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Neve Campbell: Sidney Prescott



  • Sydney : [Answering the phone]  Hello?

    Phone Voice : Hello Sydney remember me?

    Sydney : What do you want?

    Phone Voice : I want you, it's showtime!

    Sydney : Then why don't you show your face you fucking coward!

    [Hangs up phone] 

    Phone Voice : My pleasure!

    [Suddenly enters the room and lunges out at her] 

  • [answering phone] 

    Sydney : Hello? Hello?

    Phone Voice : Hello Sidney.

    Sydney : Yes?

    Phone Voice : What's your favorite scary movie?

    Sydney : Who is this?

    Phone Voice : You tell me.

    Sydney : [picks up caller ID]  Cory Gillis, 555-0176.

    Phone Voice : Shit!

    Sydney : Hot flash Cory...

    Phone Voice : Shit!

    Sydney : ...prank calls are a criminal offense prosecuted under penal code 653M.

    [caller hangs up] 

    Sydney : Hope you enjoyed the movie.

  • Sydney : Yea? Well, you're forgetting one thing about Billy Loomis.

    Mickey : What's that?

    Sydney : I fucking killed him!

  • Sydney : I want to know who it is.

    Hallie : No, no, Sid!

    Sydney : I'm going back!

    Hallie : Stupid people go back! Smart people run! We're smart people, so we should just get the fuck outta here!

  • [Sidney, Gale and Cotton look at the body of Mrs. Loomis, after being shot down by Cotton] 

    Gale : Is she dead?

    Sydney : I don't know. They always come back.

    [as if to confirm what Sidney just said, Mickey leaps to his feet screaming, despite his injuries. Gale and Sidney turn to him and spray him with bullets. Mickey is knocked backwards and collapses, dead] 

    Cotton : Woah!

    [Sidney approaches the body of Mrs. Loomis and shoots at her forehead. The body twitches a bit, then is still again. Gale and Cotton stare at Sidney, shocked] 

    Sydney : [shrugs]  Just in case.

    [Sidney drop the gun and walks away] 

  • Debbie : Two birds, one stone. Mickey was a good boy, but, MY GOD, that old "Blame The Movies" motive. Did you buy that for one second? Poor boy was completely out of his mind.

    Sydney : And you're not?

    Debbie : No. I'm very sane. My motive isn't as "90s" as Mickey's. Mine is just good old fashioned revenge. You could killed my son! And, now, I kill you and I can't think of anything more rational.

    Sydney : You're never gonna get away with this.

    Debbie : Oh, of course, I will. Everything's traceable back to Mickey, including the cop gun he used to kill everybody. But let's just say that you have gotten hold of the other cop's gun. And you chased Mickey and there was a big shoot out and a big scuffle, and you shot Mickey, killed Mickey dead. But not before he got off one shot at you. Okay. So, have I covered everything? Are there any questions? Any comments? You know what, though? Who gives a flying FUCK, ANYWAY? Let 'em try and track down the second possible killer. Debbie Salt doesn't exist.

    Sydney : You're as crazy as your son was.

    Debbie : What did you just say? Was that a negative, disparaging remark about my son? About my Billy?

    Sydney : No. Billy was a good boy. Billy was perfect. You did a bang up job, Mrs. Loomis.

    Debbie : Not wise to patronize a mother with a gun, Sidney. Randy spoke poorly of Billy and I got little knife happy. Ha! I was a good mother. You know what makes me sick? I am sick to death of people saying that it's all the parents' fault that all starts with the family. Wanna blame someone? Why don't you blame YOUR MOTHER? She was the one who stole my husband and broke up my family. And then you took my son! You don't know what it is to be a mother, to raise a child and teach him and guide him-...

    Sydney : - -AND ABANDON HIM? Isn't Mickey supposed to be dead?

  • Sydney : You're as crazy as your son was!

    Debbie : [shocked]  What did you just say?

    [Sidney trembles] 

    Debbie : Was that a negative, disparaging remark about my son? About my Billy?

    Sydney : No, Billy was a good boy. Billy was perfect, you did a bang-up job Mrs. Loomis.

    Debbie : It's not wise to patronize me with a gun Sidney! Randy spoke poorly of Billy and I got a little knife happy.

  • Sydney : 300 people watched. Nobody did anything. They thought it was a publicity for Christ sakes.

    Randy : [Speaking in a British accent humorously]  And it would have been a good one too.

    Sydney : It's starting again, Randy.

    Randy : It's not. A lot of shit happens at the movies. People get robbed, shot, maimed, murdered. Movie theaters are very dangerous places to be these days.

    Sydney : [persistent]  Yeah, and you are in extreme denial.

    Randy : You should be too. This has nothing to do with us.

    Sydney : [frantic]  Randy! A guy in a ghost mask hacked up two people in a movie theater filming our life story.

    Randy : Coincidence?

    Sydney : You know what happened at Woodsboro, Randy. You can't ignore it.

    Randy : [speaking normally now]  I know, Sid, and I don't want to go back there again. Can't we just go back to our pseudo-quasi happy existence?

    [Derek, Sydney's boyfriend catches up with them] 

    Randy : HELLO DEREK, how you doing?

    Derek : [kisses Sydney]  Hi Sid, I heard you weren't in class.

    Sydney : Yeah I know. I skipped it because I couldn't take the "Death to her" looks.

    Derek : Is there anything I could do?

    Sydney : Yeah, do you have any tricks for getting back to a pseudo-quasi happy existence?

    Derek : [thinking decisively]  You know? I might just have one for that.

    Randy : Oh yeah, what is that?

    [Derek turns to Sydney, brings her in for a couple romantic kisses while Randy looks away, jealous & embarrassed] 

    Sydney : [smiles]  That was pretty good.

    [Derek & Sydney walk away] 

    Randy : Get a room.

  • Debbie : [after shooting Mickey]  Two birds, one stone.

    [Sidney continues to sob and gasp] 

    Debbie : Oh! Mickey was a good boy, but my God! That whole "Blame-the-movies" motive? Did you buy that for one second? The poor boy was completely out of his mind.

    [Kicks Mickey's body] 

    Sydney : And you're not?

    Debbie : No. I'm very sane.

    [Reaches down to pick Mickey's gun up] 

    Debbie : My motive isn't as 90's as Mickey's. Mine is just good, old-fashioned revenge. You killed my son! And now I kill you, and I can't think of anything more rational!

    Sydney : You're never gonna get away with this.

    Debbie : Oh, of course I will!

    [Takes out a cloth to clean her fingerprints off of the gun] 

    Debbie : Everything's traceable back to Mickey. Including the cop gun he used to kill everybody. But let's just suppose that you had gotten hold of the other cop's gun. And you chased Mickey, and there was a big shoot-out, and a big scuffle. And you shot Mickey! Killed Mickey dead!

    [Throws the gun way over to the stage] 

    Debbie : But not before he got off one shot at you! Okay. So, have I covered everything? Are there any questions? Any comments? You know what, though?

    [Sidney tries to run, but Mrs. Loomis points the gun at her on the other side of the column] 

    Debbie : Who gives a flyin' fuck, anyway? Let 'em try and track down the second possible killer! Debbie Salt doesn't exist!

  • Mickey : You should really deal with your trust issues Sid: I mean, poor Derek. He's completely innocent and such a nice boy too. He's bright and funny and handsome. Decent singing voice. And he was going to be a doctor. This is just the kinda boy you'd like to take home to mom. If you had a mom.

    Sydney : Fuck you!

    Mickey : Oh, so vulgar! Did Billy let you talk to him this way?

    Sydney : Billy was a sick fuck just like you!

    Mickey : No. Billy was a sick fuck who tried to get away with it. Mickey is a sick fuck who wants to get caught, yea! Ya see I got my whole defense planned out. I'm gonna blame the movies. Pretty cool huh? It hasn't been done before. You see, this is just the beginning, a prelude to the trial. Cuz see that's where the real fun is 'cause these days it's all about the trial. Can you see it? The effects of cinema violence on society. I'll get Dershowitz or Cochran to represent me. Bob Dole on the witness stand in my defense. Hell the Christian Coalition'll pay my legal fees. It's air tight Sid. I'm an innocent victim.

    Sydney : You're a psychotic.

    Mickey : Yeah, well. Shh...


    Mickey : that'll be our little secret. Cause people love a good trial. It's like theater. They're dyin' for it. And I've worked hard to give the audience what they want. See that's what Billy was good at. He knew... It's all about... execution.

  • Sydney : [referring to who the killer is]  Mrs. Loomis?

    Gale : [shocked]  What?

    Mickey : BILLY'S MOTHER!

    [Gale turns around and sees Mickey] 

    Mickey : Nice twist huh? Didn't see it coming, did you?


    Gale : [still shocked]  Jesus. It can't be, I've seen pictures of you.

    Sydney : Yeah this is 60 pounds and a lot of work later.

    Debbie : [takes off her trench coat]  It's called a makeover. You should try it. Look a little tired yourself there, Gale!

  • Cotton : Don't you fuckin' move!

    [Debbie jumps, grabbing Sidney in the process, holding Sidney in front of her, while holding the knife to Sidney's throat] 

    Cotton : GODDAMN IT!

    [Cotton jumps onto the stage] 

    Sydney : [Scared and Sarcastically]  Hey, Cotton.

    Cotton : Okay, okay, everybody just calm down. I've had a very, very bad day and I would like to know exactly what the fuck is going on here! Sidney?

    Sydney : Cotton, meet Billy Loomis' Mother. She's the killer

    Cotton : What?

    [He backs into Mickey's foot] 

    Cotton : Then who's that?

    Sydney : The other killer: Mickey.

    [Cotton chuckles] 

    Sydney : Look, Cotton-...

    Cotton : Shut up.

    [Looks over at Mrs. Loomis] 

    Cotton : Hi. You're not Debbie Salt, are you? You're not with the Post Telegraph?

    [He backs into one of the fallen stage prop pillars] 

    Debbie : No, but I can still help you, Cotton.

    Cotton : Ah, ah, ah!

    Debbie : You don't need her! Let me kill her. As long as she's alive, you're never gonna be the lead story if that's what you want. If you really want this moment in the spotlight, just let me kill her! And then, you're the only survivor, you're the star!

    [Cotton looks unsure] 

    Debbie : She sent you to prison for a year! Personally, I think it's rather poetic!

    [Cotton considers it] 

    Sydney : No. No, Cotton, don't you listen to her!

    Cotton : Whoa.


    Cotton : Whoa. What a predicament you're in, Sid.

    Sydney : Cotton!

    Cotton : I mean she makes a good point. Let me think about this. Maybe you should, too. I'll bet you that Diane Sawyer interview's looking real good right bout now.

    [Sidney starts thinking it over] 

    Cotton : Hmm?

    Sydney : [after thinking it over a little longer]  Consider it done.

    Sydney : [Cotton fires the gun, sending both Sidney and Mrs. Loomis backward; But it is Mrs. Loomis whom was shot by Cotton] 

    Cotton : [after Sidney coughs and sits up]  Whoa, that... was intense.

    [Sidney looks over at Mrs. Loomis' dead body, then gets up] 

    Cotton : Hey, Sidney, look I want you to know that I would never, ever do anything to hurt you.

    Sydney : Cotton, give me the gun.

    Cotton : [after a brief pause]  Yeah, sure, take it.

  • Randy : Sydney, look, it's Gale Weathers.

    Sydney : What?

    Randy : Star of the Gale Weathers press conference. Author of the press conference starring Gale Weathers. Soon to be a major motion picture starring Gale Weathers!

  • Sorority Sister Murphy : Hey Sid,how are you holding up?

    Sydney : I'm coping.

    Sorority Sister Murphy : This is weird isn't it, to think this fuss is all because of you. I mean, not directly, but in some six degrees of Kevin Bacon-way.

  • Derek : Oh thank god Sidney, I thought I was gonna be up there until opening night.

    Sydney : Oh shit, the killer is here. He killed Hallie, he's here. Shit, who tied these?

    Derek : What are you talking about?

    Sydney : The killer! He's here!

    Derek : Where?

    Phone Voice : Right here.

    [pause; heavy, deep breaths] 

    Phone Voice : You're fast, Sid.

    [Sidney resumes trying to untie Derek] 

    Phone Voice : I wouldn't do that if I were you. You really want to trust your boyfriend?

    Mickey : Don't you know, history repeats itself? Hmm, Sid?

    [removes mask to reveal Mickey; uses voice-changer] 

    Phone Voice , Mickey : Surprise, Sidney.

    Derek : What the fuck?

    Mickey : Since Derek here disappeared on my ass, I've been on my own, all fucking night. Thanks a lot, partner.

    Derek : You motherfucker! Sid, you know me better than that. Untie me.

    Sydney : Oh my god, Derek!

    Derek : No, no, no... Sid.

    Mickey : It's okay, Derek. We got her.

    Derek : No, no, Sid, listen to me. You know me better than that. He's lying.

    Mickey : What do you think, Derek? Sidney's experiencing a little deja vu?

    Mickey : Sid, he's lying! The man is lying! Sid, untie me! Untie me!

    Mickey : Hmm. Boyfriend, killer. Boyfriend, killer. Boyfriend, killer.

    Derek : No, I am gonna fucking kill you! You are dead! Dead!...

    [Mickey shoots Derek in the chest, near heart] 

  • Mickey : [holding a knife, slightly out of breath]  Sid...


    Mickey : You got a Linda Hamilton thing going. No, no. It's nice. I like it.

    [Derek is careened up on a pulley] 

    Mickey : Now who is doing that? Could that be... the mystery guest waiting in the wings? Told you I had a partner, Sid. Surprise cameo just for you.

    Sydney : [Gale conveniently comes in the room]  Gale.

    [Then Mrs. Loomis comes in, the audience finding out she is holding a gun to Gale] 

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