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4 Jan. 2002
The Start of Something Big
Robbie is promised a percentage in O'Neils if he and waiter Artie can save the authentic Irish pub from a threatening chain. It starts badly, when an accident's aftermath attracts only pregnant women. Jim is finally allowed to test living independently; he passes but worries about fellow patient Meredith who has nobody at home and needs a sponsor to resume his veterinary practice. His temp refuses, after he 'borrowed' a kitten for Meredith. Syd's therapist agrees she has come to terms with dad's condition, but may still need help with her personal life, or the ...
11 Jan. 2002
Shadow Play
Robbie worried he will be fired when pub owner Terra O'Neil's visits, despite his great business-boosting innovations like a baby salad and Friday live band. Instead he gets a proposition to take over as managing partner for 25% of the profit. Tina sees Syd behind his back about her 'pregnancy' symptoms, and tells him they're not ready for a baby; they both reconsider. Jim is finally back in the veterinary surgery, albeit it shadowed by his temp, and finds a way round a dog's minor owner's father's religious objections against medical 'meddling'. Syd's clinic is under...
25 Jan. 2002
The Good Fight
Pete has fought with Nicole at school, so the principal insists 'parents' Robbie and Tina chaperon them at the winter dance that neither kid even wants to attend, each embarrassing the kid their gender with outdated 'tips'. Pete ends up the only boy in a suit, but they sneak out to skateboard and bond anyway. Jim is finally back in the surgery's driver seat. His canine patient belongs to a couple in marital crisis and swallowed a crucial prop. Syd accepts a med school class, with insecure eager beaver Alexander Conrad. She dislikes unconventional, erudite top lawyer ...
1 Feb. 2002
All the King's Men
Robbie took Pete along to meet his now destitute 1980 idol band, Wings of Lead. Since their manager just took off with their van, he buys one 'as a family car' and becomes their manager/roadie. This is cool in Petie's eyes as reporting on it counts as a school report and he digs the lead singer's teen daughter (however dodgy in Tina's eyes). Seeing fan-mechanic Violet likes her Robbie too much Tina takes Petie home, leaving him alone, until she decides whether to tell him her big secret. Jim is finally back in charge, but decides to promote his temp to permanent ...
22 Mar. 2002
Act Naturally
Robbie has a hard time defending his van with Tina, who compares it to the canoe Peter bought was she was expecting Petie, so his promises to sell it. Dad expects his drivers license back, and buys a rare vintage motorcycle to ever-broke Robbie's envy. When Syd is invited by residency friend Richard as guest speaker on a UCLA alumni luxury reunion, she takes flirtatious Joanie along to LA. Robbie, meanwhile, minds Hannah and accepts to counsel a medical series -rather like her life- that Richard is producing. After fun trips and tours, Joanie is the one who loves ...
29 Mar. 2002
Robbie's sudden urge to paint the apartment, general paternal attitude and weirdly coming and going health complaints are diagnosed by Syd as nesting and sympathetic pregnancy syndrome. As her lawyer Owen Frank believed her case would only be tried in weeks, Syd decided to forget about her indefinite suspension by helping Joanie at the Barkery, but is miserable without medicine, her all-consuming vocation, and her rigid efficiency just won't square with either customer service or the kitchen, where she's out-staged by a former summer temp which she suggests should be ...
5 Apr. 2002
The Whole Truth
Robbie decides to earn extra money to set up a trust fund for the baby. However, Tina wants him to pull the plug on surprisingly lucrative parties at O'Neils when she discovers it's how prostitutes recruit customers. Syd won't have the family attend her jury trial but can't wait, so she decides to track the victim's grandfather herself. However, Owen discovers the overbearing mother Lenore Decker gave a fake name. Syd meets the real dad, a charming 17-year old Jack Finch, after visit hours and messes up her testimony, but Owen gets inspired. Immature Joanie decides to...
12 Apr. 2002
Robbie asks dad to 'babysit Petie' so he and Tina can retreat to sort out their tax claims urgently, but Jim can't move his earlier date. That means poor Pete has to play with Hannah and her doll-house, which he proves great at but can't admit to it when a pair of hockey-mates drop by. In fact the young couple are firstly to frisky to get much paperwork done, then rather obsessed with picking baby names, which they can't agree on. Owen encourages Syd, whose patient accountant John Smith is tax season-stressed, to play ruthlessly in a city-wide Gocha (paint gun mystery...
19 Apr. 2002
Great Expectations
After Tina objects to Robbie joining Pete's eager preparations to welcome the (baby) brother he wants, they decide not to learn the sex yet, but a temp nurse hands Pete ultrasound pictures. Owen's attempt to give Syd a nice night out keep going pear-shaped, leading to bets and a row about cheating at games. Joanie's professor fails her besides the point Madonna rapport (not a word on the music!) but invites her along to a live band concert, yet she's pissed-off to find that's no private date, so she drops his class- actually what he waited for. Jim dates Georgia, by ...
26 Apr. 2002
Things Have Changed
Robbie considered Pete's school PTA a waste of time, but his fund raising idea is carried: he's put in charge of the talent auction (and freak show), assisted by the junior rascal, with a painful and an honorable twist. Owen is flat out but his assistant is absent, so Syd barely gets his attention during dinner. Documentarian Kevin Norris however, whom her Heimlich saved while choking at O'Neils, eagerly invites her to lunch and proves a fascinating, erudite and good listener. Owen strikes back at a tuxedo event. Jim accepting to join Georgia up-coast to a motorcycle ...
3 May 2002
Smoke and Mirrors
Robbie gets a 30 days renovation eviction notice, and decides it's better to take a mortgage for a house, so he goes looking for one with Pete. However who would take his bid seriously without pre-approval, which his bank denies? While Owen starts to get a bit possessive, Syd discovers Kevin's friend Tim is an imaginary patient, and tells her therapist she suspects he has schizophrenia. Syd learns Kevin still lives with his ma, who confirms he is in long-term medication and discovers he stopped taking it some days ago, which 'they' overhear. Heather instantly ...
10 May 2002
Out of Control
Robbie's family is getting desperate to find new lodgings, within 16 days, while the renovation has already started, so he takes the first place he can get. While Jim successfully delivers Patty's puppies, Tina has a crash C-section, but she and Robbie's premature son pull trough. Owen and the police have difficulty protecting Syd now schizophrenic Kevin had sent photographs suggesting that he's a danger to her loved ones too. Joanie is still spoiled with attentions from both Phil and Jackson, but tells them to stop rivaling, yet refuses to choose.
4 Oct. 2002
A New Beginning
Five months later, premature baby Nicholas Luke is keeping Robbie and Tina awake to their despair, everybody suggests some soothing technique. Pete enjoys camping in the Hansen backyard. Jim waves Heather's worrying Meredith's postcards are rather impersonal, she's just in time for the christening but on a different wave-length. Syd worries St. Clare clinic is closed after a terrible building report, repairs will take six more months after uncertain funding and planning. Owen warns her not to take too much notice of arrogant college professor Dr. Bill Augustine and ...
11 Oct. 2002
It's Raining Men
Robbie is late for an auction of city-pounded goods but is assured he gets an incredible break: a huge Victorian house for §7,50. The picture proves outdated, he now owns a regular ruin which he's legally obliged to renovate or tear down, but Tina's reaction surprises him. Syd feels like her engagement with Owen is being tested by the universe as Joanie suggested: she keeps meeting magnificent men, including a dancing-seducing groom and underwear model Lucius, who dreads cancer or any scar, yet the one she dreams of kissing is equally medicine-devoted Dr. David Baylor...
18 Oct. 2002
Cloak & Dagger
Robbie is increasingly worried about Tina who can't stop exhausting herself on the renovation of their Victorian ruin, baby Nicholas, job and regular household. Syd is startled when Owen's family arrives for their formal engagement party: sister Anny he's so close to she feels excluded and their parents Charles and Nora, who seems suspicious and even critical of everything, she even takes a couple compatibility test; the pair behaves suspiciously, almost like spies, for a surprising reason. Only Jim misses the party, as he participates in a lab animal abuse protest ...
25 Oct. 2002
The Wedding Planner
Robbie worries Tina, who won't consult a doctor, still does too much, even for Pete's birthday. Owen is determined to get the wedding preparations out of the way so they can enjoy their engagement, even if Syd's hospital duties mess up the timing. When Joanie has to fill in at a college radio show on Local Heroes, she first asks vet Jim, and then then his friend and client, international wildlife activist Doc Croc, who travels the world with his chimp.
1 Nov. 2002
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Robbie is impressed by Tina's Halloween preparations, neighbor kid Taylor annually pulls his pranks on Jim. Yet Tina, who really can't handle baby Nicholas's incessant crying, comes down like a ton of bricks on Pete for trying to retort (which lands him and especially Jim in surprising trouble) and on sympathetic ex-rascal Robbie for making her he only 'bad cop'. Syd gets a temporary appointment. Owen is vexed she seems to make life-changing decisions without even consulting her groom. The hospital is swamped with costumed patients and total weirdos, including '...
8 Nov. 2002
The Heart of the Matter
Robbie is worried now that Tina is missing, luckily Jim helps with baby Nicholas. Pete has stayed in his tent, then announces to Robbie he's going to his dad 'till things settle'. However, after a reassuring talk, Pete proves a very helpful big brother. Syd agrees to go to the prison to examine convict Darla Rosario, a pregnant diabetic, about to be extradited to Florida and executed for murdering her husband. Jim eagerly cares for Julianna's dog, Donatella, but she refuses to have the pet's flees killed and Heather joins the parasites' cause. Owen replaces the ring ...
15 Nov. 2002
Truth and Consequences
Robbie eagerly prepares Tina's return from rehab, but Pete isn't over the scary feeling of abandonment which makes him insecure. Jim is on the case of the stray cow Rhoda, who wondered off the Providence slaughterhouse. Syd worries about unlikely patient Finch with LSD delusions and imagines even crazier possible consequences of telling Owen about her having kissed Dr. David Baylor.
22 Nov. 2002
On Thanksgiving, the Victorian street decorations committee 'queen' blackmails Robbie (who needs consent to open his B&B) to decorate according to a fitting Candy-lane theme by the next day, yet Joanie refuses him the use of the Hansen home decorations. Jim sells his vintage trains, a gift from his granddad, to pay for Syd's ideal wedding reception, but Tina has a better idea. A patient keeps Syd away from her bridal shower, so the hens horde holds Owen hostage, sitting trough the male stripper he ordered, hunky Wally, who proves actually a charming young father.
6 Dec. 2002
The Sound of Music
Robbie worries that his marriage may be lacking some romance, but Tina not only tires quickly of his gestures, she actually takes offense, to his surprise, for hiring a nanny so they can have quality time as a couple. Syd is too sick to take an active part in the wedding preparations, and ignores Owen's urging to get checked by another doctor - this lands her in hospital, where Owen's hostile attitude to 'rival' Dr. David Baylor turns into a row and Dr. Bill Augustine taking over.
13 Dec. 2002
Eye of the Storm
Jim wrestles with his paternal wedding speech and the Hansen house being emptied more permanently then ever before. But he's called away for a live problem, just now Robbie is getting his B&B ready and hopes to be listed on 'the' website by 'inspector' (read: advertising fee connector) Stout: a skunk, and she didn't exactly come alone. Knowing his bride, Owen encourages Syd to join David on an emergency mission to a thrice tornado-struck town in Tennessee. Owen defends Joanie's Barkery against the large corporation Grandma's, which claims to own the name. He finds out...
21 Dec. 2002
The Eleventh Hour
[PART 1] As the wedding approaches, Owen's family and best mates fly over for a rehearsal dinner and a surprisingly well-attended bachelor party. Best man, Rick, inadvertently tells the Hansens what Syd intended to tell them herself: she has agreed to follow Owen to Chicago, where he can become a top law firm partner. Both funny lawyers guest star in Joanie's radio show. Robbie and Tina overspend on Christmas presents, while Pete teaches Hanna ice-hockey. Syd still works in hospital, where a Tony brings in his teenage boy who got shot by accident during a desperate ...
20 Dec. 2002
The Eleventh Hour: Part 2
The press brings the hospital hostage story, so the worried wedding party gathers outside. Young Tony finally pulls through after David and Syd's tireless efforts, under absurd conditions, but needs long-term care. The boy's despair-driven dad faces facts, kisses Tony goodbye and surrenders his weapon the the SWAT team. The next day, Syd has her last dream-visit from mother Linda before saying goodbye to dad, Jim, the Hansen home and Providence hospital. Both her and Owen's families and guests can finally enjoy the Christmastide wedding.

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