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a killer who got away with it
dtucker8615 March 2004
It is so hard to believe that this June it will be 10 years since Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman were brutally murdered. So much has changed in our world since then, but they haven't been there to see it-Orenthal James Simpson saw to that! WHY DID THIS KILLER GET AWAY WITH IT, WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THAT JURY!!!!I am a Sergeant in the Army and was stationed in Cuba during much of the trial, I was glad to go overseas to get away from it! I was home on leave when the verdict was delivered and it made me sick. I felt so sorry for poor Ron Goldman's family and for Nicoles. There were people who vomited when they heard the verdict. I looked at that smirking killer when he walked out of that courtroom and I said that O. J. Simpson has made me ashamed to be an American today! The best book I ever read about the Simpson case was Outrage by Vincent Bugliosi (he is the prosecutor who handled the Manson case). I HIGHLY recommend this brilliant book to anyone who wants to find out the truth about this case. Marcia Clark and Chris Darden were two poor prosecutors who really messed up from beginning to end! Bugliosi said that he had put people in death row with one tenth of the evidence they had against Simpson. First of all, they did not go into enough detail about Simpson's extensive history of abuse against Nicole. It was well documented that he had beaten her on numerous occasions and the police were called. They should have really driven that home to the jury but they did not. Nicole had even told people that "Someday he is going to kill me, and he is going to get away with it". She cried out for help why didn't they listen? There was an infamous murder case in New York in 1964 where a young woman named Kitty Genovese was murdered in broad daylight and it was later learned that 38 people had heard her screaming for help and not one had even called the police! Nicole was like Kitty Genovese in so many ways. Simpson's "Scheme Team" whined about how their poor client had been "harassed" by the police. I will tell you this-SIMPSON NEEDED TO BE HARASSED. I wish they had locked him in a cage like the stinking animal he is, if they had only done that the Goldman family would have been spared a terrible loss and there would have been two children in Brentwood who would still have a mother. There was so much more the prosecution should have done. There was a letter that Simpson wrote before that ridiculous Bronco chase (he had a gun to his head why didn't he just use it and save all of us a lot of trouble!). That letter reeks of guilt, you read it and show me an innocent person who could have written it. They found various items in the Bronco that the jury did not hear about. They found Simpson's passport, a change of clothing and a large wad of cash. They also found a makeup and disguise kit. Why would Simpson be carrying all of this. He didn't wear disguises. He loved to be recognized whenever he went out in public. Also, Simpson had a deep cut on his finger and the detectives asked him about it and he admitted cutting himself the night of Nicole's death. Isn't it strange my friends that not on the same millanieum his wife is killed, not on the same century, the same decade, the same year, the same month, the same week, or even the same day. THE SAME NIGHT!!!his wife is killed, he gets this strange cut on his finger and he doesn't remember how he got it. Isn't it strange that they found his blood at the murder scene. I mean come on, if there is a brutal murder and they find your blood at the murder scene. YOU ARE GUILTY. This is just common sense, oh I am so sorry this is the Simpson case, we don't deal in common sense here I forgot. Clark and Darden should have told the jury "We realize that Mister Simpson is a famous celebrity, but we are a nation of laws that apply equally to everyone, YOU MUST NOT LET THE FACT HE IS FAMOUS ENTER IN ANY WAY IN YOUR DELIBERATIONS". They should have told the jury that Simpson is known for being a football hero, a movie actor and sports commentator, but that is not the face of the real Simpson. The autopsy pictures of Nicole with her head almost severed from her body, and the terrible wounds that Ronald Goldman suffered. THAT IS THE REAL FACE OF O. J. SIMPSON. The man who would do something like that to two innocent people-the face of evil. I was sick when so many called Simpson a hero-I will tell you this he murdered a hero named Ronald Goldman. There was so much vicious slander unleashed against a good decent young man. They claimed that he was romantically involved with Nicole. HOGWASH! He was an innocent bistander who just went over to return Nicole's glasses to her. He died trying to save Nicole from the monster Simpson. My friends, that is a hero. There is a verse in the Bible that says Greater is no one who gives their life for a friend. I saw a trend in the Simpson trial that made me so uncomfortable. It was like Cochran and the rest were telling the jury "Look at O. J. Simpson and do not look at him as a person, look at him as representing all of the injustices that African Americans have had to face throughout history, by finding him not guilty you will be honoring all of our black brothers and sisters". First of all, this was a murder case plain and simple involving Simpson and secondly, the attitude of black people towards him should have been. Your a murderer and deserve to be found guilty. O. J. Simpson doesn't represent the memory of decent African Americans who really were victims of prejudice, he is a disgrace to their memory. It makes me so angry that this man killed two human beings and got away with it because of a team of scheming lawyers, two incompetent prosecutors and a jury of idiots. However, I find consolation in the fact that while Simpson escaped justice on this earth, he will answer to final justice in the highest court of all before God. The proceedings will be very simple, there will only be two witnesses against him-Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Justice will be firm and swift, there will be no appeal and this time there wont be a dream team to save him! Rest in peace Nicole and Ron-you are not forgotten.
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O.J., Nicole and Ron: Countdown to Murder
Michael_Elliott22 February 2018
E! True Hollywood Story (1998)

O.J., Nicole and Ron: Countdown to Murder

If you're familiar with the series then you know that it basically gave you general information on whichever celebrity or topic they were discussing. That's not compeltely the case here as this episode tries to go back over the murders and give you the timeline that both the prosecution and defense gave at the Simpson trial.

I've seen countless documentaries on this topic so I've seen just about everything. FOr the most part this here was a very good documentary and it tried to be fair to both sides of the case and give both timelines according to them. I guess you if you hate O.J. and think he was guilty then you're not going to enjoy seeing "both sides" of the argument but I personally think it makes for a better documentary.

One highlight here is that we get new interviews with Simpson as well as F. Lee Bailey, Tom Lange, Kim Goldman and Denise Brown. The most interesting interview is of course SImpson who tries to explain his side of the story and why there wasn't any way he could have committed the murders and still caught his plane.

As usual, people are split on how they feel about the subject and what happened but as this documentary points out, there people know what happened and two are dead.

Episode: A
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