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It is such a grand, romantic entertainment that it sweeps the viewer along in its swiftly escalating suspense.
Intelligent, involving and intricately plotted thriller.
The film manages to crack all its codes, and even when it sags a bit, it's never lacking grace and some wit. Not enigmatically at all, it pleases and teases us -- in high style.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The combined talents of Apted, Stoppard and the stellar cast make Enigma a puzzle worth solving.
Village Voice
Doesn't coddle the audience. But neither does it play fair. The narrative takes several fast turns and stops short with the sudden introduction of new material; the exposition is hurried and lazily predicated on characters' thinking aloud.
New Times (L.A.)
Certainly a terrific sense of urgency underlies the story and Tom's desperation over Claire is palpable, but that may not be enough for viewers who actually like to understand how the riddle is unraveling.
All these good elements have resulted in a movie that is not so much awful as mediocre, disconnected and ultimately incomprehensible.
A turgid muddle of romance, espionage, and geek valor, despite intimations that it might have turned into ''A Reasonably Dapper-Looking Mind.''
New York Magazine (Vulture)
Stoppard and his director, Michael Apted, must be aware of how dry their film is, because periodically they work in little thriller divertimenti -- car chases and such -- that only serve to point up how un-thrilling everything is.
The mystery of Enigma is how a rich historical subject, combined with so much first-rate talent -- a highly capable (if not always exciting) director, a fine English cast, a script by Tom Stoppard -- could have yielded such a flat, plodding picture.

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