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Season 8

4 Nov. 2009
Episode #8.1
A kidnapped Harry Pearce is kept prisoner in an abandoned warehouse without really knowing what his captors want. When men try to kidnap Ruth, now married and with a stepson, she goes straight to MI-5 to find out what is going on. There she reveals a secret only she and knew: the location of a stash of weapons grade uranium that was headed to Baghdad justify American claims of WMDs and the invasion of Iraq. Lucas North asks for help from newly arrived CIA agent Sarah Caulfield in finding the American links to the plot. When Ruth's stepson is threatened, Malcolm puts ...
6 Nov. 2009
Episode #8.2
When an industrial accident put a liquid natural gas plant out of commission for six months, the UK must quickly arrange for an alternate source of supply or face an energy crisis that will cripple British industry and the economy, to say nothing of its citizens' quality of life. The government is reluctant to deal with the Russians who will inevitably attach other demands to any sale, let alone give them a good price. Their only choice is to deal with Tazbekistan, a country that has recently undergone a change of government through a coup and is known for its abuse ...
13 Nov. 2009
Episode #8.3
MI-5 is called into action when a terrorist group takes control of a group of very rich entrepreneurs who are meeting secretly in London. The Security Service hadn't anticipated any difficulty as they had no intelligence indicating the meeting was at risk. As luck would have it, Ros Myers is on site planting a bug and so MI-5 already has an agent on the inside. The terrorists put the capitalists on trial, streaming the proceedings over the Internet and asking viewers to vote on whether they should be executed or not. The CIA want the UK government to launch an attack ...
20 Nov. 2009
Episode #8.4
The MI-5 team is still recovering from the loss of one of their own. In reviewing CCTV coverage of a riot at an immigration detention facility, Lucas North recognizes the one man who managed to escape: Oleg Darshavin, his Russian interrogator and torturer during his eight years of imprisonment. When they meet again, Darshavin offers to tell Lucas of an impending terrorist attack on the UK in return for a UK passport and money. Darshavin isn't being entirely truthful, however. Harry tells his CIA counterpart about the rumored secret Swiss meetings on a new world order ...
27 Nov. 2009
Episode #8.5
Everyone is shocked to learn of CIA agent Samuel Walker's death. It's been labeled a suicide but he had made appointment less than an hour before to see Harry Pearce as he had information on the secret meeting of rogue Western agents and Chinese spies in Bern. Soon after Walker's death, another American is killed and then a British agent. As they try to sort out the connection between the murders, Ros Myers is contacted by her one-time mentor, Jack Coleville, the man who recruited her. He's now retired and asks her to read his memoirs but she soon realizes that that ...
4 Dec. 2009
Episode #8.6
MI-5 is desperate to find Ryan Baisley, a banker with Dewitts Bank who had agreed to provide MI-5 and CIA with a list of names and accounts from what the security services describe as the dirtiest bank in the world. They have Baisley in a safe house but a hit squad descends on the place killing everyone except Baisley who managed to escaped. Baisley may have also been trying to squeeze money out of the bank, leading to the hit. The Home Secretary advises Harry that it's absolutely necessary to get the information Baisley had promised within 24 hours - if the ...
11 Dec. 2009
Episode #8.7
When a Pakistani intelligence officer is stabbed in London, Harry Pierce and Ros Meyers are told by the senior intelligence officer at the Pakistani High Commission that at virtual war is brewing between the Indian and Pakistani communities in London. They believe the leader of the planned attacks is Harish Dhillon, an Indian whose younger sister was severely beaten and is still in hospital on life support. With Sarah Caulfield having vanished, Lucas North finds a USB stick hidden in her flat. When they manage to hack into it, they find a connection between Sarah and ...
23 Dec. 2009
Episode #8.8
When Pakistan seizes an Indian submarine that has strayed into its territorial waters, the world is on the brink of a war between two nuclear powers. The Prime Minister invites both parties to London for talks to calm everyone and avert a crisis but there are those who would seek to ensure the talks fail. Sarah Caulfield is a member of the conspiracy, known as Nightingale, and they are bent on starting a nuclear war. When a friendly Chinese diplomat tries to give them information about a possible attack on the peace talks, he is assassinated. MI-5 is convinced that ...

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