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Season 2

18 Feb. 1974
Only a Scream Away
Newlyweds Samantha and Robert Miller emerge from the church to the sound of cheers. However, the happy scene is disturbed by a cruel practical joke, someone throws a paint-bomb at the bride. Later, upon returning from their honeymoon the couple discover the smashed remnants of their wedding cake and a mysterious gift -- one soiled glove. Could it be a warning? Does someone hold a grudge against the couple?
7 Jan. 1974
Once the Killing Starts
Married college professor Michael Lane falls in love with one of his students and hatches an elaborate scheme to dispose of his wife, Elizabeth. His murder plot goes as planned. However, he soon receives an anonymous note: "I know what you did, murderer!" Prof. Lane frantically tries to discover who knows his secret...
25 Feb. 1974
The Savage Curse
When his brother vanishes without a trace, American Robert Stone goes to his last known location: a remote English village. Robert's investigation leads him to the mansion of Jonathon Lanceford, a man obsessed with the Gothic works of Edgar Allen Poe, and his beautiful and enigmatic niece Dominie...
7 May 1974
One Deadly Owner
A fashion model buys a Rolls-Royce. What she doesn't know is that it's haunted.
6 Dec. 1973
Death in Small Doses
Recently widowed Laura Vallance returns home to England after many years living abroad. She knows few people in England, but she desires rest and seclusion in her time of grief. However, she is more alone than she bargained for when she hires Roger Masters as her butler. With small doses of poison, the ruthless butler plans to keeps his wealthy employer incapacitated... permanently.
5 Apr. 1974
Color Him Dead
After an assassin's bullet fails to kill tycoon David Garick, eccentric husband and wife detective team, Arden and Suzy Buckley, are hired to protect the millionaire. The pair have to discover the identity of the would-be-killer before her or his next attempt at murder succeeds...
9 Apr. 1974
Sign It Death
Secretary Tracy Conway is a starry-eyed romantic who dreams of the day her wealthy and powerful boss will sweep her off her feet and marry her. She's unemployed, but she soon sets her sights on the ideal boss, Richard Main, head of Main Enterprises. Tracy won't let anyone stand between her and her destiny, even if she has to resort to murder...

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