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Season 1

30 Jan. 1960
The Whitley Case
Ken Franklin and the International Detective Agency operatives assist the Paris police when a baby is stolen from a local hospital and held for ransom. The search for the kidnappers sends the detectives scrambling from Marseille, Lucerne and the Montmartre District of Paris in search of the child.
20 Feb. 1960
The Rose Bowl Case
The Burns International Detective Agency is hired to track down the criminals who printed scores of fake Rose Bowl tickets. The trail leads to England where the crooks pulled the same scam at Wembley Stadium. Franklin discovers the gang is now moving to bigger things - forging Belgian gold certificates.
6 Mar. 1960
The Brenner Case
When a woman engaged to be married to a pilot repeatedly flees from her home, her fiance engages the International Detective Agency to find her and learn what is causing her fear. They decide to look into her past and discover she was put up for adoption by her Austrian parents. The detective follow her parents from Vienna to Paris and ultimately to the United States to discover the roots of her unhappy past.
1 May 1960
The Stevenson Case
This is a Christmas Episode. Ken Franklins Investigations lead him to a village in Wales to find the answer to a strange case
8 May 1960
The Raffael Case
When an employee of a movie theater chain represented by the International Detective Agency is shot, the company steps in to assist the police with their investigation. The gang responsible goes on to steal tommy guns from National Guard armories, rob banks and kill cops in the process. The private detectives discover a link between the crooks and confederates in Rome and pursue the gang leader to Italy.

 Season 1 

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