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Episode #24.149

"The Invisible Man"; getting Zoe Kravitz's "High Fidelity" fashions;

Current Episode (aired 27 Feb. 2020)

Episode #24.148

Female game changers; dating show "Love Is Blind";


1 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.99
Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon "Friends" reenactment; an interview with Maury Povich;
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S24, Ep100
2 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.100
Golden Globes fashion preview; Reese Witherspoon;
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S24, Ep101
3 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.101
Countdown to the Golden Globe Awards; a look back at stars' Golden Globes fashion firsts; Golden Globes nominee spotlight: Cynthia Erivo; Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala;
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S24, Ep103
6 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.103
Unaired Golden Globes moments;
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S24, Ep104
7 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.104
Makeup hints from the Golden Globes; an interview with Ashley Graham;
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S24, Ep105
8 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.105
Shows to binge in 2020; interviews with the cast of "Like a Boss";
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S24, Ep106
9 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.106
Kate Middleton's royal birthday bash; interviews with the cast of "Dolittle"; what a difference a decade makes: Selena Gomez;
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S24, Ep107
10 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.107
Top five royal shockers of all time; an interview with Adele's trainer, Camila Goodis; Salma Hayek fashion flashback;
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S24, Ep109
13 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.109
This year's Oscar nominees; Brad Pitt; interviews with the casts of "Dolittle" and "The Gentlemen";
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S24, Ep110
14 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.110
Brad Pitt; interviews with the cast of "Troop Zero";
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S24, Ep111
15 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.111
Interviews with Rob Lowe, Eva Longoria, and the cast of "Bad Boys for Life";
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S24, Ep112
16 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.112
Hollywood's most talked-about divorces; new documentary "The Last Days of Richard Pryor";
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S24, Ep113
17 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.113
An all-star SAG Awards style preview; an interview with Paola Nunez ("Bad Boys for Life"); SAG Awards countdown: Laura Dern;
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S24, Ep115
20 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.115
Screen Actors Guild Awards highlights, fashions, and the big winners of the night;
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S24, Ep116
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S24, Ep117
22 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.117
Grammy countdown: Ella Mai;
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S24, Ep118
23 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.118
An interview with Brad Pitt; an interview with the stars of the Netflix docuseries, "Cheer"; the 20th anniversary of Jennifer Lopez's unforgettable Grammy dress;
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S24, Ep119
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S24, Ep121
27 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.121
Grammy Awards surprises and the moments not shown on screen;
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S24, Ep122
28 Jan. 2020
Transformation Tuesday
At Universal Studios Orlando; "The Biggest Loser" set visit;
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S24, Ep123
29 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.123
At Universal Studios Orlando; an interview with Jerry Springer;
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S24, Ep124
30 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.124
Mario Lopez on the "Saved By the Bell" set; a "Gronk" pre-Super Bowl exclusive;
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S24, Ep125
31 Jan. 2020
Episode #24.125
Pre-Super Bowl fun in Miami; interviews with celebrities in town for the big game;
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S24, Ep127
3 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.127
A Super Bowl recap in Miami; surprises and collaborations; game-day commercials;
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S24, Ep128
4 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.128
Shannen Doherty's heartbreaking diagnosis; an interview with Erica Lugo ("The Biggest Loser"); countdown to the Oscars: Florence Pugh;
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S24, Ep129
5 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.129
An interview with Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Lifetime movie "The Neighbor at the Window"); the story of Alex Llauro and Kobe Bryant; an interview with Jennifer Lopez's Super Bowl hair stylist;
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S24, Ep130
6 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.130
Countdown to the Oscars: stars' best red-carpet looks from the 2020 award season;
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S24, Ep131
7 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.131
Countdown to the Oscars: expensive Oscar bling; bold fashion prediction for the Oscar's red carpet;
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S24, Ep133
10 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.133
All things Oscars: surprises, fashions, backstage reactions, and exclusive after-parties;
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S24, Ep135
12 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.135
New York Fashion Week with Blake Lively and Issa Rae; an interview with Nick and Vanessa Lachey ("Love Is Blind");
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S24, Ep136
13 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.136
A look back at Justin Bieber's music from the past decade;
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S24, Ep137
14 Feb. 2020
Fashion Friday
Part two of an interview with singer Huey Lewis; new music from Justin Bieber; Hollywood's best-dressed couples; Friday fashion face-off; an interview with Issa Rae ("The Photograph");
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S24, Ep139
17 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.139
Jennifer Hudson's emotional tribute to Kobe Bryant; Paulina Chavez (Netflix's "The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia");
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S24, Ep140
18 Feb. 2020
Transformation Tuesday #2
Hollywood ex-files; an interview with personal trainer Cody Taggart;
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S24, Ep141
19 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.141
An interview with "psychic buster" Bob Nygaard; celebrities' shortest marriages;
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S24, Ep142
20 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.142
Part two of an interview with "psychic buster" Bob Nygaard;
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S24, Ep143
21 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.143
Actor Ben Affleck ("The Way Back"); a look back at Drew Barrymore through the years; Fashion Friday: the best-dressed celebrities of the week;
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S24, Ep145
24 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.145
The special celebration of life for Kobe and Gianna Bryant;
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S24, Ep146
25 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.146
Interviews with the cast of "The Invisible Man";
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S24, Ep147
26 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.147
Kobe and Vanessa Bryant's favorite movie, "The Notebook", and why it still captures hearts; an interview with Jennie Garth; Milli Vanilli lip-synch scandal, 30 years later;
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S24, Ep148
27 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.148
Female game changers; dating show "Love Is Blind";
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S24, Ep149
28 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.149
"The Invisible Man"; getting Zoe Kravitz's "High Fidelity" fashions;
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S24, Ep150
29 Feb. 2020
Episode #24.150
Weekly recap;