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Season 1

14 Dec. 1995
No More Good Days
Get to know Tucker and Becca, best friends and neighbors since kindergarten, as they make their way through the trials of their first day back to school in 8th grade.
21 Dec. 1995
I'm OK, You're a Jerk
Becca and Christine petition for more gender equality in gym class, while Tucker ropes Miles into a competition of boys versus girls that gets the whole school watching.
28 Dec. 1995
House Party
Becca and Tucker decide to throw a party on the same night that Becca's older sister, Ellen, hosts a 'mature' party for teenagers - and Ellen invites a high school boy who has caught Becca's eye.
4 Jan. 1996
Cool Book
When new student Kerry suggests the creation of a notebook in which the entire student body writes their opinions about each other, Tucker, Becca, and friends deal with the consequences of learning what their classmates really think of them.
1 Jan. 1997
On Your Toes
Becca is torn between ballet and pep squad, while Tucker and Miles struggle to create the perfect candid moment for a photography contest.
1 Jan. 1997
When Tucker receives two in-demand concert tickets for a popular band, he struggles with several moral dilemmas as he tries to avoid disappointing his friends.
1 Jan. 1997
Dog Day After Lunch
A stray dog on school grounds attracts the attention of Becca and Christine, while Tucker tries to help his younger brother, Horace, with a school bully, and must face his own bully in the process.
1 Jan. 1997
Becca's old friend Maxine returns to town and causes friction with Christine, while Tucker pursues a closer relationship with Kerry by arranging a bowling date.
Flossed in the Woods
Tucker, Becca, Miles and Christine all go on a camping trip.
Good Sports
Tucker tries out to be on the school soccer team and Becca has to write about sports for the school newspaper.
Every year the night before their same day birthday, Becca and Tucker exchange presents.

 Season 1 

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