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Amanda Seyfried Joins Kevin Bacon Thriller ‘You Should Have Left’

  • Variety
Amanda Seyfried Joins Kevin Bacon Thriller ‘You Should Have Left’
Amanda Seyfried has signed on to portray the spouse of Kevin Bacon’s character in “You Should Have Left,” a supernatural thriller from Jason Blum.

David Koepp will direct from his own script for Blumhouse Productions. The company is planning to start shooting later this year.

The project is based on Daniel Kehlmann’s 2017 novel, which centers on a screenwriter in a remote house in the Alps working on a sequel to his hit film along with his younger wife and a six-year-old. The writer begins to lose his bearings thanks to unexplained occurrences.

Bacon brought the project to Koepp and the duo optioned it to Blumhouse earlier this year. Bacon and Koepp previously collaborated on the 1999 supernatural thriller “Stir of Echoes.” Koepp has writing credits on “Jurassic Park” and “Spider-Man” and directing credits on “The Trigger Effect” and “Secret Window.”

Seyfried will be seen next be seen in Universal’s “Mamma Mia!
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Horror / Fantasy Round-Up: Twin Peaks, Game of Thrones & The Babadook

  • DailyDead
We’re back with another round-up of news, this time focusing on the return of David Lynch’s seminal series, Twin Peaks, the upcoming Game of Thrones IMAX screenings, and when you can expect to see The Babadook haunt home media.

With Twin Peaks returning to television in nine all-new episodes in 2016 (25 years after it last aired), fans have been wondering which actors will come back. Series co-writer/director David Lynch and Showtime answered one big question by revealing that Kyle MacLachlan will once again step into the shoes of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. Lynch even tweeted a new photo of MacLachlan as Agent Cooper holding a “damn fine” cup of coffee. Here’s the official press release (via Collider) and photo (via David Lynch):

Press Release – “Golden Globe winner and Emmy® Award nominee Kyle MacLachlan will reprise his role as FBI Agent Dale Cooper when the critically-acclaimed,
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Spotlight On…David Koepp – Co-Writer Of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Each month, we turn our spotlight onto the unsung artists behind the biggest new movie releases. This month: David Koepp, co-writer of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

A graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television, David Koepp has a name that is familiar to moviegoers around the world, although they may not realize why. It’s one of those names that crops up regularly, on all kinds of film posters and credit rolls, in all sorts of capacities. He has worked as a Producer, Actor, Second Unit Director, Assistant Director, Director, Writer and even Songwriter, on an epic roster of films that would make even Spielberg’s toes curl – though he had a hand in some of them.

While his resume shows him to be a man of many talents, it is screenwriting that has made his name internationally recognizable. David Koepp is one of the most prolific screenwriters in Hollywood,
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Heigh Ho! 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Sequel Already in the Works

It doesn't look like Universal has any doubts that "Snow White and the Huntsman" is going to be one of the biggest hits of the summer.

Despite the fact that the film won't be hitting theaters for another month, the studio is wasting no time in planning a sequel to the dark fairy tale — and it's looking to recruit one of the most prolific (and expensive) screenwriters in Hollywood to tell the tale, according to Deadline.

David Koepp has built a reputation as a go-to blockbuster writer, having penned films for Steven Spielberg ("Jurassic Park," "The Lost World," "War of the Worlds," "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"), Sam Raimi ("Spider-Man"), David Fincher ("Panic Room"), Brian De Palma ("Carlito's Way," "Mission: Impossible," "Snake Eyes"), Ron Howard ("Angels & Demons") and Barry Sonnenfeld (this summer's "Men in Black III").

Koepp's work as a director tends to be a little
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Fixed Gear, No Brakes: Here's The Trailer For Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Bike Thriller 'Premium Rush'

It takes a special breed to be a bike courier. Part gear head, part adrenaline junkie and ready to throw themselves into daily mess of gridlock, getting a package from A to B on two wheels isn't a task for just anybody. While we've seen more than enough thrillers on four wheels, "Premium Rush" has to be one of the first in which a bicycle is the preferred method of transport. And in the first trailer for the Joseph Gordon-Levitt vehicle, it looks like it's aiming strictly for B-movie thrills. Directed by writer/director David Koepp ("The Trigger Effect," "Secret Window")…
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David Koepp Directing Bike Messenger Movie Premium Rush

David Koepp, who's probably better known as a screenwriter than a director, has set up his next directing project at Sony. Koepp will helm Premium Rush, a bike messenger action movie, being produced by Gavin Polone (who last worked on Zombieland). The story centers on a New York bike messenger who picks up an envelope at Columbia University to deliver. A dirty cop is desperate to get his hands on the envelope as well, and chases the bike messenger throughout the city. The screenplay was written by Koepp and his frequent collaborator John Kamps. I've got to admit, this sounds like it'll be awesome, I'm already excited to see it. Koepp last directed Ghost Town as well as Secret Window, Stir of Echoes, and The Trigger Effect before that. His most recent screenplays include Angels & Demons, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Zathura, and War of the
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David Koepp feeling a Rush

Big time screenwriter and occasional director David Koepp has signed up for another directing project. Koepp previously worked on the screenplays for the very high-profile films Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, Angels & Demons, Jurassic Park, and Mission: Impossible. Yet, the films he chooses to direct always seem to go relatively unnoticed, despite being quality films. Koepp directed the very entertaining ghost story/murder mystery Stir Of Echoes, as well as The Trigger Effect, and also the funny and surprisingly endearing Ghost Town starring Ricky Gervais.

Read more on David Koepp feeling a Rush…
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David Koepp Wants A Premium Rush

David Koepp Wants A Premium Rush
Here’s an interesting thing: David Koepp, one of the most powerful screenwriters in Hollywood, is at last going to direct the kind of movie that he bangs out on a regular basis for his regular boss, Steven Spielberg.Which is to say that Koepp has signed to direct Premium Rush, sadly not a biopic about the greatest striker in Liverpool’s history but instead a high-concept, big-budget thriller about a bike messenger who picks up a parcel so important that he’s chased through a city by a corrupt cop, who’s desperate to get his mitts on it.So far, Koepp’s four directorial outings have all been relatively low-key affairs that have been based, to some degree or other, on a supernatural/fantastical premise, from Ghost Town to Stir Of Echoes to Secret Window to The Trigger Effect.Premium Rush, from the deliberately ridiculous title to the plot,
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Carriers gets a date

  • JoBlo
It looks like Paramount plans to take advantage of the impending fame of their Star Trek star Chris Pine, finally unleashing the delayed horror flick Carriers from their vault on September 4, 2009. The movie, which seems like an interesting blend of 28 Days Later and The Trigger Effect, also stars Piper Perabo and Lou Taylor Pucci. Check the trailer below. The synopsis: A deadly virus has spread across the globe. Contagion is everywhere, no one is safe, and no one can be trusted. Four young...
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Advocacy Group Calls for 'Blindness' Boycott

The last time we had a movie protest, I thought that those boycotting Tropic Thunder had a workable point. Yes, there is humor in that movie that emanates from a mentally retarded character.

The function of the Simple Jack character was not to laugh at him for his deficiencies but rather to laugh knowingly at Hollywood and movie stars for their often sad and regrettable interpretations of the mentally disabled in film. Granted, Simple Jack was a lot funnier in the movie within the movie than it was as a gratuitous third act add-on, but I could understand why it would be offensive to groups that are charged with protecting the interests of the mentally disabled.

I didn't think it was a reason to not see the movie, but if someone else chose not to, that would have been fine.

However, the latest movie protest is just laughable. Indefensible. Marc
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Movie Review - 'Ghost Town'

Ghost Town

Starring Ricky Gervais, Greg Kinnear, and Tea Leoni

Directed by David Koepp

Rated PG-13

Your opinion of Ghost Town will depend almost completely on your opinion of Ricky Gervais. If you like his abrasive, uncomfortable comedic style - as witnessed in the original version of The Office on the BBC or in Extras - then you'll probably enjoy this movie very much. It has laughs that don't involve Gervais, though not many, but there's enough going on here that you can enjoy it even more if you like the leading man.

However, Gervais is polarizing. Some people just can't stand his style. Those people probably wouldn't look Ghost Town, although why they'd see it in the first place if they don't like Gervais is a mystery.

The story is silly, but it works: Bertram Pincus, DDS (Gervais) is a terrible human being. He hates people and refuses to
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