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Episode List


Season 1

11 May 1992
La rencontre
Three guys, Nicolas, Etienne and Christian, flirt with a girl, Cathy, in a café. They think she's waiting for her boyfriend, but Hélène is the one she is actually seeing. Afterwards, the two girls and their friend Johanna set up a date with the three guys. Couples are formed; Hélène falls in love with Nicolas, Cathy goes with Etienne and Christian is left to Johanna.
14 May 1992
Encore un garçon
Guys are looking for a musician. Joanna makes new acquaintance.
2 Jun. 1992
Un coup de cafard
The guys need to prepare for the upcoming exams and concert, and the gals have promised not to communicate with them during that period. But Johanna is bored and decides to visit them.
1 Jun. 1992
Une journée studieuse
The guys are still preparing for the exams. The gals are bored, and decide to visit the gym. There they meet Jose and Jimmy who invite them to the cinema. At first they say no, but reconsider their decision when they get home...
4 Jun. 1992
Une drôle de nouvelle
Nathalie tells Christian she's pregnant from Etienne. Christian is taken aback. He decides to discuss it with Helene.
5 Jun. 1992
La bonne occase
Johanna is sick and tired of her car and wants to sell it. Christian wants to help her and takes matters into his own hands.
8 Jun. 1992
La nuit de la danse
The gals are going to the annual students ball, which includes dance contest. The guys don't want to participate in the contest and the gals say that in that case they'll have to find other partners.
9 Jun. 1992
Le papa
The guys find a baby under their door in the corridor and an ambiguous letter addressed to one of them. They have to find out who is the father.
11 Jun. 1992
Cathy has met a photographer who has been looking for someone exactly like her. He wants her to be a photo model for advertising perfume. Etienne doesn't like it.
12 Jun. 1992
L'idole de la fac
Etienne was photographed as a model for advertising underwear. After his photo appears in a magazine, he unexpectedly becomes a star of their faculty.
15 Jun. 1992
Une nouvelle passion
Christian has been behaving strangely recently. He is late for the rehearsals, goes out in the evenings, and lies left and right. The guys assume he is unfaithful to Johanna.
16 Jun. 1992
La course
Etienne quarrels with Cathy because he doesn't like her communicating with Christian's cousin, Frederick, who is in love with her.
18 Jun. 1992
Le mariage
Johanna wants to find new girlfriends for Jose and her rat, Texas, because Nathalie doesn't give Jose enough time for the rehearsals and Texas is bored.
19 Jun. 1992
Une rupture difficile
José is in love with Bénédicte, and breaks up with Nathalie. When it turns out that Nathalie did love José, the gals decide to find a new boyfriend for Nathalie. The guys don't like it.