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Season 4

12 Sep. 2005
Episode #4.1
As the team buries their dead colleague, a bomb goes off in a nearby market. The group, Shining Dawn, demands the release of their leader Michael Monroe or they will detonate another bomb in 10 hours. The CIA is involved since Shining Dawn has primarily directed its wrath at the US and Monroe is an American citizen. The group believes that mankind is a parasite destroying the Earth with its technology and believe that it will be destroyed unless humans are dramatically culled. Harry Pierce is less than pleased when a colleague, Juliette Shaw, suddenly re-appears and ...
13 Sep. 2005
Episode #4.2
With Zafar Younis being held by the terrorists, Adam Carter had to act quickly to free him but he may have over-stepped when he tries to extract information from one of them. His interrogation confirms his earlier belief that there is a mole leaking information to the group. Harry tells the Home Secretary that he is being blackmailed and therefore submits his resignation. He doesn't mention who is doing the blackmailing, but is up front with the Minister on what he did to compromise himself. Adam is now convinced he knows the mole's identity but accuses the wrong ...
22 Sep. 2005
Episode #4.3
When 6 local Councillors in East London switch their allegiance to the right-wing British Way party, there is fear of race rioting in the area. MI-5 is called in to determine - and stop - any agents provocateurs that may be instigating activity in the local community. At a party rally William Sampson, a Member of Parliament, announces he will now run as a candidate for the new party. Youthful, handsome and articulate Sampson causes concern in the government and with the newly appointed National Security Coordinator, Juliet Shaw. MI-5 plans on causing dissension in the...
29 Sep. 2005
Episode #4.4
After an agent is killed in Istanbul, MI-5 fears that a known terrorist, Yazdi, is trying to infiltrate the UK to stage an attack. The agent in Istanbul had identified a people smuggling ring and it is apparent that the terrorist intends to use it to enter illegally. The smuggling ring is being run by the Crown Prince of the Gulf state of Bahar who agrees to cooperate with MI-5. Over his wife's objections, Adam goes undercover to use the smuggling route and recruit Yazdi to their side. The operation goes reasonably well and Yazdi is soon in custody but when he reveals...
6 Oct. 2005
Episode #4.5
When a retired senior member of the Security Service, Clive McTaggart, is found dead in his home, it's put down to suicide. The man had been suffering from cancer so suicide is not an unreasonable conclusion. It's not that simple however. McTaggart had written a book and had arranged for journalist Gary Hicks to visit him that day and Hicks actually saw him being killed. He's soon in touch with Ruth Evershed and MI-5 begins an immediate investigation. Without knowing who might be out to stop the publication of McRaggart's book - and realizing it could even be another ...
13 Oct. 2005
Episode #4.6
When MI-5 learn that Nazim Malik, a suspected terrorist who has been held without trial for two years, is planning a terrorist attack, Harry Pierce arranges for him to be released from prison. They have no idea how he could be arranging a terrorist attack but suspect he may have revived the plots for which he was originally detained: bombing Heathrow airport and the Eurotunnel. With Fiona undercover as a sympathetic journalist, they try to get close to Malik but he's proving to be a hard egg to crack. There may be good reason for Malik to act the way he is when MI-5 ...
20 Oct. 2005
Episode #4.7
Fiona Carter goes undercover when MI-5 receives a report that the Syrian Foreign Minister may be prepared to provide the British with information. She and Jo Portman represent themselves as public relations specialists but Fiona's cover is almost immediately blown when she is recognized by one of the Minister's aides. She tells Jo about her life in Syria and the circumstances under which she met Adam there. The Syrians who've recognized her have their own plans to avenge their family honor. Fiona is well aware that her cover is blown but proceeds anyway without ...
27 Oct. 2005
Episode #4.8
Still in shock and unable to properly grieve, Adam Carter insists that he must return to work and keep himself occupied. Harry Pearce isn't so sure and he has Adam monitoring Hugo Ross who has just been released after serving a 30 year sentence for spying for the Soviet Union. Ross is an old-fashioned communist who genuinely believes in the revolution and is disgusted by what he sees in the modern Russia. Time seems to have passed him by however. The rest of the MI-5 team is focusing on a modern Russian entrepreneur, Oleg Korsakov, who it would seem has made an offer ...
3 Nov. 2005
Episode #4.9
Harry Pearce is suspended from duty when he refuses to let the CIA forcibly extradite - meaning kidnap - a UK citizen who is suspected of being a terrorist. Harry is just fed up with it all and MI-5 has no information that the man, Louis Khurvin, is a danger. They place Khurvin under surveillance and unfortunately he attacks and kills the two MI-5 officers keeping an eye on him. With Harry at home, Juliet Shaw takes over the team and presses them to find Khurvin before he does anything else. The CIA provide evidence that Khurvin attended a terrorist training camp the ...
10 Nov. 2005
Episode #4.10
Harry Pearce and the entire team are taken prisoner by a retired ex-agent, Angela Wells, who believes she has evidence that the British security services killed Princess Diana. Her evidence is a report, dated several months before the Princess' death, from a confidential intelligence committee that outlines in great detail how the murder was to take place. It also reveals that Harry was the committee's Chairman. Wells has a bomb with her and makes it quite plain that she is prepared to die to get to the truth. The agent's look into her story unaware that she has a far...

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