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Season 4

13 Jul. 2001
Little Blue Planet
The crew finds the nearest available potential food source - a little blue planet. Prince, in his new earthly form, fears Xev, Kai and Stan believing they are hostile. To discard his fears, Prince sends Cobra to eliminate them.
20 Jul. 2001
Texx Lexx
Xev gets separated from Kai and hitches a ride with a Texan named Rooster. He and his lovesick lug-head friends vie for Xev's love. Kai's search for Xev leads him to a weird scientist who believes the Earth is in imminent danger.
27 Jul. 2001
Xev is being exploited at a steamy women's prison by the Warden and his wife. Stan is literally hanging on for dear life as a prisoner of the ATF. Digby, also held captive by the ATF, attacks Prince.
3 Aug. 2001
Stan Down
Stan and President Priest conspire to overthrow the evil Prince. The Lexx is hungry again, but Lexx is the lesser threat to the Earth's inhabitants now that the murderous alien probes have arrived.
10 Aug. 2001
Xev, popular from her exploits in prison, is asked to do a show where guys compete for a night with her. But the show is cut short when the men disappear. Xev and Stan realize their days are numbered if they stay on the island.
17 Aug. 2001
The Rock
Stan arrives on "The Rock" and realizes his subjects hate him. The reason - a look-alike named Brud has been cheating people out of their money. Brud woos Xev who thinks it is Stan, but Brud goes too far and ticks Xev off.
24 Aug. 2001
Walpurgis Night
The Lexx crew visits Transylvania in search of an unknown enemy. Their journey takes them to a sinister castle for a dinner hosted by Count Dracul. By evening's end all who remain are Xev, Stan, Kai and the three sexy goth girls.
7 Sep. 2001
Stan invites the goth girls for a tour of the Lexx who hopes it will be less of a tour and more of an intimate rendezvous, but his fantasy is not made reality when the girls silence him and steal Kai's proto-blood.
14 Sep. 2001
Fluff Daddy
Stan becomes the boss of the adult entertainment operation that Lyekka works for to get closer to her. She purposely brings Stan to sexual ecstasy causing the key to the Lexx to leave his body and pass into her.
28 Sep. 2001
Magic Baby
The crew joins forces with an aging rock star Uther and their attempt to travel far from the Earth is thwarted since the Lexx no longer responds to Stan's commands. Kai and Stan destroy Vlad, only to discover Xev's body.
25 Jan. 2002
A Midsummer's Nightmare
Xev is brought back to life by magical fairies. Oberon tries to convince Xev and Stan to marry him. Oberon's wife is heartbroken and turns Xev and Kai into "Stanleys" to confuse Oberon who is running out of time.
1 Feb. 2002
Bad Carrot
The carrot probes have come to Earth to sample the human cuisine. Prince joins forces with the crew of the Lexx to destroy the alien mother ship that is commanding the probes.
8 Feb. 2002
Prince makes a deal with "790"; "790" will help destroy Xev and Stan; and Prince will attach "790" to a human. On Lexx, First Lady Bunny, Stan and Xev play "Truth or Dare", but it's all a ploy for Bunny to murder Stan and Xev.
15 Feb. 2002
Prime Ridge
The crew of the Lexx settles down in small town America, buying their first house in Prime Ridge. Stan finds himself with a mother and daughter who both try to seduce him; Kai needs more proto-blood and Xev is a stress counselor.
22 Feb. 2002
Now wanted as fugitives for the massacre at Prime Ridge, they take refuge in the home belonging to Mort, a mortician with a bizarre obsession. Stan and Xev commit a serious faux pas during a viewing.
1 Mar. 2002
The crew of the Lexx is caught up in the post-Waco politics of obsessed patriots headed by Moss. He court marshals them and becomes the judge, prosecution and defense. Unfortunately for Stan, Xev and Kai the verdict is guilty.
8 Mar. 2002
Dutch Treat
President Priest and First Lady Bunny attempt to hijack the Lexx, but the Lexx crew narrowly intervenes saving the Earth, at least temporarily.
15 Mar. 2002
The Game
Kai agrees to play a high-stakes game of chess with Prince. If Kai wins, Prince will unite the spirit and body of Kai into one. If Kai loses, Stan and Xev must forfeit their lives.
22 Mar. 2002
Haley's Comet
The crew of the Lexx rescues the crew of "The Comet". At first the humans are grateful to be saved from a life in space forever, but their tune changes when they realize the power of the Lexx.
29 Mar. 2002
ApocaLexx Now
Lyekka comes on board the Lexx to convince the crew not to destroy her ship. The seed is planted - if they destroy her ship, she will perish.
5 Apr. 2002
Viva Lexx Vegas
"The King Tut" hotel is host to the Lexx crew. The excitement steps up a notch when Xev, having adopted the wrestling persona of Cleopatra, goes up against some of the hotels top women fighters.
12 Apr. 2002
Lyekka gives the Lexx crew luscious berries as gifts of thanks. Xev and Stan eat the berries taking them on a "high" ride. Stan and Xev believe that they are trying to kill each other and 790 hopes he can have Kai all to himself.
19 Apr. 2002
Lyekka vs. Japan
Kai battles an oversized Lyekka who threatens to destroy the Earth. Kai is in trouble and his only savior is Stan, but Stan's infatuation for Lyekka causes him to hesitate to destroy the alien mother ship.
26 Apr. 2002
Yo Way Yo
Prince visits the Lexx warning of "Earth's date with destiny". Stan celebrates but is drawn back into the turbulent atmosphere after learning that the aliens have successfully invaded the "little blue planet".

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