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25 Jan. 1974
With the exception of the poor central heating system, Ray and Penny Burns' newly-purchased country house seems ideal. While repairing the pipes, a handyman digs up the cellar and uncovers the body of the home's previous owner who was murdered twenty years earlier. A séance held in the home reveals something very disturbing.
8 Jan. 1974
The Eyes Have It
A group of terrorists posing as plumbers set up base at a school for the blind. The students remain blissfully unaware, while the terrorists plan the assassination of a politician who will soon be passing the school on a parade route. Only one student, Sally, suspects that the men upstairs may be dangerous...
18 Feb. 1974
Only a Scream Away
Newlyweds Samantha and Robert Miller emerge from the church to the sound of cheers. However, the happy scene is disturbed by a cruel practical joke, someone throws a paint-bomb at the bride. Later, upon returning from their honeymoon the couple discover the smashed remnants of their wedding cake and a mysterious gift -- one soiled glove. Could it be a warning? Does someone hold a grudge against the couple?
7 Jan. 1974
Once the Killing Starts
Married college professor Michael Lane falls in love with one of his students and hatches an elaborate scheme to dispose of his wife, Elizabeth. His murder plot goes as planned. However, he soon receives an anonymous note: "I know what you did, murderer!" Prof. Lane frantically tries to discover who knows his secret...
25 Feb. 1974
The Savage Curse
When his brother vanishes without a trace, American Robert Stone goes to his last known location: a remote English village. Robert's investigation leads him to the mansion of Jonathon Lanceford, a man obsessed with the Gothic works of Edgar Allen Poe, and his beautiful and enigmatic niece Dominie...
7 May 1974
One Deadly Owner
A fashion model buys a Rolls-Royce. What she doesn't know is that it's haunted.
5 Apr. 1974
Color Him Dead
After an assassin's bullet fails to kill tycoon David Garick, eccentric husband and wife detective team, Arden and Suzy Buckley, are hired to protect the millionaire. The pair have to discover the identity of the would-be-killer before her or his next attempt at murder succeeds...
9 Apr. 1974
Sign It Death
Secretary Tracy Conway is a starry-eyed romantic who dreams of the day her wealthy and powerful boss will sweep her off her feet and marry her. She's unemployed, but she soon sets her sights on the ideal boss, Richard Main, head of Main Enterprises. Tracy won't let anyone stand between her and her destiny, even if she has to resort to murder...
11 Mar. 1974
A Coffin for the Bride
Mark Walker is in the lucrative business of marrying wealthy older women and murdering them after the honeymoon. That all changes when he falls for cool blonde Stella McKenzie. He considers giving up his life of crime and finally marrying for love. The only obstacles in his way are a lawyer who suspects the truth, and temptation in the form of the perfect target for one more kill...
18 Mar. 1974
I'm the Girl He Wants to Kill
Returning home to her flat, Ann Rogers passes a stranger leaving the building. A few moments later she discovers her neighbor lying dead in the hallway, the latest victim of a serial killer. Ann could be able to identify the killer, but the killer also knows her face and knows he needs to silence the witness...
12 May 1974
Murder Is a One-Act Play
Soap opera actress Penny Stacey is flattered when she meets Mr. Rook, who is organizing a fan club dedicated to her character on the program "Saints and Sinners." However, the lines between fiction and reality are blurred for the fanatic Rook. He will take desperate measures to protect his cherished "Sister Mary."
27 May 1974
In the Steps of a Dead Man
When a young soldier suddenly dies, his parents and his girlfriend are naturally shocked and upset by the news. Several months later a young man turns up at the parent's house claiming to be their dead son's best friend. They welcome him and invite him to stay for a while. They also introduce him to their son's girlfriend and she is similarly impressed by him. It is later discovered, however, that he is not what he appears to be and may have had a hand in their son's death. Since he cannot allow his plans to be found out, more deaths are soon to follow.
29 Jun. 1974
Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
At breakfast in a country hotel, American tourist Cathy More inquires about the whereabouts of her cousin Jane, who has been traveling with her. The proprietors, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, insist Cathy was the only person to check in the night before, and Jane's room shows no sign of having been occupied. The police are called to investigate, but they began to suspect that Jane may be merely a figment of Cathy's disturbed mind.
16 Jul. 1974
Not Guilty!
The police receive an anonymous tip that Bernard Peel has murdered his wife, Jennifer. Peel declares his innocence, but there is a substantial amount of evidence contradicting his story. Is someone trying to frame Mr. Peel? Peel asks private detective Matthew Earp to investigate.
12 Nov. 1974
A young American girl on her way to visit friends in rural England is brutally attacked and raped. After spending the next few months in a mental institution trying to recover from her ordeal, she is released into the care of her friends. The police assure her that they have the man responsible in custody, and she begins to rest easy. That is until she sees her attacker wandering the streets of the town. After planning her revenge she follows the man and kills him. This, she thinks, is the end of her ordeal. That is until the man she thinks she has killed arrives at ...
3 Dec. 1974
A Killer with Two Faces
A crazed killer escapes from an asylum and goes on a murder spree, all connected with his fetish for physical perfection. He assumes the identity of his twin brother, a famous and respected architect. A beautiful woman, unaware of his true identity, hires him to make some changes to her house. Complications ensue.
19 Nov. 1974
A Killer in Every Corner
A scientist invites two students to collaborate on his new study. What they don't know is that his new study is on how to control the human mind to make people commit murders for him, and that he intends to use the couple as his "guinea pigs."

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