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Instant Review: Great, Brilliant, Oh God make it stop.
juliankennedy236 March 2005
The Acid House: 8/10: A collection of three films strung together with wildly different results.

The first film (The Granton Star Cause 8/10) is a pleasant surprise and high comedy. It is a take on Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis mixed with God, elderly S and M, and a football team. Outrageous and funny it is great black comedy involving a bloke named Boab who is having a very bad day indeed. And as God lovingly points out it is his own lazy incompetence that is basically responsible for his troubles.

The second film (The Soft Touch 10/10) is a top-notch drama that, for me at least, hit close to home. Kevin McKidd portrays a get along cuckolded husband with perfection while Gary McCormick, as Larry is stunning as the upstairs neighbor. American audiences are not used to seeing their protagonists pushed this far without pushing back but to this ear it rang realistic and very sadly true. The third film

(The Acid House 2/10) is a very overlong train wreck that may have worked on paper but fails miserably in film. It includes such Trainspotting regulars as that horrible mechanical baby (Like a demented Chucky) and brainless Coco who amuses for about five minutes before becoming tiresome. Add horrendous dialog, endless poop jokes and an acid trip left over from a Peter Fonda film and you have one great mess. As a five-minute bit it could have worked but time seems to stand still while it drags its bloated carcass on the screen.

God (who appears in all 3 segments wonderfully played by Maurice Roeves) may seem vengeful in the first film and carelessly sadistic in the second, but this viewer was praying to him during the third segment to make the pain go away.
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A strange, bizarre, and highly entertaining film.
Delerium21 August 1999
"The Acid House" is a series of three short stories penned by "Trainspotting" novelist Irvine Welsh, and true to his style, it is inspired by a terribly bad acid trip. Being a huge fan of Irvine Welsh, I had high hopes for this film, but I was also aware that it would most likely not be as good as Trainspotting. It wasn't, but a good movie all the same.

The first story is about a 23 year old soccer player who is booted out by his mates, gets kicked out of his parents house, looses his girlfriend, and looses his job all in the space of a few hours. After all this, he "meets God". The second concerns a very disturbed couple with a newborn baby, and their wacky neighbor who moves into the flat above them. And the third, and best, of them is about a young man who is struck by lightning after taking a hit of acid and his soul is transfered into the body of a newborn baby. Very strange stories, only Irvine Welsh could have done these.

As a movie, it has all the basic ingredients, save for a few dodgy dialogue bits here and there. All the actors involve give their best, and it was a pretty satisfying and mind boggling experience. It isn't as well laid out as "Trainspotting", though, so people expecting a new "Trainspotting" might not get what they expect.
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Grotesque, filthy fun
jxmakela26 July 2004
I don't give a rat's a$$ whether the social commentary is accurate or not or what this film's "artistic sensibilities" are supposed to be. This movie is a riot. It's romp through the ugliest, most politically incorrect depths of everyone's subconscious. This film needs to be watched during a particularly bad hangover, wearing only underpants with holes in them, while eating cold pizza from the night before and sucking on your first hair-of-the-dog beer.

The second segment is the best one, and also the most realistic one. A pathetic, hopeless man living a grim, hopeless life has his become accustomed to his misery, until a neighbor from hell makes his existence even more intolerable than before. This segment is definitely an allegory of every working class life.
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Pure Invine welsh!
Sean Kerr8 October 1999
This is unbelievable! Has all the usual Irvine Welsh ingredients - scabby parts of Edinburgh like Pilton, lots of colourful language, plenty of violence, sex/nudity and masses of humour. Although much of the humour will cross many peoples line of bad taste, this is absolutely hilarious. Being from just outside Edinburgh, the scary thing is that these type of people actually exist.

Many of the cast from Trainspotting, Small faces and Looking out for Jo Jo reappear.

This is tremendous for all the above reasons. The soundtrack is pretty impressive too.
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Beautiful Insanity
David Elroy17 November 2001
I watch a lot of extreme cinema and am always wary of fakery and sensationalism, but I felt that The Acid House had the intelligence and heart needed to back up its shocking stories. It is like a cross between "Happiness" and "Requiem for a Dream," with magic and surrealism to boot. The Scottish accents are incomprehensible (thank goodness for the subtitles) but fascinating. "Trainspotting" is, I think, a better film overall, but this one sure gains points for audacity, intensity, and wit.
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A different kind of experience...
hayeda15 September 2000
When I first saw the movie in Istanbul at a cinema, I was shocked and almost disgusted by the movie. I guess that was because I didn't know what to expect beforehand and therefore I wasn't prepared for such a totally weird movie. But afterwards I started to appreciate the weirdness of the movie and got more involved with such underground styled movies. I think it was a pretty mind-twisting film. But I guess it's not for everyone...
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Acid, or acrid?
tim-764-29185624 November 2010
Trainspotting remains my favourite film. Period.

I was under absolutely no illusion that this three-shorts set was similar, or even related to Danny Boyle's brilliant masterpiece. Irvine Welsh's stories are one thing, but no-one can doubt that the phenomenal success of Trainspotting was largely down Boyle's sublime direction and the energetic young cast.

I'm no prude and whilst black humour and the darkness of human degradation often inspires and moves me, The Acid House just made me feel quite ill. Unless the viewer is as wasted or drunk as the characters when it might all seem a joke, it's all rather nauseating.
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Lumpen Prolaterian Rubbish
Theodore23 September 2001
Like Irvine Welsh I come from Leith so I`m not having a go at the Edinburgh/Scottish underclass. What I am having a go at are independant British film makers - None of whom were brought up on sink estates - who think people are going to pay good or bad money to go the cinema to watch sensationalist rubbish like THE ACID HOUSE. Who in their right mind wants to watch 3 short plotless films about nothing in particuler , full of explicit sex and extreme swearing when they can sit at home and experience similiar things.

TRAINSPOTTING had its faults but unlike THE ACID HOUSE it did have its good points. There is nothing to praise in THE ACID HOUSE. If you have the choice of either renting this piece of garbage or going to the pub , please go to the pub .
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The darker side of Irvine Welsh
rob-23610 September 2000
Irvine Welsh's follow up to Trainspotting hits the screen as three short stories set in Edinburgh, all with a few of Welsh's trade marks, drug culture, depression, the working class and Hibernian football club. Uneasy to watch in places, it is no less than very well written, 2 of the stories having a darkly comic twist to them while the 2nd story a serious (and shockingly realistic) plot to it. Will not appeal to most, including myself to a point, but will no doubt adopt a cult following.
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Disappointing adaptation of a brilliant novel
erwan_ticheler7 June 2003
Acid House written by Irvine Welsh(the best modern writer)is a brilliant "short stories" novel.The movie however is pretty disappointing.I expected it to be somewhat like Trainspotting,the classic Welsh adaptation and one of the best movies ever made.

The stories are not as good as they were written down.The acting makes it up a little and the Scottish dialogues are great. 5/10
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Thank god for the subtitles
bsinc9 April 2003
Because I would have never ever seen this movie through to the end. Although there are some, but not many, funny moments in this movie I couldn't understand more than about 15%(the fancy English couple in the 3rd story included) of what people were saying. Three short stories, none with a real point, with just some of the most miserable and lifeless people I could have imagined and a load of foul language. Didn't find it funny, didn't find it amusing, didn't find any sense in it. 4/10
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So 1998 (bad times revisited)
Superunknovvn8 July 2006
Wow, those accents. I did catch the occasional f- and c-words but most of the rest was like a foreign language I don't speak. "The Acid House" is a reminder of that short period of time when drunk, violent, sexually perverted and/or drug-addicted Scotsmen were the hippest thing in cinema. "Trainspotting" had established that kind of hipness and "The Acid House" tried to cash in on that success by bringing some lesser short stories by Irvine Welsh to the big screen. Well, "The Acid House" doesn't come close to "Trainspotting". It's silly stupid in its best moments and incredibly annoying in its worst. The stories are neither very original, nor are they very entertaining and the editing already seems hopelessly dated (after all almost ten years have passed since 1998). In the end "The Acid House" serves as little more than a reminder why it sucked growing up in the late 90's with rave music and bad drugs.
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Great direction is the secret of this film's success
raymond-153 October 2005
Be prepared for something different.

Three short stories provide a triple dose of mayhem. I've never experienced anything quite like this. Expletives abound in every sentence. Fast-paced dialogue is sub-titled. It's just as well and so necessary with the strong Scottish accent.

Story 1 is a tale about revenge. When all seems lost, God makes it possible for Boab Coyle to avenge himself on numerous people who have been more than unkind to him. It's strong stuff and at times you may wish to vomit at what you see. Ugh! Story2 is about Johnny and Catriona and the new baby. Larry, a most despicable neighbour who lives in the upstairs apartment has eyes for Catriona who enjoys what seems like non-stop sex with this lascivious creature, while Johnny is literally left holding the baby together with all the household chores. There are some very funny scenes including an ingenious answer to a lack of electric power and a stupid argument about the colour cerise.

Story 3 is more of a character study of a young man called Coco suffering from a drug over-dose. There is ample opportunity to use special effects such as distorted images. Another story of a couple rushing to hospital for the birth of their baby is cleverly intertwined with sound effects of shouting and screaming common to both. As for the precocious baby, I found it rather weird and unsettling and one that only a mother could love.

Don't be put off by the dirty talk and blasphemous conversation. The characters seem so real to me. Their lives are a sad reflection of a miserable existence of the lower classes sweetened by only one thing......the love of football.
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Review of "The Granton Star Cause": Mostly pointless and just trying to shock (spoilers)
bob the moo6 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Shown as an standalone film recently, The Granton Star Cause is the story of Boab. Never the sharpest or most driven of lads, he finds himself dropped from his local football team (a team that can only dream of playing a match with proper nets), forced to move out of his parents' house, beaten by police for vandalism, dumped by his girlfriend and fired from his job all in the space of a day or two. Sitting alone in a pub with a pint of lager for comfort, Boab is surprised to find himself approached for a chat by a man claiming to be God.

Although it was made as one film with three stories, I actually saw the first part of this as a standalone film so my comments can only be about that first part. So I'm not sure if the rest of the film was pointless but certainly I can vouch for the first part being just that. The story of Boab appears to be building up to the meeting with God and, although foulmouthed, I thought at first that this would be the guts of the film and would produce some interesting ideas and dialogue. In His own words – "did it f***". Instead this is a few minutes of the film and it builds to a rather crude conclusion featuring graphic sexual acts and scenes of excrement and bodily functions. It is all delivered with the air of something trying to just shock and hold an audience that way rather than have much of substance.

The script is full of energy if not substance and it rattles along really well, although I suspect that even some Scots will struggle to catch every word thanks to the speed of delivery and the accents. The cast are reasonably good but aren't sure what to make of the material at times. McCole just flops around the place and doesn't seem to understand his character or motivation. Roëves is good as God but is poorly used by the script – it would have made a better double-hander in the second half of this story. Sweeney, McCrindle and others all spit their dialogue with passion and do OK as such. McGuigan's direction focuses on the crudity and excess of Welsh's script but forgets anything else.

Overall then a fairly pointless and crude story that left me wondering what happened to the substance.
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Squalid, Depraved, but Hilarious.
darranrowe8124 August 2006
I'll have to say that i personally love this movie. All three stories are gritty and realistic, but not overly stylised, and this gives the film the feeling of the earlier trainspotting but thankfully with less of the 'cool factor'. Although the stories are anything but realistic as far as storyline is concerned, the acting, locations and look make the characters feel totally believable. If you are easily offended then be warned - you will see things that you will not expect, but the great part is that you never feel that anything was cut out - this film goes there and then goes further.

Fantastic performances by the actors, a brilliantly well selected soundtrack and truly terrifying storytelling by the master Irvine Welsh, this is a great example of British Filmaking at its best.

I am intrigued by the fact that the US version needs subtitles, and i am glad that so many people outside the UK have had the chance to experience some no-holds-barred modern British storytelling. And by the way - i think its better than trainspotting.
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Somewhat tedious
Alea Intrica18 September 2001
First and foremost, the director should have his license for musical interludes revoked. There are far too many of these in the film. A few such interludes are sometimes justified for setting mood, effectively "fast-forwarding" through events, or relieving the viewer after tense period. The many interludes in this do none of these things, with the music seemingly chosen at random. They give the impression that the director is compensating for a lack of ideas. Sitting undecided between drama and dark humour, it fails to convey either with much force. Still, it has its entertaining moments. Certainly could be a worse directorial debut. Still glad I caught it on TV since I've eyed it in the video store. (5/10)
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Interesting exercise in surrealism in a film industry dominated by realism.
johnnyboyz6 November 2008
Like Trainspotting a mere year before it, The Acid House adopts the approach of telling a groggy and visually disgusting tale about Scottish people living lives full of drugs, sex and the like in locations that visually repulse you. Remember the 'worst toilet in Scotland' scene in Trainspotting? The Acid House sees its characters pretty much inhabit locations akin to this one 80% of the time and the characters get up to all sorts of equally repulsive activities like unknowingly eating food covered with essence of dog faeces and being buggered by a woman complete with strap on. But Trainspotting wasn't all gross out and allowed us outside into public parks and streets; it allowed us daylight and, to a degree, relief from its content. The Acid House grants us outdoor scenes but has the characters spinning round uncontrollably and presents a lot of its shots in close up format complete with odd angles and fast edits - you could be forgiven for feeling sick.

The Acid House was penned by Trainspotting writer Irvin Welsh and follows a similarly dank and downbeat style of storytelling and setting. This time the film is split up into three shorts rather than one continuous narrative alá Trainspotting which some others might tell you felt like two stories given the path involving the drug deal the film decides to go down right nearer the end. Visually, The Acid House is very similar to Trainspotting but it also blurs the boundary between realism and surrealism in the same fashion Trainspotting did. If there's one thing I enjoyed Trainspotting for, it was the use of the everyday; of the mundane in locales and dialogue as people spouted Sean Connery trivia and made reference to famous goals in World Cups gone by.

But Trainspotting also incorporated a fair amount of surrealism or of the impossible in real life. The Acid House adopts this combined approach and Welsh often uses drugs as a catalyst once again to get across the odd content. A lot of the ambiguity is missing in The Acid House; whereas when Renton went down the toilet and came home soaking wet, there's no obvious link that he literally went down the toilet in order to get wet whereas when the character of Coco (Bremner) is struck by lightening, he has transformed into someone else's body and that's a clear cut reason for the story to even happen. It's not so much a criticism as it is a perspective; the ambiguity worked well in Trainspotting and added to the overall tone of the humour whereas The Acid House crosses the line and tells us that this sort of thing is possible in the film's universe. I have to say that I preffered it when it was ambiguous.

The Acid House's first story provides good ammunition for Claire Monk's theory about the British male in crisis in the 1990s. Boab (McCole) is a young, British male whose life systematically falls apart within an hour or so – he is a man in crisis. He is humiliated and dumped by his partner down the phone for being unable to 'satisfy' her thus rendered inadequate and unfit to adopt the role of a male partner in a relationship. He also looses his job thus becoming unemployed, another ingredient to Monk's theory to do with a male 'panic' in contemporary British cinema. But a meeting with God (Roëves) in a pub, again giving the film a clear cut surrealistic feel rather than ambiguously so, sees him changed into a fly to wreck revenge. This seems to have sparked some controversy given it presents 'God' in a less than flattering manner and has him swear a lot. But more so from my perspective, God is a character that gives certain individuals the powers to maim and harm, something Boab takes full advantage of.

The first story whilst beginning interestingly, minutely fails dramatically with its close ups of half eaten food, dog excrement and fat, sweaty men being penetrated with a dildo in their living room. The second story is easier to identify with in the sense there is a clear source for antagonism and its lead character is put in a position we may feel sorry for. Johnny (McKidd) gets a new neighbour in Larry (McCormack) who doesn't take long to become the crazed individual we sense upon the first meeting. The story is more realistic in the sense it focuses on a lower class part of society as they live in cramped and downbeat living conditions with frequent long shots of other buildings and people looking out of their windows as one. The situation and the manner in which it plays out with people at stake and a distressed baby making itself known at certain times keeps the story routed and somewhat humbling.

The third story is the most outlandish and sees football obsessed Coco struck by lightening thus switching mindsets with an unborn baby. The idea is interesting in the sense it's an adult in a baby's body and vice-versa. But the scenario is played for laughs disappointingly so; Coco can't wait for the next breast feeding session and watches his newly adopted parents go at it in the bedroom with perverted glee. The Freudian elements begin to crop up here to do with a babies mapping on and attraction to its mother but it's a little weak. On the flipside, the film takes a good actor like Bremner and has him lie in a bed screaming for most of the time. I've seen a lot worse but The Acid House isn't a great film; it's grimy and unpleasant but isn't as brilliant as it might think it is.
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Black comedy at its best
garethm-223 July 2004
After the remarkable success of Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh, set out on a conscious mission to weed out the type of popular vote that somebody like he could never be comfortable with. Praise the Lord because the product was a much darker, grittier second film called The Acid House, three short stories whose common ground is the Scottish working classes. In truth the third segment is actually a sprawling mess but it at least shows how horribly wrong some of Welsh's bizarre story lines translate to the screen. In spite of this, director Paul McGuigan, superbly brings Welsh's other two stories to life and it's surely praise indeed when one can exclude a full third of a movie and still class it as one of their all time favourites.

The first segment, The Granton Star Cause (named after a football team), is without doubt the most sidesplitting black comedy that this writer has ever seen. It follows Boab Coyle who is about to have a couple of days from hell. He loses his home, his girlfriend, his job, his place on the football team, gets a criminal record, and gets beaten up by a prison officer into the bargain. Welsh not only simulates real life brilliantly with these scenes but he also shows an immaculate contempt for political correctness and human nature in general as the selfish protractors of Boab's grief, all with their own agendas, insist on blaming circumstances rather than their saintly selves. His parents need space because they are going through `a dangerous phase'. His pretentious boss Rafferty tells him `it's important to remember it's not the person we make redundant, it's the post'. The police officers are perfectly understanding about a rape because `the hoor was askin' for it' but not so understanding about Boab smashing up a telephone box since one of the officers happens to be a BT shareholder! The hilarious coup de grace occurs when Boab, in the middle of drowning his sorrows, encounters a chain smoking, lager-drinking beardie who turns out to be God. It is here that one realises how much the Scottish brogue adds to the already colourful and entertaining dialogue (witness the brilliant Maurice Roeves: `that c**t Nietzche was wide by the mark when he said I was deed. I'm naw deed, I just dinnae give a f**k'). God takes his own self-loathing out on Boab, turning him into a fly and Boab himself then returns to haunt all those who caused him grief, lacing his ex-girlfriends curry with dog s**t amongst other things. But as if all that wasn't enough laughter for one day the film offers up a riotously funny finale whereby Boab catches his parents in the middle of a kinky sex role-play in the living room accompanied by Barry Adamson's suitably seedy The Vibes Aint Nothing But The Vibes. These ‘what goes on behind closed doors' scenes are really where Welsh excels himself, portraying them as he does with hysterical imagination. The sweat dripping from his every pore Boab Senior, reminiscent of a circus strong man complete with black leotard, is admitting to sexual liaisons with Dolly Parton, Anna Ford and Madonna as his wife Doreen punishes him for his sins with a strap on dildo. Mercifully (even for the most hardened of Welsh fans) she is saved from delivering the ultimate punishment (to `S***e in your mouth') when forced to answer the phone to her `pester' of a daughter Cathy. But before getting back to work on her husband she knocks the final nail in Boab's pitiful coffin, swiping him dead with a newspaper, the melancholic Nick Cave by now drowning out the proceedings perfectly.

The second segment, A Soft Touch, never quite lives up to the first but is still very good and shares many of its themes. The victim of the piece is the gullible Johnny who is married to the detestable Catriona, who in turn is screwing the equally hateful new neighbour from hell Larry. The only light in Johnny's life is his daughter Chantel, who as it happens isn't really his daughter at all. This is Welsh at his very darkest. It is his commentary on the frustrations and consequent suffering of the working classes. At times it shaves so close to the bone as to feel utterly depressing, an effect driven home by Beth Orton's Precious Maybe and Arab Strap's I Still Miss You. However there are enough comic moments to lighten the burden, most notably when the cocksure Larry is dancing by himself in front of a mirror to the strains of T-Rex's Hot Love. Furthermore, Larry's sheer atrociousness is a source of much amusement during the film even if the cruel mental torture that he inflicts upon his neighbour is beyond what any decent man should have to bare. The tense encounters between Larry and Johnny turn into a gripping survival of the fittest contest. In a tragic but wholly realistic conclusion Johnny welcomes the pregnant and rejected Catriona back into his life, reflecting the vicious circle that Welsh is so keen to portray.
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Disturbing, shocking, squalid, miserable and hilarious
yarbles-224 September 1999
Set in the urban decay of lower-class areas of Scottish cities, this film has some really funny scenes in it, but also some that make you feel like scum for belonging to the human race. My favourite part of the whole thing has to be God. He is by far the funniest character in the three vignettes, its worth seeing just for him. The subtitles also can be a source of humour they were obviously put in for American audiences who would not understand some of the slang and heavy scottish accents, they do not always say exactly what the characters actually say.
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Appalling, stupid enterprise
allyjack31 August 1999
Fairly appalling enterprise suggests Welsh to be an infantile artist, helplessly drawn to the violent milieu he knows best, but unable to resist vacuous elaborations rooted in banal fantasy. The first story is a ham-fisted, meaningless trudge with a B-movie sci-fi premise. The second achieves some poignancy, but only via the outrage-inducing surplus of humiliation visited on its central character. The third and most risible seems to aspire to being a dislocated sequel to Child's Play. The direction is consistently clueless - all whirling sound and fury, a slave to the extreme unpleasantness of the environment; suffocating in an ill-chosen music score and in indifferently flashy acting. This is sheer stupidity masquerading as a guerilla sensibility - as arbitrary and hollow as the abstract images that link the three sections.
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Fantastic, True to the core!
EdinburghGirl7 September 2004
I love this film. I think it is really funny, truthful and entertaining, I own this DVD and often sit down to watch it at home. As someone who was born,lives, works and socializes in the areas of this movie i found it hilliours and so accurate!

The characters in this film do actually exist in Edinburgh, I see them daily. You do get guys like Boab walking around feeling sorry for them self. And there is plenty Coco Bryce's bouncing around as well as the odd Larry looking for trouble.

I don't see why people slate this film for not being the 'trainspotting2' the wanted?! WHERE DOES IT SAY THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE TRAINSPOTTInG2?

To be honest I prefer the acid house to train spotting anyway because i feel it is a better likeness to the sort of people named 'lower class' who make up a large part of our population in Edinburgh. which both films try to explain and i think acid house does a better job!

Everyone here who commented from outside Scotland say they are offended by it, its not just a sick twisted movie. This is an actual account of many peoples experiences and lifes.......think about that next time u slate it.

Because I know you wouldn't say that to them personally.

Well done a great movie!!!
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Oh my god!
alexanderforrest24 April 2006
This is really one of the worst movies i have seen in a while. It's not funny at all. It simply portrays a lower class Northern British setting. I find it a very sad film at parts, at others cuts are where they shouldn't be. One thing that really annoyed me was the close ups of pointless objects it really slowed down the pace of the movie. I only made it through the movie because i fast forwarded certain sequences towards the end.

This movie completely loses the attention of the audience. It's main problem is that it makes multiple reasons for one action, which in turn tends to weaken that action. However if there is one reason for one action it makes it more passionate. All in all this movie is all over the place. I didn't learn enough about the characters to care about them because of the shifting plot lines and stories where as i would have maybe enjoyed exploring the life of one character.

For example at the beginning when the guy meets God in the bar, God seems like a cool guy. The movie could've elaborated on that moment and I think it would've been a lot funnier.

Anyway, enough if's. Watch it if you want, but I'm warning you this film is crap. I respect the makers for trying to pull it off with such a low budget but they could've done a much better job. I guess it all lies in the camera movement and editing, the acting was decent. But then again, that's just my opinion.
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A neato film
bmusicjem23 April 2006
I love Irvine Welsh. Love him. I've read everything. This movie is strange. without digressing to dividing the piece up into three bits I can say that overall it is worth a view. The first and last bit are the strongest in terms of acting, direction, and plot. Of course the writing is better than is able to be pulled off in the movie, but nonetheless some good movie watching. I could have done without the bloody subtitles, and if the film had an ever so slightly higher budget they could make the DVD menu contain a section where you could turn off this crap. Rent this film if you love Irvine Welsh. I leaves me hoping for a movie based on "Glue."
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Mildy amused by it
simont110 December 2004
I think you need to have read and loved (loved is probably too strong a word) some of Walsh's stuff before appreciating any of the content of this film, and i don't mean just watching trainspotting, thats not enough understanding of how this guy works and thinks.

A series of short stories with little real point or moral (by modern standards), however they do touch upon some interesting subjects, for example the drunken and swearing depiction of God, challenges the concept of God's identity, but because he is drunk and foul mouthed it is wholly unacceptable to some people, however, if you were the lead character you'd relate to a God like that better than you would to some dude dressed in brilliant white surrounded by angels playing harps!!

I enjoyed it for what it was, took it at face value and thought it was a blast. It not life as most people know it so therefore we might find it hard to relate to, but it it a creative imagination at work.

I think that in some way you have missed out on something very special in independent film making if you don't at least try and watch it!
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You need to get all levels of these films to realize its brilliance
2445-74910 June 2004
What I've read so far didn't persuade me. I saw the trilogy both in the German synchronization (which is btw. really very close to the original in intention, authenticity and feeling)and the original. And, I admit, I haven't read the novell yet. Nevertheless I know what I'm talking about, as I' ve thought a lot about the films and have a lot of others to compare. So, let's come to the films itself: THe red line drawn through this trilogy is a crass interruption of the life that the main roles had been living up to. Three losers, lost in their own prison, are being confronted with actually mind-/ personality- changing phenomens. There isn't (hardly) an pathos in neither of 'em and they simply describe what is being percepted by the figures. I cannot say anything about the adaption, as I haven't read the book, but the roles are performed absolutely realistic. Yeah mates, people like these guys actually exist. Except the first story, the other two are having a very deep sense ontop of the obvious ones. The stories itself are open into any direction, things happen, as they seem to need to happen. But, and this is one -propably unwanted -message, although it seems that the figures are caught in their roles, reality can change from one second to the other and nothing is as it used to be. We decide what we are! Life and the perception of it is something very weak and we just hold on to our imagination of the reality we expect! Technically the films are very interesting! There are great effects in it, camera drive is sometimes absolutely genius and there is a very strong mood to be felt watching! The music too fits perfectly into the scenes. There are some great pieces in it! The trilogy is a great piece of art and I wish that ignorance and expectations would become less to enable clear reception! Watch it if you haven't yet!
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