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Season 3

3 Jan. 1999
Looking for Michael
Operations and Madeline plot to kill Nikita. Nikita locates the elusive Michael and experiences an emotional jolt when she meets his wife and son.
10 Jan. 1999
Someone Else's Shadow
Nikita moves in with Michael and his family in order to help Section One locate and kill Elena's father--Salla Vacek. Section One captures and tortures one of Vacek's Cambridge classmates to elicit information about the terrorist's activities.
17 Jan. 1999
Opening Night Jitters
Section One orders Michael to poison Elena in order to trap her father, international terrorist Salla Vacek. From her hospital bed, Elena witnesses the actual death of her father and the staged death of her husband, Michael.
24 Jan. 1999
Gates of Hell
Unable to see his son ever again, Michael contemplates suicide. On a mission with Michael, Nikita is kidnapped. With total disregard for his personal safety, Michael kills many enemy agents and successfully rescues Nikita.
7 Mar. 1999
Imitation of Death
Section One destroys a genetics laboratory designed to create perfect little terrorists. Nikita suspects that Section One has a similar laboratory of its own, but she fails to prove so to Michael.
21 Mar. 1999
Love and Country
Madeline poses as a psychotherapist to convince a South American political candidate's devoted wife--who is also a Section operative once married to Operations--to kill the politico.
28 Mar. 1999
Cat and Mouse
Without Section One's knowledge, Nikita is ambushed during a mission and replaced by a Red Cell look-alike. Nikita is forced to assist her double in order to protect Michael. Series star PETA WILSON plays a dual role.
4 Apr. 1999
Outside the Box
Section One kidnaps Benjamin Kruger, a man with a photographic memory, to help on a mission. To force Kruger to cooperate, Madeline shows him a manufactured videotape of him killing a man.
11 Apr. 1999
Slipping Into Darkness
Michael empties a vial containing a psychotropic agent into Operations' coffee mug. As his judgement disintegrates and paranoid delusions increase, Operations sends operatives on a mission to capture a man who's been dead for four years.
18 Apr. 1999
Under the Influence
Nikita pretends to be married to a vile, sadistic terrorist as Section One endeavors to locate anthrax rockets that her "husband" and his brother stole.
25 Apr. 1999
Walk on By
A new recruit--someone from Nikita's past--knows where Nikita can find her mother. Nikita enlists Michael's aid when she realizes that her mother (MARGOT KIDDER) has hired a private investigator because she doesn't believe Nikita is dead.
6 Jun. 1999
Threshold of Pain
On a mission to terminate a terrorist organization called Black March, Nikita and two fellow operatives, are captured. Mark reveals the location of a Section substation to save Angela, his lover, from torture, but later blames Nikita for the disclosure.
13 Jun. 1999
Beyond the Pale
When another operative, Zalman, gets promoted to head strategist instead of Michael, Michael and Nikita flee Section One. Section operatives capture Michael, who refuses to reveal Nikita's location until Zalman shows him a videotape of his son, Adam.
20 Jun. 1999
Hand to Hand
To capture an industrialist who finances terrorist bombings around the world, Nikita thinks that she is infiltrating a white slavery ring, but she finds her mission at an adult entertainment complex far more deadly.
27 Jun. 1999
Before I Sleep
When a captured terrorist kills herself, Section One recruits Sarah Gerard, an innocent look-alike with a terminal disease, to learn the location of a terrorist group's headquarters. Madeline lies about having an antidote to Sarah's illness.
18 Jul. 1999
I Remember Paris
When the terrorist group Glass Curtain discovers Section One's location, Operations evacuates everyone and incinerates the underground facility. Section One operatives kill everyone at Glass Curtain headquarters.
25 Jul. 1999
All Good Things
When Operations temporarily leaves Section One, Michael assumes full command. But will Michael's newfound power forever change Nikita's feelings towards him?
1 Aug. 1999
Third Party Ripoff
Believing that Michael and Nikita's relationship compromises Michael's decision-making ability and jeopardizes Section One's missions, Operations and Madeline set in motion another plan to separate the two operatives. A rift develops between Walter and Birkoff when they date the same woman, a beautiful mission profiler.
8 Aug. 1999
Any Means Necessary
Greg Hillinger, a subordinate, sabotages Birkoff's computer terminal to make Birkoff appear incompetent to Operations.
15 Aug. 1999
Three Eyed Turtle
When a mission fails, Hillinger conceals his negligence. Birkoff does not reveal to Madeline that Hillinger is responsible for the mission's failure, but later he confesses the truth to Operations.
22 Aug. 1999
Playing with Fire
Operations sends Michael's team to steal detonation chips from the base camp of the kamikaze terrorist group Crimson Storm. After the successful mission, Michael and Nikita steal away for a romantic interlude, but Birkoff feels obligated to report them to Madeline and Operations.
29 Aug. 1999
On Borrowed Time
Nikita and Michael infiltrate Genefex, a pharmaceutical lab making biological weapons for Red Cell. At Genefex, Nikita unexpectedly encounters Madeline, who uses a combination of chemical and electronic means to neutralize Nikita's feelings...

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