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Mouse Trek was a slightly amusing Paramount cartoon from Ralph Bakshi
tavm4 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of the last of the Famous/Paramount cartoons. It was directed by Ralph Bakshi just after his Terrytoons period and before his adult animation period that started with Fritz the Cat the following year. In this one, a uniformed cat is sent to a planet to get rid of a giant mouse. With each failure to complete his mission, he keeps trying to quit but he keeps getting medals to change his mind. He then digs a hole next to the mouse and puts barrels of explosives inside...The most amusing part of this cartoon was when the cat first sees the mouse, he pantomimes with his hand the little size he expected and then nervously raises it to confront the reality of the giant size he faces. The constant medals he gets to inspire him is also pretty good. Otherwise, this was pretty mediocre especially with the limited animation. By the way, the cat bears a resemblance to Bakshi's dreary Sad Cat from Terrytoons.
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