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3 Feb. 1976
Under the Surface
Hero's continued lack of success in anti-submarine warfare exercises against HM Submarine Ovid rattle Captain Glenn's self-confidence and cause increasing tension between him and his officers. Ovid's captain and Glenn's old friend, Commander Tremayne, offers to set up a new exercise and make it into more of a learning experience for Glenn, but the constant changes in the training program and Glenn's apparent lack of concern for his crew lead to a showdown between him and his first lieutenant, Lt. Commander Beaumont.
2 Mar. 1976
The Ides of Mark
With Commander Glenn now in charge of HMS Hero the ship prepares for a naval inspection. Assisting Rear Admiral Staunton in this task is Mark Nialls, formally much respected captain of HMS Hero. Nialls and Glenn have a slight rivalry between them so Nialls is looking forward to winding Glenn up with the Naval tasks associated with the inspection. He wanders over to the ship to sow a few rumours as to what they could be. The tasks, called 'evolutions' help to demonstrate teamwork and initiative as well as being very humorous.
30 Mar. 1976
First Turn of the Screw
Following a fire at a MoD scientific station, on an island called North Krona HMS Hero is ordered there. They are to deliver bulk feed items and offer any assistance with any rebuilding they may require. When they land there they find the atmosphere rather frosty as one of the five people there is missing. Commander Glenn's investigations into what is going on is helped by the fact that one of the team there is a woman from his past.

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