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  • When former cop and current security expert Jim Holland has a one night stand with Amanda after getting in her way roller-blading. That introduction turns out to be a well thought out plan by Amanda and her sister Molly, to obtain security codes to office of a client. The girls and their cohorts rob his client and stash the loot. All the while, detective Jim has been following them and he grabs the money for himself. Then his conscience gets the best of him and he falls in love with Molly. His client turns out to be drug dealers and he's forced to risk his life to protect Molly and Amanda.


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  • Former cop Jim Holland (Joe Mantegna) is trying to keep his small security company afloat and away from foreclosure by the bank. When Jim leaves his favorite bar he bumps into Amanda (Kelly Lynch), a good-looking woman on blades. When she falls down he offers to help her ice her bruised ankle and they hit it off and spend the night together in Jims overly neat and secure home. The next morning when Jim awakes he discovers that his files on one of his premier clients have been raided and photocopied by Amanda. Jim manages to get her fingerprints from a wine bottle and takes it his police acquaintance at the department J.T. Walsh, a caustic abusive cop who maintains an aggressive relationship with Jim. Jim tracks Amada down to a house in a seedy part of town she shares with her sister, wheelchair-bound Molly (Naomi Watts) and Jon Favreau. He maintains surveillance on the group and sees that they are planning to rob one of Jims clients whose warehouse is nearby. When the crew robs the warehouse they kill two men and stash the money in a storage container. Jim takes the money and pays off the bank loan and buys a boat, but when he discovers that the warehouse was a Federal sting operation being fronted by illegal drug gangsters, he realizes that the women are a target and he decides to help them. Along the way he falls in love with Molly but also finds out that a group of drug dealers are pursuing them with J.T. Walsh to get the money.

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