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Season 3

2 Sep. 1997
Day One
Moesha is forced by her dad to start a new private school much to her dismay and, despite her protest.
9 Sep. 1997
Age Ain't Nothing But a Number
Hakeem flirts with a beautiful woman. Much to his surprise she gives him her number. There is only one catch... She is about a decade older than he is. Hakeem juggles hiding his true age from the beautiful woman and, the disapproval of his friends when they learn of the age difference between him and his lady love.
16 Sep. 1997
My Mom's Not an Ottoman
Moesha and Dee both end up with hurt feelings when Moesha feels that Dee is trying to erase all traces of her mom from their family home by what Dee intends as minor redecorating.
28 Oct. 1997
Halloween Part 1: Kim Revenge
A three-way phone call among friends leads to hurt feelings for Kim, who overhears more than she bargained for concerning a Halloween-costume contest.
28 Apr. 1998
This Time You've Gone Too Far
Moesha and her friends all decide to take a road trip to Sea World, but their trip ends abruptly after Chris causes them to get kicked out of the amusement park. So they all decide to travel to Tijuana Mexico instead of going home.
5 May 1998
Body Language
While playing a friendly game of Truth or Dare, Kim and Niecy dare an innocent Moesha to get a tattoo which her father disapproves her of doing. She reluctantly agrees to the dare only if Kim and Niecy go with her.
12 May 1998
Pajama Jam
Morgan throws a co-ed slumber party and invites Moesha, Hakeem, Kim and Niecey. Mary Ellen desperately tries to get into the party but is refused admission. Moesha sees Jeremy and finally decide to talk to him. Dee and Frank try to have a romantic night in but their plans are interrupted by a phone call.
19 May 1998
A House Is Not a Home
After leaving home, Moesha turns to Andell for the night. Although she promises Andell she'll go back home the next day, she surprises Andell by staying at The Den the following day.

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