Suddenly Susan (TV Series 1996–2000) Poster


Nestor Carbonell: Luis Rivera


  • Luis : Susan, where's your paper punch?

    Susan : Why don't you ask Vicki, she's been helping herself to a lot of my things lately.

    Vicki : Tell the paranoid tall girl I didn't take her paper punch. It threw itself at me.

  • Girl in audience : So, do you need a college degree to work in a magazine?

    Vicki : No, not if you're sleeping with the boss.

    Susan : Excuse me!

    Luis : No, don't excuse it Vicki.

    Jack : Oh, shut up Luis.

    Luis : No, you shut up.

    Jack : You shut up.

    Vicki : [to Jack]  You shut up.

    Todd : [to Vicki]  You shut up!

    Vicki : [to Todd]  I'm on your side!

    Boy in audience : yeah, I'm confused... which one of you is sleeping with the boss?

  • Vicki : Fine! I think I can get my own dry cleaning Polly! I don't need your help!

    Luis : Yeah! We're better people 'cause we butter our own bagels.

  • Luis : Now let's not forget who's fault this really is. Damn you Oliver Browne! And the Range Rover you drove up in. Why don't you take some more beautiful pictures, ruin some more lives!

  • Luis : Are you saying that it's my fault that I'm sick?

    Maddy : Well, it certainly isn't mine.

  • Luis : Sweet mother!

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