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Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Melina Kanakaredes in Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Seth Peterson in Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Alex D. Linz in Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)Providence (1999)
1-48 of 82 photos


Successful Hollywood plastic surgeon Sydney Hansen returns home to Providence, Rhode Island to try to keep her dysfunctional family together with the help of her mother's friendly ghost. She also finds work with the local free clinic.

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