babysitter when it was released all the way back in 1995, and it still holds up well today. This sleeper stars Alicia Silverstone as the babysitter, who is the obsession of many males in the film. Mr. Tucker (played by J.T. Walsh), the father of the children she babysits, lusts after her, as does her boyfriend, Jack (played by Jeremy London), and a neighborhood rebel, Mark (played by Nicky Katt).

Based on a short story by Robert Coover, The Babysitter goes like this: After refusing a date with Mark, the babysitter goes to the Tucker residence on a Friday night to babysit the three children there. Jack is reading Catcher in the Rye in a diner when Mark comes along and begins to coax him into hanging out with him, which leads to the two of them spying on the babysitter while she is looking after the children. The Tuckers are at a party but Mr. Tucker finds any excuse to go home, much to the dismay of his wife, Dolly (good performance given by Lee Garlington) who herself fantasizes about Bill (played by George Segal), the party host. Many of the characters consume alcohol, and the combination of booze and their own obsessions leads to a deadly climax.

The Babysitter contains many dream sequences which may be difficult to discern from the actual happenings if you are viewing for the first time. All of the players in this movie do a great job. It is very different and I recommend it.
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gypsy_rz4 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
saw this movie when i was in grade school on the action channel.

sliverstone did show her breasts in this movie, the reason it was cut is because there is nothing there to write home about.

otherwise the movie was interesting, had a kick ass soundtrack. 'the lie still in the garden' song rocked. jeremy London and the other dude were hott. i just felt bad that the father was arrested at the end. i felt that mark had it coming.

the only twisted part was when the little boy was asked by alica to wash her back. but a fanasty, not reality. her character was stupid and so was jeremy's. it was weird seeing the guy that played mark as a tough guy.
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I really liked it.
Contact-628 July 1999
Warning: Spoilers
Most people thought this movie sucked. I guess they just couldn't get into like I did. Let me ask you this, and answer honestly. Did this movie intrigue you? Were you anxious to know what would happen next? If you answered yes, then this movie delivered on one of its purposes and you can't say it totally sucked. I personally was fascinated by the original narration, and the depiction of carachters as seen by the world, and how, because of the filmakers, we get to see them how they really are, on the inside. All three of the main carachters were connected with their obsession with the babysitter. I was very interested on how their mere fantasies would move their actions through the movie. I was also in suspense, wanting to know how the three competing actors would face eachother during the climax of the movie. And how the repurcussions would be with their lives. Another interesting is how more and more intense their fantasies get, they evolve as they get more obsessed on the babysitter. You can feel the tension rising as the fantasies get stronger, and where they no longer decide to keep it just that.


The ending, I have to say, is a let down. It had nothing to do with the rest of the story, while I expected there would be a big conflict to settle things, i was dissapointed. Still, not too terrible.


In general, a very intense,suspenseful, psychological thriller. I really like it.
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Avoid like the plague
simondavis49 October 2004
This is the first time that I have felt compelled to share my views on this site but having watched this film I felt so irritated that I had wasted an hour & a half of my life I thought I should warn anybody else who might stumble across this laughable film.

It appears that there is a reason that films are shown at 3:30 in the morning on Sky Movies & that is to try to send people to sleep. This is a tedious, nonsensical piece of tat with hysterical performances & an inane storyline. The flashback sequences (which take up most of the film) damage the flow of the film to such an extent that you end up not caring what is happening in the actual 'plot'.

Alicia Silverstone does little wrong & just tends to wander around with little on. It is a testament to the stupidity of the American film industry that any of the others were allowed to work again & it is testament to my own stupidity that I watched this piece of rubbish to the end.
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Poor Attempt at Surrealism
eibon094 April 2001
Has neither the style nor the substance to make it a cult classic. An erotic thriller without any traces of sex or justifiable nudity. Jennifer, the babysitter is an one dimensional person without any depth or insight or even any symbolic meaning. The Babysitter(1995) has a good premise that wasn't explored deeply and the fantasy scenes are bland and surreal less. The Babysitter(1995) is a film that would be much better in the hands of someone like a Luis Bunuel, Nicolas Roeg, Terry Gilliam, or a Abel Ferrara. J.T Walsh's performance is so good that it belongs in a Luis Bunuel Movie rather than this terrible excuse for a motion picture.
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The Babysitter
jcj4212 March 1999
I don't know if I didn't "get" what the director was going for, or the director failed to deliver his vision (my vote). Although I'd watch Alicia Silverstone in an insurance info-mercial, this movie never got any steam going. Making for an amazing let down at the film's end. The story, although plausible (I certainly fantasize about Alicia Silverstone), it is pretty pointless. A good cast wasted. I can not think of a more frustrating film. All the ingredients are there: good actors, a usable plot, and a suspenseful look to the film. The damn thing never delivers. Only recommended for die-hard Alicia Silverstone or J.T.Walsh fans, just to get a fix on your favorite star.
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Don't be Fooled!!!!
King_Opossum28 March 2000
Well how can I put this...? Shall I pretend I didn't invest 90 minutes of my life in the hope of seeing a less-than-scantily-clad Alicia Silverstone? Shall I claim to be interested in the acting, the music and the photography of the film? Well I don't think anyone would believe me if I did, and furthermore I think I would be branded a bigger fool if I did. This film is awful!!!!! Hundreds of people on rolling rolling credits have contributed to make a piece of celluloid that's success is based on a single assumption - that 'guys wanna see that bird from CLUELESS naked'! As one of those guys who connected the words Alicia and 'contains sex scenes' to make an afternoon's viewing, I have to warn anyone else that feels they should do the same. If AMERICAN BEAUTY had a less-successful younger brother, then this would be it. Poor acting, a dire script, and an ending which makes you wonder whether alien abduction really does exist (did I miss something??) combine to make a truly awful movie. The flashbacks are cringe-worthy, and my only sense of satisfaction was to see JT Walsh actually smile, although I bet his skies have never been as dark as this!

Still, at least there was the lovely Miss Silverstone in her 18-certificate movie! But wait a minute - have I not watched the entire film to see no nudity whatsoever??? Oh wait, there was a brief flash of a waitress getting her just desserts from Mark - a cheap and cheerful way of getting that one clause which will continue to sell this movie - WARNING: contains nudity! Hur-flippin'-rah!
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A predictable bomb...
moonspinner558 May 2007
"The Babysitter" is about as imaginative as its title (both appear to have been recycled). It's just one of a handful of low-profile movies Alicia Silverstone made before her career took off. Here, she's a solemn, sexy-in-spite-of-herself teen trying to earn some bucks by babysitting, seemingly unaware that she has male teenagers drooling and male adults fawning. Uneven drama with ham-handed flickers of surrealism. Executive produced (for some unknown reason) by Joel Schumacher, who later directed Silverstone in 1997's "Batman and Robin". This one is strictly amateur night, despite a good supporting cast including George Segal and Lois Chiles. NO STARS from ****
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In A Word? Confusing
xxSURViVE8 August 2002
This movie made absolutely no sense to me. Maybe because I'm only fourteen, but I watched it with my mom and I have to say I think you'd have to be a genius to follow along. Everyone seems to have some sort of obsession with Alicia Silverstone...sure, she's pretty, but how can at least 3 guys have such similarly perverted visions about the same girl? I mean, even the kid had a vision of her and he's, what, TEN? She's pretty but we can't over-exagerate ((sorry, I'm not great with spelling and grammar, I'm still a kid)) on it. Whoop-di-do what's so great about her? Maybe it's because I'm a girl? Well whatever it was, I personally found this movie unbecoming and confusing.
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Alicia had a no-nudity contract, so...
RavenGlamDVDCollector29 November 2016
...if that chases you off, then I have done you a service, for you will find little else here. There is Tuesday Knight, in one brief but very cute flash, hell, give me tiny but natural any day...!

But about Alicia. Another reviewer put it so poignantly. "I'd watch Alicia in an insurance infomercial." Believe me, the kid is beautiful. The kid has a face that can launch a thousand... er, ships... But something else mentioned by another reviewer, "everybody's on autopilot" well especially Alicia. I think she is just being Alicia in here. Of course that is quite magical enough.

People who knock this most likely switch on the TV after a dull/hard day and expect to be entertained. It is not a crowd-pleaser type thing. It sort of at least tries to be a psychological thriller, delving into people's psyches, and shows the effect of their actions when their realities are blurred by alcohol. I'd you're waiting for something spectacular to happen, the only high point is early on, Tuesday Knight is really cute, and shows it, but nothing's gonna happen till right at the end, and it's not what you want to see. It sort of guaranteed to be another ****ty night in front of the damned TV set, if you are likely to be of that mentality.

I selected it as a DVD because I am an Alicia fan. I have loads of her others. And am under no illusions. She was WONDERFUL in CLUELESS, less so everywhere else. I'm still a fan. She's beautiful. A dream.

The movie isn't at all bad. Just don't approach it with unrealistic expectations. Alicia isn't a porn star, for crying out loud!

So, give it a chance.

But who'd watch it if Alicia wasn't in it? Not me.
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A disappointment considering the talent involved.
Hey_Sweden27 June 2016
Supposedly "steamy" thriller is adapted by director Guy Ferland from the story by Robert Coover. It basically functions as a vehicle for then up and comer Alicia Silverstone, cast as the title character. She's a high school student sitting for middle aged couple Harry and Dolly Tucker (J.T. Walsh and Lee Garlington), who have three kids. She inspires fantasies in not only the lecherous, drunken Harry but her estranged boyfriend Jack (Jeremy London) and his shady associate Mark (Nicky Katt). Even her male charge Jimmy (Ryan Slater, Christians' kid brother) gets in on the act.

This should have made for a more watchable experience, but it fails to be all that interesting, whether it follows the activities of the aimless youth or the weary older generation. There are so many fantasy sequences that viewers may feel challenged to keep track of when the film is actually showing "reality". Also, people may feel cheated that Silverstone isn't showcased to sexier effect. Apparently, she wouldn't do this film until the nude scenes were cut. Adding to that problem is the fact that her character (not to mention most of the characters here) just isn't that compelling.

This impressive cast certainly has worked with better material. One does feel embarrassed for the late, great Walsh. Garlington has a somewhat meaty role as his wife who is despondent over not being more desirable to her worthless husband. George Segal and Lois Chiles, as their friends throwing the party that they attend, have precious little to do. Too much time is spent with London and the amusingly smarmy Katt as they prowl around the Tucker home, and it takes the film too long to get going.

Fans wanting a Silverstone fix would be better off revisiting "Clueless" or even "The Crush".

Six out of 10.
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No good.
Meltdown5309853315 February 2004
A baby Sitter named jennifer, is so gorgeous that she has all the men around her fantasising her to all of their desires. this includes her ex boyfriend, the tuff guy swho hangs out with him, the father of the kid that she is baby sitting and one of the kids that she is baby sitting.

boring, poorly made film that wreaks of that early 90's film feel. my definition of early 90's film feel? here it is: a film in which is virtually unknown to most people; actors that you will never see again after the movie you're watching; and character's personal problems that do not relate to the plot. Much of that is in this film. Nothing to see really.

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Did this film have a purpose?
cwillis_m5 February 2002
I don't believe so (to answer my own question). I watched this movie because I wanted to see Alicia Silverstone, who I adore. In fact, her presence is the only reason why I would ever watch the movie again (which isn't something I plan to do right away). J.T. Walsh's character had no interesting characteristic other than the fact he was a pervert. And an unlikable one at that. I give this movie 5/10 simply because I would probably do the same thing every male character did in this movie: fantasize about Alicia Silverstone.
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Teases the Viewer into Thinking the Film is Erotic
eibon095 April 2001
The Babysitter(1995) is one of the worst films that Alicia Silverstone has ever appeared on. Her character is badly underdeveloped and not full of depth. The so called erotic fantasies are poorly conceived and are not very sexy at all. The Babysitter(1995) would have been a much beter and more interesting film if it was done by someone like the late Luis Bunuel, or other filmmakers...I.E., Abel Ferrara, Nicolas Roeg, or Peter Greenaway. The fantasy scenes with George Seagal are very unerotic and repulsive. J.T. Walsh gives the best performance in the entire film and his performance here would have been more suited in a flick by the late Luis Bunuel.
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A poorly written movie clearly aimed at adolescents
ScottyB13 December 1998
This movie is to be loved or hated. Loved if you are an adolescent looking for an hour of bizarre sexual fantasy with no requirement for a true plot, hated if you were looking for what could have been a good plot dealing with the danger of obsession. From the beginning, it appears that Alicia Silverstone's role in the film is to be the object of desire for a variety of male characters, from a young child to a middle aged tragic character; and therefore to be filmed as often as possible wearing as little as possible in the "dream sequence" type fantasy scenes. None of the actors was really given a chance of a stunning performance given the poor script and lack of plot which could have easily been condensed into a fifteen minute "gap-filler" for late night, low budget Television - eliminating the drawn out and tiresome first twenty minutes or so. Throughout the remainder of the film, the viewer can find it not only difficult to distinguish the fantasy scenes from the real-time scenes - but also to distinguish one scene from another as there is little variaton in the last forty minutes of the movie, which appears to be on a continuous five minute loop to the casual observer. Unfortunate to have an "18" certificate in the UK for a movie that would appeal more to the 12-15 age group. One to avoid otherwise.
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its all Imagination + alcohol is bad .
afterdarkpak3 April 2020
I watch this movie , just because of alicia. my god !! she WAS or is extremely cute n attractive girl of 90s, its sad that she didnt appear in much movies . but still. she is super pretty.

But anyhow this movie is weird, i dont know the main theme or purpose of this movie is "drinking alcohol is bad " or dont think way too much (as she asked him in end "i dont understand, what were you thinking".

it seems like almost lead characters imagining things, most are men and atleast one woman also imagining to having fun with that another man.

anyhow, its all imagination . but damn alcicia really kissed 3 guys and even wanna some with little kid in bath scene . things people do for money,
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