Best Movie Ever?: "Clue"

In the short history of "Best Movie Ever?", I've covered enough cinematic treasure to render Leonard Maltin catatonic and super-gay for yeeeears. From Nine to Five and Working Girl to Clueless and Mean Girls, we've reexamined a lot of staggering celluloid and, more importantly, women in blazers. Today, I offer up a movie that I can hardly judge as a mere admirer. It's my favorite movie, it's probably your favorite movie, and when we add up its five most unbelievable elements, we'll be so high on glamorous (and Inconceivably Silly) goodness that we'll strike each other with candlesticks, lead pipes, and Colleen Camp's triumphant bazooms. Can you dig it? It's the zany whodunit Clue, darlings, and it's what makes Western civilization good.

Now, full disclosure: I've already written one magnum opus about Clue, and it's pretty comprehensive. But I wrote that for (gasp!) a largely straight audience, and now
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