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Season 1

20 Jan. 1996
Awakening: Part 1
A former bodyguard of President Lincoln digs his way out of a grave but has amnesia. He gets involved with a group of Civil War veterans who want to assassinate Gen. Ulysses S. Grant.
3 Feb. 1996
The Palace of Dreams
After a mysterious woman leaves Lazarus with a locket containing a photo of a woman he remembers but can't name and a Palace of Dreams business card in the pilot episode, he travels to New Orleans to find the Palace and get answers.
10 Feb. 1996
Lazarus meets a man from his past who lures him to a place where Lazarus' former supervisor on President Lincoln's security detail hopes to capture him.
17 Feb. 1996
The Conspirator
Lazarus asks the proprietor of an Arkansas Freedmen Bureau to contact someone he trusts in Washington to hear Lazarus' first-person account of the Lincoln assassination.
24 Feb. 1996
The Boy General
Lazarus saves the life of Gen. Custer, who hires him as a scout.
2 Mar. 1996
The Cattle Drive
Lazarus survives a nocturnal assassination attempt, wounds his assailant without seeing him, then joins a nearby cattle drive as a new wrangler in March 1866.
9 Mar. 1996
In April 1866, Lazarus arrives in Serenity, Colorado, where a visiting showman has created a mythological panorama drama based on Lazarus exploits. The showman pits Lazarus against a former gunman who had been living incognito.
16 Mar. 1996
The Wallpaper Prison
Lazarus runs afoul of a malevolent brothel owner and tries to save one of his employees from the life.
30 Mar. 1996
The Catamount
Lazarus is drawn to a New Mexico Territory archaeological dig where men have been stealing artifacts and being killed, apparently by a cougar. But who is really responsible?
20 Apr. 1996
Among the Dead
Holed up in a ghost town with a deluded woman, Lazarus and the woman must defend themselves against five men who want Lazarus dead.
27 Apr. 1996
The Journal
On the trail, Lazarus finds a wallet, a journal, an old mining camp and a dead body. The mystery they represent is solved in a nearby small town.
4 May 1996
Jehovah and Son, Inc.
Lazarus runs afoul of the law after a mentally unbalanced man steals his gun and shoot a senator.
11 May 1996
The Rescue
Lazarus helps a group of men "rescue" a woman who was captured by Comanches years ago when she was 6. But the woman would rather stay with her Comanche family.
18 May 1996
Lazarus rides with a bounty hunter who enjoys killing men a little too much, wonders if the Civil War changed him as much as it changed the bounty hunter.
12 Oct. 1996
The Hold-Up
Working for a small stage coach line, Lazarus is caught up in events as the payroll he is transporting is stolen.
19 Oct. 1996
The Penance
Lazarus gets involved with a group of pacifist Canaanites whose presence is objected to by a rancher who believe the land isn't fertile enough to support them all.
26 Oct. 1996
The Sheriff
Lazarus encounters a man determined to take revenge on the people of a town where he was humiliated as a youth, particularly the man who gave him a public beating.
A group of 25 men set a trap for Lazarus in a small western town, using his wife as bait.
9 Nov. 1996
Quality of the Enemy
Lazarus is captured by a bounty hunter who wants to take him to the feds. But the two are soon captured by four other men and must work together to escape.
The Tartarus Wheel
Lazarus is mesmerized, perhaps hypnotized, by a multicolored, spilling Tartarus Wheel that brings back memories, but they may be false memories.
The Angel Maker
Lazarus rides into Cherry Creek and gets involved with a man and his mail-order bride who bears a striking resemblance to Lazarus' wife Claire.

 Season 1 

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