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Season 6

11 Sep. 2000
Bad Company
Moesha returns from NYC but refuses to forgive Niecy and Hakeem. Niecy decides to move out with Alicia moving in to Moesha's displeasure. Dorian tries to earn Frank's trust.
25 Sep. 2000
Living in Paradise?
Moesha experiences difficulty in attempting to hold a house rules meeting after becoming disgusted with her roommates unfortunate habits; Dee is offered a job that could possibly put the family in jeopardy
2 Oct. 2000
You Say He's Just a Friend
Myles says with Moesha at her dorm when Frank and Dee take a road trip to Las Vegas; he develops a crush on Alicia who quickly capitalizes on the situation.
9 Oct. 2000
Just the Two of Us
Frank and Dorian take an adventure filled trip to Las Vegas. Myles while visiting Moesha at her college develops a crush on Alicia who proves to be a bad influence on him.
30 Oct. 2000
The Nutty Moesha
While trying to juggle studying, taking care of her family while Dee's away and planning for her Halloween party, Moesha, along with Niecy, starts using energy-raising vitamins to help her with mid-terms, but the vitamins cause some peculiar side effects.
6 Nov. 2000
The Candidate
Moesha and her friends decide to volunteer for a politician, unaware of her real intentions. Meanwhile Frank is getting attention he wasn't expecting at all.
12 Feb. 2001
Dorian searches for biological mother.
26 Feb. 2001
What if...?
Moesha envisions an alternate reality when she wonders what life could have been like if Frank had been with Barbara instead of Dee all these years.
12 Mar. 2001
Saving Private Rita
One of Moesha's college friends, Rita, tries to commit suicide because she is grieving the loss of her mother, only to have Moesha share her story of loss, which saves Rita's life.
19 Mar. 2001
Mayhem at the Jam
Moesha makes an error which puts Hakeem in danger during a school concert. In the end, Moesha realizes that she still has feelings for Hakeem.
16 Apr. 2001
Moesha develops writer's block while trying to finish her paper. So she turns to Hakeem for help in hopes of curing her writer's block. But they develop yet another mutual attraction to each other. Niecy has an unexpected fling with Jerome. Moesha promises Niecy that she will not tell anyone if she can keep her and Hakeem's new-found relationship a secret. Hakeem soon becomes confused about their relationship. Later, Hakeem and Moesha discuss reconsidering their relationship. Frank isn't too happy that Dorian is skipping school to be with his older girlfriend nor the ...
7 May 2001
Graduation Day
Dorian attempts to skip out on his graduation party thrown by the Mitchells in order to attend a performance for his hip-hop group in San Diego.
14 May 2001
Paying the Piper
Hakeem and Niecy both request that Moesha move in with them; Jerome is shocked when he discovers a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom.

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