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Season 1

19 Sep. 1996
First Episode
Susan re-examines her life right before she walks down the aisle. She realizes her groom isn't what she thought he was.
31 Oct. 1996
Lie! Lie! My Darling
Jack wants to show his gratitude for the work everyone put to the latest issue and offers to take everyone to see his favorite movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Turns out it is also Todd's favorite movie. Susan is supposed to have dinner with her parents, but lies to them that something came up and goes to the movies with the others. However, she is consumed by guilt and because of a childhood incident she is convinced that Fate (or whatever) will punish her for the lie.
21 Nov. 1996
Cold Turkey
Susan decides to host a Thanksgiving party to her workmates. Luis is videotaping the event for his relatives. Then Susan notices that the oven is broke. Against all odds, she manages to get a repairman on Thanksgiving, but this specific repairman, Artie, has a sharp tongue and a faint heart.
12 Dec. 1996
Was It Something I Said?
Jack persuades Susan to be his slimy brother-in-law's "plus one" at a fund-raiser party. At the party Jack gets wasted and Susan takes him to her place to sober up. Before falling to sleep, the drunken Jack muses on what might have been, which in turn makes Susan wonder what might be.
19 Dec. 1996
The Walk-Out
The gang in the office does not receive a proper Christmas bonus and decide to protest by - you guessed it - walking out. However, there is a twist - isn't there always? - they don't know.
9 Jan. 1997
The Me Nobody Nose
Susan claims that looks are just as important as character in society i.e. beautiful people don't get preferential treatment. Vicki and others disagree, so Susan decides to prove her point by getting an enormous prosthetic nose and write an article about one week of life as a woman with huge nose. Sadly, she chose to start her empirical test on the day when she is introduced to the magazine's handsome accountant, Elliot. Meanwhile, Jack is helping Luis to prep for his citizenship test.
27 Feb. 1997
The Ways and Means
Jack assigns Susan and Vicki to write a parody of relationship guides, called "The Ways and Means". A problem arises when readers take the parody for real and the girls, pretending to be doctors, get invited to a morning talk show. Women have found Susan and Vicki's nonsense advices actually work. When Susan and Vicki don't expose themselves, they get invited to The Rosie O'Donnell Show. Meanwhile, Todd claims that Luis's accent makes him irresistible to women and sets out to prove it by trying it on random women. And it actually works! Luis, of course, decides to try...
6 Mar. 1997
What a Card
Jack's grandfather has just passed away, but Jack is upbeat. Susan is going to the wake with Jack, but then realizes she accidentally sent Jack's grandmother a card that says "Do Me Big Time". Vicki gets a "dirt cheap" trip to Acapulco and asks Luis to teach her some basic phrases in Spanish. When Vicki shows no respect for the beauty of the language, Luis decides to teach her a lesson by mistranslating the phrases Vicki wants to learn. Todd has saved a woman from choking to death and gets a visit from federal government agents, who tell him that she was the ...
13 Mar. 1997
Love and Divorce American Style: Part 1
For the first time in her life, Susan has sex on a first date. She quickly starts dating Adam, and the relationship starts to turn serious. Then it turns out he has kids - which terrifies Susan. Luis has taken some pictures of Vicki at the wharf, but Todd notices that he has also captured two celebrities on the picture. Vicki suggests that since Todd bought the film, they sell the pictures for tabloids and split the $30,000 reward. But Luis states that it is against his professional ethic. Vicki then starts plotting how to get her hands on the photos. Jack tries ...
20 Mar. 1997
Love and Divorce American Style: Part 2
Susan has spent another passionate week with Adam. Vicki, on the other hand, has lost in "strip Jeopardy", and has decided to increase her wisdom by attempting to read War and Peace. Jack has got himself an apartment and he invites Todd and Luis to visit in order to bond with them outside work. Together, they proceed to turn the apartment into a 'man's' place. Two night's later, the project is almost realized and they hold a party with lots of single women. Elsewhere, Susan and Adam should be going to an event, but Adam's babysitter has canceled at the last minute. ...
27 Mar. 1997
Love and Divorce American Style: Part 3
After witnessing Susan and Adam's kiss, Jack has disappeared into the woods - literally. Susan has trouble deciding whether to agree to move in with Adam or not. When Jack finally returns, he's been in a snowboarding accident and met the new love of his life, a German amazon Kate, who bears a strange resemblance to someone Jack knows. And for some reason, Susan takes dislike to her and advices Jack to slow down. They argue and Susan slams the door on her way out. Later, when they've calmed down, Jack advices Susan to move in with Adam, but when Susan goes to surprise ...
10 Apr. 1997
With Friends Like These
Susan's old friend Paula contacts her and wants to get reacquainted. She has divorced from Susan's ex-fiancée Kip's best friend Scott, having been inspired by Susan leaving Kip at the altar. Susan decides to support her. Vicki thinks Paula does need any support. Todd claims that one cannot abandon one's friends. Vicki guesses correctly that Todd is talking about his "dweeb" friend Jerry, who is 26 and lives at home. Susan points out that one cannot compare Paula to Jerry and that it is not like Susan is to become the center of Paula's universe. Dwight points out that ...
17 Apr. 1997
Where the Wild Things Aren't
Jack thinks the gang *needs* a special kind of vacation, so he takes them to a surprise 48 hr vacation in a cabin and the surrounding wilderness. Jack insists that this is exactly what everyone needs, but nobody is particularly excited. The fact that he's hidden everyone's breakfast into the wilderness starts a mutiny, but Jack escapes into the woods with the car keys. Susan, Vicki, Luis and Todd fan out to find him. Everyone encounters something unexpected.
24 Apr. 1997
A Boy Like That
Susan has decided that it is time to stop feeling sorry for herself because Adam left her. So she's bought a sexy new outfit. Vicki finds news that Susan's ex-fiancée Kip is now engaged to a new woman, which causes her insomnia. Weekend is about to start and Luis wants everyone to see his little brother Carlos whom he hasn't seen in over 10 years. Susan proposes that they take Carlos see the town. Jack can't make it so Susan and Vicki go out with Luis and Carlos. To Luis's surprise, Carlos has lost *a lot* of weight and become a really handsome man. Vicki immediately ...
1 May 1997
Family Affairs
Susan sees her father with another woman and assumes the worst. Later at her parents' wedding anniversary party, Susan finds it hard to keep the secret from her mother till her mother reveals a secret of her own. Which rocks her parents' marriage.

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