Princess Mononoke (1997) Poster

Minnie Driver: Lady Eboshi


  • Lady Eboshi : What exactly are you here for?

    Prince Ashitaka : To see with eyes unclouded by hate.

  • Lady Eboshi : Cut off a wolf's head and it still has the power to bite.

  • Lady Eboshi : [Ashitaka interrupts the fight]  What do you think you're doing, boy?

    Prince Ashitaka : Stay your hand. The girl's life is now mine.

    [San viciously bites Ashitaka's arm] 

    Lady Eboshi : I'm sure she'll make a lovely wife for you.

    Prince Ashitaka : There's a demon inside you. It's inside both of you.

    [the curse remanifests as a mass of worm-like tendrils, shocking everyone] 

    Prince Ashitaka : [to the crowd]  Look, everyone! *This* is what hatred looks like! This is what it does when it catches hold of you! It's eating me alive, and very soon it will kill me!

    [San tries to make the curse leave her alone] 

    Prince Ashitaka : Fear and anger only makeit grow faster!

    Lady Eboshi : I'm getting a little bored of this curse of yours, Ashitaka. Let me just cut the damn thing - *off!*

    [swings her needle at Ashitaka] 

  • Lady Eboshi : Now watch closely, everyone. I'm going to show you how to kill a god. A god of life and death. The trick is not to fear him.

  • Lady Eboshi : Stay here. Help me kill the Forest Spirit, Ashitaka.

    Prince Ashitaka : You would do that? Kill the very heart of the forest?

    Lady Eboshi : Without that ancient god, the animals here would be nothing but dumb beasts once again. Once the forest has been cleared and the wolves wiped out, this desolate place will become the richest land in the world... and Princess Mononoke will become human.

    Prince Ashitaka : "Princess Mononoke"?

    Lady Eboshi : Princess of the spirits of ghouls, beasts, and ancient gods. The wolf stole her soul, and now she lives to kill me.

  • Lady Eboshi : [as Ashitaka tries to keep his arm from drawing his sword]  Does that right hand of yours wish to kill me, Ashitaka?

    Prince Ashitaka : [struggling]  If it would lift the curse, I'd let it tear you apart. But even that wouldn't end the killing now, would it?

    Lady Eboshi : No, it wouldn't. It would have to kill all of us to be at peace.

  • Gonza : [seeing Moro's pups run away]  That was it? They weren't so big.

    Lady Eboshi : They're just pups. Wait 'til you see their mother.

  • Prince Ashitaka : [Sees riflemen readying guns]  It's a trap. No, wait! Princess of the wolf-gods, don't go down there! Go back to the forest! Listen to me, please, don't throw your life away!

    Gonza : [Turns to Lady Eboshi]  Shall I stop him?

    Lady Eboshi : [Stares at wolf-girl and Ashitaka on the roof]  Leave him be. Let him do as he likes.

    San, The Princess Mononoke : [Wolf howls in distance, readies knife and charges down roof towards Lady Eboshi] 

  • Lady Eboshi : [readying her rifle]  It's Moro!

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