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5 Nov. 1974
The Immortal Memory
Whilst at a party in Plymouth Bob Last, navigating officer of HMS Hero bumps into Timothy Penn who he later finds, when he reports on board that he is the new deputy weapons officer. Although Penn knows his subject he is disenchanted with a career in the Royal Navy. He therefore proceeds to walk a fine line to gain a discharge for being unsuitable for service and that way he gains his university education for free. His immediate target is the first lieutenant Derek Beaumont but it is Commander Mark Nialls who ultimately has to try to persuade the wayward Timothy Penn.
10 Dec. 1974
Away Seaboat's Crew
Two new sailors, L/S Steele and Ord. Jones, join Hero. They quickly come into conflict with AB Radcliffe, who'd had a bad history with Steele in a previous ship. The situation worsens when Steele is promoted and reports Radcliffe for insubordination. When Steele disappears overboard, suspicion naturally falls on Radcliffe as the crew, knowing that Steele's chance for survival in the cold North Atlantic water is dwindling with each passing moment, desperately search for the missing man.

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