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Profit and Prejudice
Power struggles intensify at Gardner/Ross; Jack's mining company is rumored to have diamonds.
A global panic leads to ethical struggles within the bank.
Hope Chasers
A deal targets the St. Lawrence Seaway; Benny has a crisis of faith; Jack learns Ann's terrible secret.
The Afterlife
Jansky rushes to Ann's bedside when he learns Jack has abandoned her; Marty and D'Arby clash over managing the Gardner/Ross mutual fund.
Independence Days
Spirits seem to have taken over the Gardner/Ross computer system; business comes Sally's way because of her relationship with a billionaire.
Two Steps Forward
Ann returns from rehab; Sally's old flame wants a job; a slowdown means bonus cuts; Adam gets revenge.
Mar. 1998
Retreat, But No Surrender
When the staff acts inappropriately in front of the minister of industry, Sally hires a corporate growth specialist to lead a weekend retreat.
Joint Adventures
Adam tries to poach Sally's deal; Randy shows an aptitude for trading; Jack and D'Arby meet a bigoted team-owner.
End Games
Sally's former boyfriend manipulates the aluminum market in an effort to reunite with her; Adam is slapped with a sexual harassment suit.
Apr. 1998
A Friend in Need
A mining scandal implicates the partners; a stranger sheds light on Chris' past; Sally uses an inheritance.
The Whites of their Eyes
Marty opts for principle over profits; Adam seeks capital for a highway deal; D'Arby's parents snub Ziggy; Ann finds an edge.
Ann joins disaster relief in Colombia; Adam proposes relocating the United Nations to Montreal; Ian throws a birthday party.
In Toto
Brunet's mercenaries are accused of massacre; D'Arby and Ziggy seek Jansky's birth mother; Marty proposes a trade to honor Ann.
In Vacuo
The firm gets government scrutiny; Jack learns about Brunet; Benny and Cathy get married.
15 Oct. 1998
Reap the Whirlwind
Jack is wanted for murder; a power struggle develops for control of a bank.
22 Oct. 1998
No Fixed Address
Jack plans to flee the country; Sally teaches money-management; Jansky has an affair with a prostitute; Chris demands a transfer.
29 Oct. 1998
Killer Instinct
Sally bails Jack out of jail; a mutual fund is aimed at the black/youth markets; Niko ignores Marty's directives.
5 Nov. 1998
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Jack starts a new life; Sally tries to force Jack to return to Canada; Adam makes a savvy deal.
12 Nov. 1998
The Old Man and the CEO
Adam becomes a partner in a redevelopment project; Ian's mutual fund provokes racial issues; Jack is distraught over a failed relationship.
19 Nov. 1998
The Falcon and the Showman
Sally is guilt-ridden over Jack's death; Adam suspects his new partner has Alzheimer's disease; Ian plans to launch a new mutual fund.
26 Nov. 1998
Six Degrees of Duplicity
Sally schemes to buy back the bank; Adam recruits Ian to salvage the Montreal deal; Chris would sell family land for waste disposal.
3 Dec. 1998
Blood on the Floor
Sally uses questionable tactics to secure a deal; Adam manipulates Ian; Chris and Niko encounter sexual tension.
17 Dec. 1998
Little Monsters
Adam forms an alliance with a biker gang; Marty hires his son; Sally and Paul try to save a shipping company; Ziggy has difficulty coping with stress.
24 Dec. 1998
Spin Cycles
The firm is heavily invested in a baby food company that may be liable for an infant's death.
31 Dec. 1998
Sour Grapes of Wrath
A poor harvest, politics and demands by investors threaten a winery.

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