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18 Jan. 1973
Lady Killer
A shy, lonely American girl marries a charming man she meets while on vacation in England, unaware that he has sinister plans for her.
15 Jan. 1973
Anatomy of Terror
An American visiting London becomes confused about the facts of his life particularly related to a mysterious Thersa.
12 May 1973
The Carnation Killer
A serial killer escapes from the asylum to which he has been confined. He picks a seemingly innocent woman as his next victim, but soon it looks like she's not quite as innocent as he thought.
19 May 1973
Murder in Mind
While suffering from amnesia, Betty Drew stumbles into a police station; unable to identify herself but admitting to having just committed murder. Her elaborate, yet muddled, story is dismissed when no body is found. Her claims are explained as being the result of a concussion and repeating plots from her writer husband's mystery novels. However, one police detective, Tom Patterson, wants to investigate further.
9 Oct. 1973
File It Under Fear
A strangler is on the loose and young women are being killed. There are several suspects and Liz Morris, the local librarian, is the only one who can provide clues.
11 Oct. 1973
Spell of Evil
Businessman Tony Mansell hires a marriage bureau when his wife dies from a sudden illness, and is delighted to find himself paired up with the beautiful Clara. Despite seeming like the perfect wife, Clara is in fact a witch and has nothing but evil intentions for her new husband. She soon envelops her grip around Tony and he begins to fall sick from the same illness that had killed his wife...
6 Dec. 1973
Death in Small Doses
Recently widowed Laura Vallance returns home to England after many years living abroad. She knows few people in England, but she desires rest and seclusion in her time of grief. However, she is more alone than she bargained for when she hires Roger Masters as her butler. With small doses of poison, the ruthless butler plans to keeps his wealthy employer incapacitated... permanently.

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