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Dumb, dumb, dumb
dob-24 July 1999
This movie was a waste of time. The plot makes no sense most of the time. The characters are idiots - their crewmate gets savagely murdered; they say "Let's split up!" Another one gets murdered; they hear someone dying over the intercom, and they say "Lets explore the planet some more and try to help." How about this one: One of the crew is behaving in a psychotic mutinous way, frees a psychotic murderous prisoner and gets her friend killed in the process. You're the captain - what do you do?

a) shoot the crewmember b) put the crewmember in the brig c) leave the crewmember to rot on the prison planet d) yell at the crewmember and tell her she'll have to shape up

You guessed it, our intrepid captain picked (d). And I'm supposed to care about these people? You expect horror movie people to do dumb things and get killed, but at least they should have a reason to do the dumb things and an acknowledgement that the things are dangerous.

Don't see this movie. The box looks like it would be sort of interesting, but it wasn't. I literally almost fell asleep on the couch in the middle - I have the lines on my cheek to prove it.
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Sci-fi or bad-fi?
yojimbo9992 October 2000
Not the worst movie ever made, but definitely not even close to being a "good" movie by itself. Plot-wise, as most people have commented, this movie is a cross between Aliens and Predator. Ship full of babes gets stuck on a prison planet where everyone is dead except 2 -- and one of them is the convict of the title, supposedly a really really bad hombre that you don't want to cross.

Acting is subpar and character motivations are less than believable. Characters act without any proper reason; the "idiot quotient" rears its ugly heads in these types of movies (i.e. people do some really, really stupid things that gets them killed). Like one reviewer said, a ship full of nice looking women becomes a complete waste of time since these women are so unbelievably thick-headed.

A great premise goes terribly, terribly wrong. Then again, I could be wrong.
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Ever notice that a movie made by the sci-fi channel is never labeled as such?
lord_grendel_harliquin20 January 2000
Movies like this are made by the sci-fi channel,advertised,shown and then released and they don't accept responsibility for this abomination.Why is the tagline to this movie is"The more he kills,the stronger he gets!" Untrue! And why must all prisons in the future be in space? Are there no other reasons for colonizing other worlds?
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The celluloid convicts that produced this shlock should be banished to another planet.
bigdaddy-1212 March 2000
An all babe spaceship blasts off with a serviceable sci-fi script. It sounds like fun, right? Wrong!! The girls crash land on a planet devoid of sunlight in a spacecraft devoid of light bulbs. The gloomy set only compliments the dismal cinematography. (If using ultra low light is a gimmick for obscuring a low budget, it doesn't work). The girls are photographed mainly from the chin up. You probably won't feel cheated or teased by this, however, since their wardrobes are as enticing as potato sacks. The sparse action provided is also undermined by the lack of light and cramped cinematography. I sometimes wonder how those stupid enough to produce these unappealing gems are smart enough to get the money in the first place. The producers wasted their time and money. Don't waste yours.
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don't pay attention to the star wars nerds canning this movie
asinyne19 July 2008
I noticed right off that everyone really stomped on this movie. Sorry, everyone was WRONG, I repeat, they are WRONG. I suspect that most of these reviewers didn't even watch the entire movie. Even I will admit that its very slow out of the gate. A much better job could have been done in regards to making the early scenes a tad more interesting. The thing is, if you stick with this film it starts growing on you until it becomes a much better than average sci-fi experience.

This film is very well written, I found it unique and I was guessing as to who was the real villain right up to the very end. This movie is really a mystery set in space, just a good ole whodunnit and it works. Im sure the people on here who panned the films were seeking more big explosions, more Luke Skywalker hacking away with his light saber, more guys in cool looking costumes, more pseudo tech mumbo jumbo, more aliens with pointy ears or perhaps a few mutants with steel claws. Sorry, this film is aimed at a more sophisticated audience looking for something to draw them in with some skillful audience manipulation as opposed to the big bang good guys vrs bad guys slugfest that is the norm.

I also liked the direction for this one, except for the already stated plodding beginning. I didn't especially buy into the dark lighting but I suspect a "space noir" concept was the goal here. Maybe people in the future just have light sensitive eyes..ha. I was surprised that the film looked as nice as it did. Nothing overwhelming but adequately slick looking.

Somebody commented that the female characters were stupid and did dumb stuff. Hey, thats what REAL people do when they're faced with the unknown, impending doom, and extreme stress. Personally I felt the characters had much more depth than the typical sci-fi film.

To summarize, pay no attention to the previous viewers...I'm sure they wont be happy until Star Wars the retirement home episode comes out. I bought this movie for one dollar on VHS and to be honest was very surprised that I found myself really glued to my TV for the entire last half of the show. Check it out for something different. I thought that Billy Drago, the actress playing the gay chick, and the blond guy all did a great job with their roles. I was held in suspense until the end and that's rare for a film freak like me. Well written mystery here, look somewhere else for your big explosions and freaky looking aliens.
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Hmmm. Bad on all counts. Even spoils the potential of having a redeeming quality!
holdroyd29 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I got this movie especially 'cos my wife and kids were away. I ate, got a beer, turned all the lights off and prepared to scare the pants off myself! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! There was one point where I thought, "Ah, this film might have a chance to redeem itself!" only to be let down again by bad acting, bad garbled dialogue, and just plain bad direction/editing.

*****------ Spoiler Section ------*****

It seems plain to me (after wasting 90 minutes of my life watching this thing) that whoever Convict 762 was is completely irrelevant. The almost point of redemption came when Mannix starts rabbiting on about "...its a disease, it's in the blood, he's dead but he came back as me, you, etc..." which leaves you with the thought that perhaps Convict 762 is not actually a person. Perhaps it's a disease, or virus/weapon that was tested on the convicts and got out of control...or perhaps (spooky) it's some kind of alien parasite etc.

Unfortunately this point of redemption was completely crushed but all the other bad points of this film which failed to bring this to the fore and perhaps offer it as some kind of salvation. I must add that this is entirely speculative on my part and to get any more clarity on the matter would require me to watch it again! Now that thought really does scare me...
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El Ambre17 March 1999
Convict 762 is a lesson in how not to make a sci-fi film. Completely and utterly unwatchable. How on earth did a film like this get made? The performances were overwrought and the special effects were so terrible I expected to see the fishing line holding up the spaceships. Please Hollywood don't make anymore pieces of drivel like this I beg you.
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Atrocious in every way...
Nobrayn22 February 1999
I'm not going to waste much time commenting on this movie because I already wasted enough time WATCHING it (and wasted money by renting it....)

A spaceship, "manned" completely by women, kinda crashes into a meteor and has to jettison 80% of its fuel in order not to crash. This marks the first poorly-done scene. They now need to find a place to refuel, and the only place close enough is a prison planet, and of course there's all sorts of nasty rumours about it.

As they come close to the 'colony', they see 2 guys in terrible suits fighting. I can't even explain the crappy cinematography that happens here.... They like, knock one guy over with the ship, then rescue the other guy. ONE of them is a nasty evil killer, but you don't know who. Sometimes this kinda plot works, but in this case, it's just boring. There are a couple good ideas, but nothing gets pulled off correctly in this mess of a movie...

Also, it's rated R, there's a ship with 6 nice looking women on it, and can you guess what DOESN'T happen?? No nudity! What a gip. (aren't I a pig....)
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as usual
meshko7 July 2000
normal people do not see those third-rate sci-fi movies and the result is here -- look at the comments about this one. I am not going to advise anyone to go and rent it, but here is what I think: it is inspired by The Alien, it is cheap, and the plot is not used the way it should have been used. But the movie has a mood and sometimes more of it than The Alien did! Anyways, my point is: even if it's the worst movie in the history of hollywood, I enjoyed it.
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Just plain bad
Reynard-216 April 1999
Like most people who rent this movie, I got sucked in because the box proclaimed that there would be several women stuck on a space ship. So... images of Erin Gray from the second season of Buck Rodgers flashed through my mind. Boy was I disappointed. Not only was there no plot, but there wasn't even an alluring outfit! I thought these movies REQUIRED spandex.

Note to the direct-to-video companies - ONLY men rent these movies, and they ONLY do so in order to see women who are more attractive than the ones in their social circles.
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nogodnomasters18 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The movie starts out with a modern sound track and nice credit roll. The girls who operate the spaceship are all pretty (apparently a requirement for women to be in space). You get to see their personalities and some of the lines were good and at times an attempt at wit. A sudden asteroid belt jumps into the picture in what appears to be deep space. They actually have to fly through an asteroid in order to save the ship, but in doing so the ship gets damaged and two fuel cell banks must be jettison because of over heating and a danger of explosion. They hyper-drive out and end up near a remote penal colony, very low on fuel. As it turns out the colony is occupied by just two men, who are fighting at the moment. Everyone else in the colony has been killed by prisoner 762. The girls eventually meet both men (one at a time) and can't determine which one is the good guy and which one is the psycho killer. Who is the killer? Who will live and who will die? Warning: One lame love making scene. No girl-girl showers.
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An Almost Decent Sci Fi Attempt At Something Better
tabuno17 January 2019
28 November 2012. Oddly enough the low-budget special effects were about as consistent with the quality, performance, directing, and plot of the movie itself so that the set design and apparent animated effects didn't really detract or diminish the overall impact of this movie. This predictable sci fi mystery thriller attempts but never succeeds to realizing the occult, horror potential that the initial plot premise offers here. Interesting there is a rather consistent effort at logical connective plot outline here, but eventually becomes manipulated with a mild double twist by the end. Unfortunately the dark Billy Drago is stereotyped again in this movie and his potential (there are glimpses here) as a serious actor never is offered to him. Overall, there is an attempt at something more, but in a number of cases the director allows clichés and stock characterization to take over which really spoils the chances this movie had at becoming something really decent. Nevertheless the story holds together for the most part, but it still leaves something desired. Too bad.
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MovieMan-1674 August 1999
The short but sweet version-it was lame!!! From the cover I suspected it might be a little hokey, I couldn't even stand to watch more than the first 20 min! Save the time and money you would waste by NOT RENTING THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This movie can not suck enough
rick-40825 May 2003
Like the hyped "Deathlands" movie sc-fi made this movie a top turkey event. I think the Sc-fi studio's should stick to what they do best "making huge extravagant commercials and endless self promotional clips for the sc-fi channel."
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What's the point again?
Vomitron_G27 July 2009
Man, the 90's where just filled with redundant sci-fi quickies like this. CONVICT 762 has some sort of a horror-edge to it, tries to make a point somewhere along the line, but the over-all plot and conclusion misses it completely. Apparently, this film has the ability to erase itself from your memory after having seen it. I guess, for many, that will be a good thing. About the only thing I can remember, are the crappy special effects near the end (something to do with a platform and the spaceship trying to leave, I think). On the other hand, it also doesn't allow me to remember if there actually was any female nudity in this film or not, and that's less funny. I mean, here we have a spaceship with a crew consisting only out of a bunch of babes... This film has to have nudity, right? Well, I can't frickin' remember! And it hasn't even been that long since I've seen CONVICT 762.

Okay, whatever.

Not really worthy of your time, this film, even if it has Billy Drago in it. And Frank Zagarino should just stick to playing cyborgs that don't speak in rubbish sci-fi/action pictures. Nevertheless, I was expecting CONVICT 762 to be an even worse movie somehow, based on its (at the time) 2.9/10 rating on here. Somehow it's gone up to 3.5/10 by now. With that, I conclude that we live in strange times now, filled with strange people who like watching strange crappy sci-fi flicks from the 90's.
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Convict 762... Huh. Well, It's a movie.
Fatbackwards13 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
THIS HAS SPOILERS: Convict 762 is a budget Sci-fi horror movie set on a prison mining colony. Think of it as Alien and The Thing, without monsters (unless you count the killer(s?) ACTING like a monster); where it's a slasher flick, with an undetermined enemy. At first glance, it's got all the pieces of a decent one; A mysterious killer, an upbeat female cast, guns, action, explosions, a ship, dark hallways, moody backdrops, and twists. It's really a Sci-fi ride though the disturbing mind of a killer, shown through the eyes of the crew. And boy, what a ride it was...

... of "Wha?" "Huh?" "Uh...."

So, Convict 762 starts off with a ship in "hyperspace" being flown by an all female crew, with various personalities. They joke, laugh, argue, and even screw up at their jobs. Unfortunately, the screw-up costs the crew too much, as their ship is thrown out of 'warp' into an asteroid field. Tricky piloting, with budget CGI, is thrown in... and the ship escapes; but manages to burn 80% of its fuel in the process; prompting the crew to make an emergency refueling at a prison colony. They land, while disrupting Star Trek fighting between two people in armor and manage to save one, who identifies himself as 'Vigo', corrections officer. He tells them that there was a riot, and that everyone is dead minus a convict dubbed "762", and that he will kill them all if they don't leave. Since they don't have the fuel to leave, they descend into the colony for refueling.

The rest of the plot you can gather from the movie when/if you watch it, as this is only to establish the main conflict and motive.

Now, it really baffles me that this movie had such a plot... and we're not talking about the '762' angle, with the twist ending... it's how the actual thought process of the crew works out. Every single decision made by the captain/crew just left me befuddled. The captain was the worst; her actions really make me doubt how she got command of a ship anyways, with her crew choice... the way she handles them throughout the movie (Who leaves an expedition with 5 people?! 3 people to patrol the ship, three people to watch each others backs)... and so on.

But what really bring down the logic of this movie is two major things:

-The ship had internal scanners. -The ship could interface with the colonies logs.

These two things would have prevented the deaths of everyone on board, and they probably would have made it out without problems... minus the defense grid. You see, because they declared those two things as existing in their world... the movie kinda falls apart.

The ship had internal scanners. They could have detected one of the humans board the ship; and probably know where it is at all times... meaning the girl could have been saved/killed in another more exhilarating way... like the motion tracker deaths in the Alien movies. What we get is a frightened girl, who is left to keep an eye on the ship by herself, with a pistol and hand-held scanner; and whose promptly killed, in a death that could have been totally avoided. Now, it's a slasher movie, so obviously you need to have death scenes and crew being picked off one by one, but be intelligent about it! Have the captain stay on the ship in the command chair, and monitor the ship... so when the girl dies, it's not a complete surprise to everyone but the audience. Have a scene where he's being tracked in the hull of the ship, and brig him (have Billy Drago's character 'Mannix' introduced in a more meaningful, yet crazed way). Don't have the frightened girl put down her pistol, the only thing that could have technically protected her, when she hears footsteps.

But the scene that really got me on-edge was that they used the logs to find out 'Mannix' was actually a corrections officer. Woohoo! Finally, something done right... now if they could only search up Vigo, to verify who HE is. After all, they don't know what's going on... so maybe Vigo's identity plays an important role. But she doesn't. Not until much later, where he's revealed to be convict '762' on the screen while flashing CLASSIFIED.

Hey gals, I think Vigo was lying to you.

Also, he's "Convict 762"!

But not only is this reveal downplayed, it spoils the ending and isn't used in any meaningful way! Did we really need a scene where it's established after rampant sex that Vigo has 762 burned on his back? No. We already got that from the logs! Hell, the captain already knows... so why is she so surprised when she finds out? It doesn't really matter after this point, because in the 'quote-quote' "Double Twist" you find out that BOTH men were Convict '762' because 762 is a disease that takes over people, or something... they don't really explain it.

I actually was watching this with my brother, and he called the twist at the end of the movie being "Vigo's '762', yes... but Mannix is nuts. What would be great is if Mannix was abusing prisoners constantly, and '762' was actually the good guy; who saves the ship at the end. That would explain the riots that were started, because of prisoners being killed by an insane warden." But it's not. It's dumb. The double-twist is to add a layer to the movie it didn't have.

In the end, I felt disappointed. This movie could have been so much more. The action was alright, and the setting was fun... the concept, while not fresh, could have been great! I really wanted to engage in figuring out who Convict '762' was. But the horrid writing kept this movie from Saturday-Evening popcorn flick, to Direct to VHS.
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A Truly Painful Experience.
smackemback3 June 2013
This film is possibly one of the worst Sci-Fi films I have ever had the misfortune to watch. The film is chock full of bad acting if at all you can in any way call it acting,the film contains a very shallow, predictable and unrealistic plot,it has a terrible script, a very badly put together and unconvincing futuristic off world environment and pitiful scenery, put all this together and it amounted to a boring and tiresome experience and one and a half hours of my life that I will never be able to get please take it from me, give this film a miss and go and do something much more fun like rubbing your scrotum with a cheese grater or pouring some pepper in your eyes. This film really is that bad!
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