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Season 11

11 Apr. 2007
Ein großer Tag
Captain Jens is promoted to Major by the General in person, but implores Colonel Ralph Brandt not to put him behind a desk. Jens' girl Juliane bitches as if that meant choosing the helicopter over her. German Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Ret. Karl Rottenberg refuses stubbornly to take his cardiac condition signals seriously, as devoted son Markus implores him. Only the rescue helicopter crew can get trough to him 'among flying men'. Grocer Berndt Schutzka, a mental mess since his child died in a car crash and pestered by shoplifters, can't control himself when a ...
25 Apr. 2007
Mitten im Leben
Pilot Jens Blank is discovered naked after sex with Juliane in the locker-room. His male colleagues enjoy taunting him like he did to them earlier, females are harsher. A foolish jogger who ignored her boundaries running solo is found only thanks to her dog.
2 May 2007
Jens is dumped by Juliane just because he spends the necessary time on his rescue pilot job. Yuppie Guido's lover insists on a holiday at the Baltic Sea with him, but neglects to tell she's pregnant and get an emergency on the road. A bubbly girl who got permission to take her driver's exam early stupidly opens the car door straight into a passing cyclist, who is hospitalized but gets a crush on her. Sabine's foster daughter Bille, spoiled with a marvelous boyfriend, is caught shoplifting CD's she already has, so her uncle Steffen is brought in to provide more ...
9 May 2007
Jens has mentally accepted his separation from Juliane. Two teenage girls see a fiend drowning a sack of kittens and dive into the river to save them, but one needs rescue by a studly surfer herself, while the fiend just disappeared. Retired Anton Kleine's bossy wife gets a cardiac arrest after her balcony flower container nearly crushed the neighbor's baby, while the neighbor who came to complain discovers and thus saves her.

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