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Secrets Week

The secrets of cruise ships;

Season 32

9 Sep. 2019
Exclusive: Model Who Says Epstein Assaulted Her
Jeffrey Epstein's first-known accuser returns to the hotel room, where she says he assaulted her two decades ago; the model/actress says she thought she was auditioning for the Victoria's Secret catalogue, when Epstein "manhandled" her;
11 Sep. 2019
School Supply Giveaway
The show surprises teachers with boxes of classroom supplies and students with new backpacks;
12 Sep. 2019
High School Lab Accident
A horrific accident: a high school student's science lab experiment explodes on him;
13 Sep. 2019
Felicity Huffman Sentence
Felicity Huffman learns her fate in the college admissions scam;
16 Sep. 2019
How Honest Are Your Home Repairmen?
The show investigates the integrity of home repair workers;
17 Sep. 2019
Part 2: How Honest Are Your Home Repairmen?
The show investigates the integrity of garage-door technicians;
19 Sep. 2019
SNL Star Phil Hartman's Murder
The murder/suicide of "Saturday Night Live" comic Phil Hartman and his wife, 21 years ago;
20 Sep. 2019
ICU Nurse Donates Liver
An ICU nurse donates her liver to a patient;
24 Sep. 2019
Drivers Ed Molesters
Driving instructors accused of molesting students;
25 Sep. 2019
911 Dispatcher Mocked Drowning Victim
The family of a woman, who drowned after being mocked by the 911 dispatcher she called, speaks out for the first time;
26 Sep. 2019
Real-Life Groundhog Day
A girl relives the same day, over and over;
27 Sep. 2019
FBI Agent vs. High Schooler
A gun-toting FBI agent has a meltdown over a silly prank;
30 Sep. 2019
The Overwatch League Grand Finals
The e-sports phenomenon, The Overwatch League, becomes mainstream as players battle it out in the Grand Finals;
1 Oct. 2019
Deborah Norville on The Power of Positive Thinking
Deborah Norville's new book, "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive, Live Happy";
2 Oct. 2019
Suicide in Veterinarians
Suicide is a growing problem among veterinarians;
3 Oct. 2019
Joker Concerns
Concerns surrounding the opening weekend of the movie, "Joker";
4 Oct. 2019
Dorm Makeovers
College students transform their dorm rooms, from bleak to chic;
7 Oct. 2019
Homeless Singer
A homeless singer's first professional gig, since becoming a viral sensation;
8 Oct. 2019
British Prime Minister Affair Allegations
The America woman who allegedly had an affair with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson;
9 Oct. 2019
Parents Accused of Giving Up Adopted Daughter
Parents accused of giving up daughter because they say she's actually an adult posing as a child;
10 Oct. 2019
Matt Lauer Allegations
The latest regarding allegations that Matt Lauer raped a colleague;
11 Oct. 2019
Episode #32.25
Fans of President Donald Trump who travel across the country to attend his campaign rallies;
14 Oct. 2019
Blippi Phenomenon
New YouTube personality sensation Blippi;
15 Oct. 2019
Pumpkin Carving Dangers
How to stay safe while carving a pumpkin;
16 Oct. 2019
2020 Democratic Presidential Debate
October 15's 2020 Democratic presidential debate;
17 Oct. 2019
Robert Blake's Daughter Breaks Her Silence
Actor Robert Blake's daughter breaks her silence about the murder of her mother;
18 Oct. 2019
Amelia Earhart Mystery
Attempts to solve the mystery of aviator Amelia Earhart's disappearance;
21 Oct. 2019
Log Death
A woman is killed by a log that was reportedly pushed off a cliff by two teens;
22 Oct. 2019
Suzanne Somers' 73rd Birthday Selfie
Actress Suzanne Somers opens up about her 73rd "birthday suit" selfie;
23 Oct. 2019
Princess Diana's Butler
Princess Diana's confidant discusses Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal drama;
25 Oct. 2019
De-Aging Hollywood's Leading Men
A man who uses cutting-edge technology to edit Hollywood's leading men to look years younger on-screen;
28 Oct. 2019
Felicity Huffman's First Weekend Out of Prison
Actress Felicity Huffman's first weekend, after serving time in prison for her role in the college admissions scandal;
29 Oct. 2019
ISIS Raid Latest
The latest on the raid that took down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi;
30 Oct. 2019
Drunk Dentists
The show's investigation finds that some dentists are substance abusers;
31 Oct. 2019
Halloween TV #3
TV personalities get in the Halloween spirit with elaborate costumes;
1 Nov. 2019
Subway Chaos
Subway riders who evade the fare;
4 Nov. 2019
Tony Robbins Accusations
Women say self-help guru Tony Robbins is inappropriate behind closed doors;
5 Nov. 2019
Hero Horse
Video of a horse going to rescue its family in the California wildfires;
6 Nov. 2019
World War II Love Letters Found
Love letters dating from World War II;
7 Nov. 2019
Nanny Sexually Abuses Boy
The family of a boy, who fathered his nanny's child at age 11, speaks out;
8 Nov. 2019
Millionaire in Love with Murder Suspect
A multi-millionaire plans to marry a man accused of murder;
11 Nov. 2019
Elevator Death
A young man is crushed in an elevator accident; the witness to the horror and the grieving family speak out;
12 Nov. 2019
Secrets Week
The secrets of cruise ships;

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