In & Out (1997) Poster


Kevin Kline: Howard Brackett



  • [while listening to the "How to be a man" tape] 

    Voice on tape : Now, repeat after me: "Yo!"

    Howard Brackett : Yo!

    Voice on tape : Hot damn!

    Howard Brackett : Hot damn!

    Voice on tape : What a fabulous window treatment!

    Howard Brackett : What a fabu...

    Voice on tape : That was a trick!

  • Emily : Does anybody here know how many times I had to watch Funny Lady?

    Howard : It was a sequel. She was under contract.

    Emily : Fuck Barbra Streisand, and you!

  • Emily : Are you really gay?

    Howard : Hmm Hmm

    Emily : Was there oh, ANY OTHER TIME YOU MIGHT'VE TOLD ME THIS? I'm wearing a wedding dress, WHICH YOU PICKED OUT!

  • Howard : [at confession, about "a friend"]  He's just never had a physical relationship with her.

    Father Tim : Never? In three years?

    Howard : He respects her.

    Father Tim : He's gay!

  • Peter Malloy : One day I just clicked. I said: "Mom, dad, Sparky, I'm gay."

    Howard Brackett : So what happened?

    Peter Malloy : My mom cried, for exactly 10 seconds, my boss said: "Who cares?", and my dad said: "But you're so tall...!".

  • Howard Brackett : Here, I'll give you your headline! Howard Brackett is a big homo-queer-merry-sissy man. He just came out at his big church wedding. Martha Stewart is fourious!

  • Peter : What was Barbra Streisand's eighth album?

    Howard : Color Me Barbra.

    Peter : Stud!

    Howard : Everybody knows that!

    Peter : Everybody where? The little gay bar on the prairie?

  • Howard Brackett : Tom, do I look like a homosexual?

    Tom Halliwell : Would you walk for me?

  • Howard Brackett : I just came out! At my wedding!

  • Howard : He may be under the influence of something. He may have joined a cult!

    Howard's dad : That little zombie.

  • Peter Malloy : Look, everyone wants to talk to Diane Sawyer or Joan London, and my network's killing me. They want me blond!

    Howard : With your coloring?

  • Howard : I'm a horrible person. You have every right to hate me. You should hate me. I want you to hate me! I insist that you hate me! I'm scum, I'm garbage, I'm vermin, an-an-and I'm sorry.

  • Peter : I'm gay, I came out.

    Howard Brackett : To whom?

    Peter : Who? To everyone. My folks, my boss... my dog.

  • Howard Brackett : This is my Peter - uh, my *friend* Peter. We just met at the, uh, intersexual... homosection... INTERSECTION!

  • [at confession] 

    Father Tim : Are you Catholic?

    Howard : I have a friend who is... and he's very busy.

  • Howard : [entering his classroom, flustered]  Class: so, uh, where were we? Romantic poetry. Shakespeare. Talented. English. Dead.

  • Howard Brackett : I may sue!

    Howard's dad : Get Johnny Cochrane, not that woman!

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