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Billy Graham saves another
bkoganbing30 January 2017
The Homecoming finds young Jeremy Peter Johnson a really big disciplinary problem in his school(s) in Chicago so he's sent to finish his senior year in some rural based high school elsewhere in the State of Illinois. When given a choice of extra-curricular activity to keep his idle mind occupied, he chooses something with an innocuous title that a disabled kid that he met and likes belongs to.

Turns out to be the campus Christian group and they're showing for a wholesome activity Lawrence Of Arabia. After that it's a process of young Johnson seeing the error of his ways and hearing the words of Billy Graham at one of his crusades. I think you know how this ends.

Nothing special about the film, it fits within the parameters of an evangelizing tool it's supposed to be.

98 year old Billy Graham doesn't really care at this point I'm sure. But has someone told Franklin Graham that T.E. Lawrence was, (pause for a gasp) gay. In fact the film is quite clear that Jose Ferrer is going to be a rear end Romeo when he takes young hunky blond Peter O'Toole prisoner. Fascinating that the Bible club would choose that for viewing. I would have thought something like Ben- Hur would be the choice.

Tell the fundamentalists to get The Homecoming out of circulation quick to dub over Lawrence Of Arabia.
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