Metro (1997) Poster


Michael Rapaport: Kevin McCall



  • [training McCall as a hostage negotiator] 

    Kevin McCall : I'm Officer McCall, I'm unarmed, just want to make sure everybody gets out of her safely.

    Scott Roper : Okay, stop right there. Close your eyes.

    Kevin McCall : Okay.

    Scott Roper : Now tell me what you see.

    Kevin McCall : [keeping his eyes closed]  I see a scumbag behind the counter with a sawed-off, nine-millimeter tucked away in his waistband. There's a female hostage down in front of the cereal rack with a red polka-dot dress. Another hostage three feet to her right, with blue jeans and a checkered shirt. A male hostage down, green shirt, white pants, in front of the candy rack. There's a female scumbag behind me with a gun tucked away in her shirt, trying to pass herself off as a hostage. And there's a special on toilet paper, four for $1.29. That's a lot of toilet paper. Am I right?

    Scott Roper : That's pretty good, you got good eyes.

    Kevin McCall : You like that?

    Scott Roper : Very impressive.

  • Kevin McCall : I've got two words for you: seek help.

    Scott Roper : And I've got two words for you: exacta.

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