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Denette Wilford: How Watchable Is The New 'Dallas'?

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Denette Wilford: How Watchable Is The New 'Dallas'?
Back in the '80s, TV was a trip. Once I finished my mandatory 30 minutes of piano-practicing, I was one of those kids who plopped herself down in front of the TV until dinner time (of course, this was the days of yore when children weren't laden with bulky knapsacks or dragging those little suitcases to and from school, burdened by hours of homework -- but I digress).

So I've loved everything about TV for as long as I can remember. I learned to tell time with "Polka Dot Door," Balki Bartokomous was my favourite character, I had crushes on Face from "The A-Team" and Jeff Colby from "Dynasty" (side note: I wrote both actors, Dirk Benedict and John James, respectively, fan letters and only heard back from one of them -- complete with autographed picture. Squeee!), and my mother and I would catch up on the day's soaps ("Ryan's Hope,
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