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Season 5

17 Sep. 2006
Episode #5.1
Terrorists carry out several devastating attacks on British targets which lead to panic and new extreme legal measures being rushed through Parliament, but is there more to this than meets the eye?
17 Sep. 2006
Episode #5.2
While Juliet has to come to terms with her injury, MI5 begin to unravel a conspiracy which sees an elite group trying to take control of Britain. They eventually see that this goes much further than anyone expects.
18 Sep. 2006
Episode #5.3
Intelligence suggests that a thermobaric bomb is being sold to terrorists. Using Zaf as an insider, section D look to intercept the bomb before it does irreparable damage to London, but things don't go exactly to plan.
25 Sep. 2006
Episode #5.4
During a world conference which could signal the end of poverty in Africa, MI5 uncover two conspiracies which threaten an individual life and world relations. Is anyone using the conference for its intended purpose?
2 Oct. 2006
Episode #5.5
Ruth is witness to a stranger killing himself in a subway station and is led to a series of clues which will change her world forever.
9 Oct. 2006
Episode #5.6
The UK government's decision to sell nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia raises many concerns in the the various services but MI-5's immediate concern is that one of four Saudi Officials arriving in the UK may have a money connection to Al Qaeda. At the same time, they know a group of terrorists have been smuggled into the UK in a shipping container. It is apparent that they want to scuttle the UK-Saudi deal. Ros goes undercover to infiltrate the four visiting Saudis and gets an invitation to a reception at the Saudi Trade Office. The terrorists are one step ahead of ...
16 Oct. 2006
Episode #5.7
A group of terrorists take the occupants of the Saudi-Arabian trade center hostage threatening to kill one person every hour until their demand for the release of certain prisoners within Saudi-Arabia are met. Luckily Ros is already in the building. Will the Saudi-Arabian king give in to the demands?
23 Oct. 2006
Episode #5.8
Harry Pearce is less than pleased when he learns that MI-5 video surveillance of a suspected terrorist, Khalid Mansour, has been ruled inadmissible and that Mansour will be set free. On the steps of the courthouse moments after being released however, Mansour is shot and killed with the assassin, Daniel Ellis, promptly committing suicide. After a second suicide attack claims the life of a radical Muslim cleric, an anti-Islamic organization known as the Sons of Phineas claim responsibility. Though they have no information on the organization, MI-5 focuses on Steven ...
30 Oct. 2006
Episode #5.9
Adam Carter finds himself hunting for a onetime friend, Richard Dempsey, when Harry Pearce orders the man assassinated. Dempsey was once an agent but apparently went over tot he other side during the Bosnian war. He was present when Adam was captured and brutally tortured and since has become an assassin. A top Serb commander Niko Grecic is under MI-5 protection after he turned in the notorious Serb General Marko Tezila and will be testifying against him at the upcoming war crimes trial in Brussels. When they learn that Dempsey is in the UK, they are sure he is there ...
13 Nov. 2006
Episode #5.10
Environmental terrorists take control of the Thames barrier just as a major storm surge threatens to flood the London area. They demand that the British government publish a secret document entitled Aftermath but MI-5 can't find it. It's apparent that the Deputy Prime Minster, the PM is away, knows far more than she is saying. Adam meanwhile continues to struggle with post-traumatic stress syndrome. When he enters the facility to negotiate with the terrorists, he suffers an attack and is unable to function. It's left to Ros to find a way in and convince their captors ...

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