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1 Jan. 2000
The Devil's Pearl
An exotic black pearl suspected of having supernatural powers finds its way into Matavai and into David Grief's possession. We see the vast cultural differences between our Western-educated hero and the native woman, Lavinia, who loves him. She is highly superstitious, a belief reinforced by the fact that the pearl's last several owners have met with sudden and inexplicable deaths. Isabelle has managed by deceptive means to convince the authorities that charges against her have been dropped, and she steals the pearl from Grief. A mysterious and threatening stranger, ...
8 Jan. 2000
The Locket
Isabelle Reed is finally captured by the authorities and placed in the Matavai jail. She calls for Reverend Colin Trent, the young, handsome, idealistic British missionary who ministers on Tahiti. She declares her innocence to Trent and asks him to give her locket to Grief as a remembrance of her. Isabelle is then shipped to the penal colony where she is subjected to horrible abuses. Grief, meanwhile, suspects there is more to this locket than meets the eye, but he can't quite figure it out. Lavinia finds the locket in his possession and assumes - that her has been ...
8 Jan. 2000
Lessons for a Warrior
After two villains steal artifacts from a church and kill a priest (a friend of Grief), Grief sets off to avenge his death. Mauriti offers his help - he is taking his reluctant teenage nephew, Atara, a boy to whom he is like a father - into the deep jungle to begin his training as a warrior with a tribal elder as a warrior. The murderers kidnap Atara and use him to flee. Atara uses his newfound native skills to help our heroes capture the culprits. Meanwhile, back in Matavai, Clare Devon, a proper young woman from Essex, arrives unexpectedly. She has bravely traveled ...
15 Jan. 2000
Trent in Love
Grief and Lavinia work to keep their relationship on track. Isabelle, who has an eye for Grief, decides to bide her time, whiling away the long, guilty Tahitian evening with the new British consul. Grief and Mauriti find a stowaway aboard the Rattler - a beautiful young Tongan woman named Tahura, who's chief has banished her because she refused an arranged marriage. Grief introduces her to Reverend Trent, who offers her work at the rectory, and ultimately falls in love with her, causing quite a scandal. In the process of discovering their stowaway, Mauriti finds ...
15 Jan. 2000
The Fiery Messiah
A religious cult based on another island gains a foothold on Matavai. Several young natives are seduced by its charismatic leader Frye. Clare is kidnapped by one of Frye's disciples to become his bride and produce heirs to his dominion. Grief and Mauriti manage to rescue Clare and discredit Frye, thereby destroying his power over the impressionable followers. At home, Trent and Tahura fall deeper into their forbidden love. Tahura has never known such passion for any man. Trent is tested and willing to fight the narrow-minded attitudes of his parishioners to be with ...
22 Jan. 2000
Blackbirding - the South Seas expression for slave-trading of natives - had for all intends and purposes come to a halt a few years before our show takes place. However, several native tribes have recently been decimated of its youngest, strongest citizens. Isabelle accidentally witnesses a blackbirding incident and is captured by natives who believe her to be on cahoots with their enemies. Grief and Mauriti are determined to bring the blackbirders to justice. In Matavai, Trent is still fighting the forces that would keep him from being with the woman he loves. His ...
22 Jan. 2000
The Rabblerouser
A woman named Sarah Blanchard arrives in Matavai. Lavinia befriends her and feels great respect and admiration for her, although she is troubled by grief's reaction to her. We learn that Sarah was a woman from Grief's past, a woman he thought he could love forever. Much to Grief's dismay, he learns that Sarah is with her husband, an outspoken advocate of union organizing - and to whom Grief now learns she already was engaged when she and Grief had their affair. Sarah is helping her husband fight the forces that would oppose him in organizing the field workers, and ...
5 Feb. 2000
Isabelle's Brother
A man, Grief and Mauriti rescue from a bar fight turns out to be William Reed, the older brother Isabelle thought had died when she was a child. He claims he recently left the French Foreign Legion and has arrived in Tahiti to marry a woman he met on another posting. Isabelle is thrilled to be remitted with her brother at last, but Grief fears William isn't telling the entire truth. Soon, bounty hunters show up in Matavai looking for William - they say he has deserted and there is a price on his head. Grief and Mauriti must protect him from the bounty hunters, clear ...
5 Feb. 2000
The Boxer Rebellion
A young man whom Grief and Mauriti rescue from a ship explosion turns out to have been an unwitting accomplice in an unscrupulous arms shipment. Grief and Mauriti must learn the man's identity (Buru Hai), and then help save him from the unsavory ringleader who has murdered Buru's entire family to keep him quiet. Our heroes track down the arms dealers and prevent further shipments from being sent to a growing uprising in China called the Boxer Rebellion. Meanwhile, back in Matavai, Clare decides to start the island's first newspaper although she will continue to help ...
23 Sep. 2000
The Statue
For the first time since his break-up with Lavinia, Grief finds himself attracted to another woman: the beautiful Veronica Gray, assistant to archaeologist Paul Kelstrom. They have come to Tahiti to excavate artefacts for their museum - artefacts uncovered during a storm in which a statue given to Mauriti by his now-dead grandfather begins to move inexplicably. Mauriti is convinced his grandfather is trying to communicate with him. The natives wish their artefacts to be left undisturbed, and Mauriti begins to suspect Kelstrom and Veronica are up to more than just ...
30 Sep. 2000
Fool's Gold
Isabelle falls prey to a scam run by a con artist named Walsh in which she loses her own and some of Reverend Trent's church money when she buys property she has been led to believe contains gold. Realizing her folly, she reluctantly asks Grief for help. Together with Mauriti, they follow the trail of the con artists, who have been taken hostage by a group of thugs who fell for Walsh's claims of gold, and are using islanders as slave labor to dig for their supposed treasure. Grief, Mauriti, and Isabelle, disguise themselves and infiltrate the slave group, intent on ...
30 Sep. 2000
The Assassin
A sailor is fatally stabbed in a knife fight in the bar, but with his dying breath, he manages to tell Grief that someone important is about to be assassinated in Matavai. Unfortunately, because of the sailor's shady past, Grief is the only one who gives credence to the confession. Meanwhile, Colin Trent has a guest at the Rectory. Harold Brenner is a young German missionary who's come to observe Trent's work in Matavai while awaiting his own posting. Brenner strikes up a friendship with Clare, who is quite taken with the gentle, intelligent cleric. Through Grief's ...
10 Oct. 2000
The Outlaws
Grief loses a bet to a trio of Americans - two brothers, Brodie and Luke, and Brodie's girlfriend Kat. The payoff is Grief must safely guide them inland on horseback to the rugged countryside where they hope to set up their new home. While protecting them along the way, Grief learns that they had been settlers back in the States, but had been driven off their lands by the railroads and the government. He also becomes a magnet for the voluptuous, flirtatious Kat, creating tension between Grief and the brothers. Meanwhile, in Matavai, Clare has a new beau, a young ...
17 Oct. 2000
Fatal Shore
An Irish rogue named McCoy arrives in Matavai and offers Grief, Mauriti, and Isabelle a hefty reward to help him capture the sadistic Prison warden, Frayne, who had tortured him daily for ten years. Mauriti is enticed by the size of the reward - it could get him and Grief well ahead in their business. But Isabelle is deeply touched by McCoy's anguish - she herself had been tortured in prison and would make McCoy's revenge her own. Grief is the one with reservations, born out of practically - he heard a long time ago that Frayne was dead. However, his friends challenge...
31 Oct. 2000
Fast Company
Steven De Guerre is a successful businessman - a boy friend of Mauriti and Lavinia's. He returns to Matavai to share his newfound success and the fortune he has acquired. His success comes from the liquor business, while others less fortunate have become victims of hard times and untimely "accidents". Lavinia, still feeling vulnerable after her break-up with Grief, is swept off her feel by the handsome man she hadn't seen in years. When a large liquor delivery is lost, Lavinia may have to give up her establishment. Steven offers rescue her by taking over ownership. ...
14 Nov. 2000
The Eye of Tangaroa
A centuries-old legend involving horse demons; a scared, hidden stone, and fire makes Mauriti believe in the power of his own dreams, the climax of which is the death of his best friend and partner, Grief. When pieces of the legend seems to be coming true, Grief, Mauriti, and Isabelle must travel to Tangaroa - the birthplace of the legend - with their friend, Dr. Henry Spenser, a brilliant surgeon who has given up a top position in a French hospital to return to his home on Tangaroa. The truth is, in fact, more frightening than the legend - Dr. Spenser is going blind....
5 Dec. 2000
Rock of Ages
During a boat trip celebrating Trent's birthday, the Rattler runs aground, stranding Grief, Mauriti, Trent, Lavinia, Isabelle, and Clare on an uninhabited island. Injured badly during the wreck, Mauriti clings to life and must be crudely operated on by Isabelle. Grief wrestles with the possibility of losing his best friend and partner, blaming himself as captain and natural leader for the circumstances they all find themselves in. Tempers are frayed, fears surmounted, and deep-seated resentments and feelings of love are expressed as our cast battles the forces of ...
12 Dec. 2000
Grief and the Lepers
This episode is the beginning of a four-show is that introduces Grief's greatest challenge to date - Jenny Duval. Jenny is the beautiful, sensuous grieving widow of Grief's sworn enemy - unscrupulous trader and businessman Kurt Gunter. She is greeted with the same disdain shown to Matavai's resident leper population, which is being relocated by Trent's church. Grief and Mauriti discover an uncharted island and claim it for their own, only to learn that the government was in error it had already been earmarked as the new leper colony. Grief and Mauriti negotiate to ...
19 Dec. 2000
The Compass and the Killer
Jenny strikes again - she seems to be able to murder without conscience to get her way. When she pirates a ship carrying Trent back to Matavai, the passengers are set loose in a lifeboat without oars to die; one passenger, an Australian inventor named Wheeler, is stolen away by Jenny and her crew. Grief and Mauriti set out to find their friend, Trent. Jenny accompanies them to do away with the witnesses if necessary. In the meantime, Wheeler is drawing his new invention - a special ship's compass that several nations have invested in, one that could change the very ...
26 Dec. 2000
The Tender Trap
Grief and Jenny overcome their initial distrust of each other as they realize what's happening to them - they're falling in love. Just when they think they may have found a little corner of paradise for themselves, Jenny is confronted with her past - she is responsible for a debt of millions incurred by her dead husband, Kurt Gunter, when he failed to deliver a shipment of fine art to a collector. Grief instinctively feels the need to protect her and make good on her debt. What he doesn't know is that this is a scam she has been planning for weeks - this is her ...
27 Dec. 2000
The End of Jenny
Grief has been on alert for any news of Jenny and her whereabouts. When a sighting of her comes over the wires, he drops all other business to find her, much to Mauriti's deep concern. Mauriti fears, his friend has lost all perspectives over a woman who is a confessed murderer. Jenny, meanwhile, has been laying low until she leans of a bank ship on its way to Matavai. She decides this will be her last score before heading for parts unknown. Before she can accomplish this, she is found by Grief, who takes her as his prisoner and does the right thing - he turns her in ...

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