Suddenly Susan (TV Series 1996–2000) Poster


David Strickland: Todd Stities


  • Todd : I came in here wearing a brand new pair of size ten sneakers. I'm not leaving in some green European freak boots.

  • Girl in audience : So, do you need a college degree to work in a magazine?

    Vicki : No, not if you're sleeping with the boss.

    Susan : Excuse me!

    Luis : No, don't excuse it Vicki.

    Jack : Oh, shut up Luis.

    Luis : No, you shut up.

    Jack : You shut up.

    Vicki : [to Jack]  You shut up.

    Todd : [to Vicki]  You shut up!

    Vicki : [to Todd]  I'm on your side!

    Boy in audience : yeah, I'm confused... which one of you is sleeping with the boss?

  • Todd : I don't want to sit at this desk for the rest of my life trashing bands! I want some other bitter wannabe trashing me!

  • Todd : [Found out Maddy and Luis are sleeping together]  Maddy? Was the antichrist unavailable?

  • Todd : Apparently me getting stung by a bee and almost dying isn't newsworthy.

    Maddy : No, but the fact that you're able to read at all certainly is.

  • Todd : Ok, if you are going to stay here, let's get some ground rules straight. No parties, no drugs, no surprise guests. I don't want the narcs kicking in the door like they did at my 6th birthday party!

  • Todd : When are you going to grow up? I don't want the twins keeping their money in a piggy bong the way that I did!

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