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MPAA Rated R for intense violence and gore, a strong sex scene and language

Sex & Nudity

  • At one point in the movie we clearly see Christine kicking a man in the groin. Some may see that as sexual.
  • At a restaurant, a man gropes a woman's breast and kisses her (nudity is brief).
  • A man has sex with a woman and her daughter. The bare breasts of the daughter are visible while sex is occurring (the sex is not graphic). The daughter is only covered across her hips with the sheets, and while the man and other woman kiss, the daughter is shown masturbating (nothing graphic is seen, only her hand moving on her crotch area above the sheets).
  • A woman takes her top off to change, revealing her breasts (visible only for a second).

Violence & Gore

  • A sniper shoots at a mand and woman, the woman escapes in a car but the man is hit in the chest a few times (he was wearing kevlar). He and another man pilot a helicopter to the roof where the sniper is, and he shoots at them. The man who was shot repels of the helicopter and grabs the man, and the two struggle in the air while on the chord. The man cuts the sniper off of the chord, and he crashes through a roof and awning and lands in a newspaper stand.
  • An occultist kills a snake with a knife and let its blood spill onto a newborn baby.
  • A lot of cars explosions and an earthquake shakes the ground when Satan breaks up from the ground.
  • Satan possesses a man (he is thrown about in the room).
  • Satan causes a restaurant to explode killing many people inside (we hear that 35 was killed).
  • A sniper shoots at Satan, but a man gets in the way and takes two bullets to the chest (he is unharmed since he is wearing a bulletproof vest). Thereafter he gets in a helicopter, jumps out from it and catches the sniper. The sniper pulls out a gun and shoots up in the air. The sniper falls through a glass roof and keeps on running; the other man shoots and wounds the sniper.
  • We see a severed human tongue in a jar.
  • A girl grabs a man in the arm, but he shatters lake porcelain (this turns out to be a vision).
  • We see that the sniper (who's now in the hospital) has been killed by Satan he hangs from the ceiling with several scalpels in him (with much resultant blood). He later wakes up and is killed by a security guard.
  • Satan causes a teen to be hit and killed by a car.
  • We see a dead man with his throat slit lying in a blood filled bathtub.
  • A girl is ambushed by several occultists, but two men show up and fight them off (this includes much gunfire, and a man pushing another man down the stairs, while the girl kicks her attacker in the crotch, but they all escape).
  • Satan knocks his hand through a mans head (head is crushed with bloody results).
  • Satan causes a van to explode (the man inside are presumably killed).
  • A woman attacks a man and throws him around the room. She slashes his face (some blood seen), and pins him against a wall with a piano. He smashes her down onto a glass table (she's very bloody from that); moments after, Satan kills the woman.
  • Two cops shoot guns at a man and woman, and the man shoots the two cops dead (one of them is resurrected by Satan).
  • In a vision Satan causes a man to re-live the murder of his wife and daughter (the man fires at the attackers but obviously nothing happens); the murders happens offscreen, but we hear the shots and see blood on the wall.
  • Satan grabs a man, throws him out of a window, and stomps down on his hand (which is very bloody from the glass); he grabs Satan and throws him down onto a car.
  • A man shoots another man in the arm (whom we believed to be dead in an explosion) to see if he is human.
  • A man shoots a priest in the hand.
  • Satan stabs a man in the head with a cross, breaks the neck of another, and kills the other offscreen.
  • A man gets in a brutal fight with a group of men; he knocks many of them off, but he's finally overwhelmed and beaten (with bloody results) and strung up on a cross (he survives).
  • A man interrupts Satan's "mating ceremony" and shoots many of the disciples dead. He also riddles Satan with gunfire.
  • A man holds another man on gunpoint, but the other lowers his gun thus prompting Satan to set him on fire and killing him.
  • A man and a girl shoot many of Satan's disciples dead before they escape.
  • Satan runs his fist through a train conductor's stomach, killing him (with bloody results).
  • A man fires a rocket into Satan (thus causing his body and the train to explode).
  • Satan possesses a man, who lures a girl out of hiding, and takes her to an altar to consummate a ritual.
  • A man spears himself on a giant sword.


  • About 15 F-words, and several minor profanities throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The main character is described as an alcoholic, so there are some scenes including alcohol consume.
  • Satan smokes a cigarette.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In a girl's vision, a man breaks into pieces like porcelain; this scene could frighten young viewers.
  • Before Satan reveals his true form (a winged demon), the church shakes: the icons overthrown and others start to burn, stained glasses shatters, roof glasses collapses, and the chair is smashes in rows.
  • The plot revolves around Satan wanting to have a successor by mating with an unwilling girl, who is chased and tormented during the whole movie. This could upset some people.
  • A man holds a gun to his own head but doesn't pull the trigger.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A very young girls buttocks is briefly exposed after having a bath as home invasion ensues

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Satan reveals a vision to the main character of how his family was killed during a home invasion. A group of men break in and forcefully drag a women and her very young daughter to the bedroom behind closed doors you hear screaming then gunshots. You briefly see the young girls buttocks as she is carried off as she had just been dried off from a bath by her mother.

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